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  • A Match Into Water (A Tony Perry Fanfic)
    4.8K 101 28

    Nicole Richards is a 25 year old single mom. She's a history teacher at a school in San Diego and loves it, but eventually has a career change. She meets Tony Perry at a grocery store and he asks for her number. She falls for him quickly. Very quickly. He takes her...

  • High School Never Ends (Pierce The Veil / Tony Perry)
    4.2K 107 13

    Prequel to Take Me Back To The Start. Charlotte and the boys are back in high school, where everything started. With the 5th year of Charlotte's father's death, she seeks love and comfort from the only men left in her life; Mike, Vic and her brother Lane. Her best friend, the man she is hopelessly in love with and her...

  • I Want to Hold Your Hand (Tony Perry; Pierce the Veil FanFic)
    11.7K 196 26

    Joss Russell was just some girl, on her very first trip/vacation with her best friends when she comes across a bunch of tattooed, amazingly good looking guys. Its discovered by one of her best friends, who is a huge fan, that their a famous band called, Pierce the Veil. The next thing you know, their all spending the...

  • The Sky Might Fall (Tony Perry Fan Fic)
    4.4K 122 18

    Max is an 18 year old girl looking for happiness. She leaves her home and abusive mother to move to California. She enrolls into a new school and begins to straighten out her life. But what happens when a certain boy catches her eye? Will he love and accept her or destroy her like all of those in her past?

  • Wonderless (Tony Perry fan-fiction)
    4.4K 141 28

    All Neveah wanted to do was sing for a living and now she is in the new upcoming band Caraphernelia. She often dyes her hair beautiful colours, she is pierced and covered in tattoos and her life seems to be looking up for the best, but something is missing. Whilst Caraphernelia are on tour with Pierce The Veil, Neveah...

  • Outcasts In Love {Pierce the Veil}
    326K 7K 56

    Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil has never had an easy time with love, and when he falls for an emotionally wrecked teenage fan, he changes his mind. Maybe love is easy for him...

  • One Million Branches
    14.3K 555 26

    Lizzy Dawson is a 20 year old singer from San Diego. She's best friends with everyone in Pierce the Veil but she has a huge crush on Tony. What will happen when she goes on tour with them? Will something happen between them or will they be just friends. A/N: Outfits she wears are posted on my Polyvore. tonyturtle69.po...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Is a Wasteland
    4.6K 158 12

    Madeline Marie Preciado, better known as Maddie, Mads, or Jaime Preciado's twin sister. Music is her escape and helps her through the tough times. Mike and Vic have been her friend since middle school and have been through almost everything together. One day she meets Tony and they automatically click. As the band get...

  • All My Heart (A Tony Perry Fanfic)
    32.2K 1K 16

    Sequel to Heaven Above, so if you haven't read that you might want to read it first. Tori's life is as close to perfect as she could imagine. She's finally got Tony. She's on tour with the band. Everything is perfect. But nothing can stay perfect forever. A horrible accident, a drunk mistake, and in a matter of days...

  • Just one of the Guys (a long hiatus)
    1.3K 54 19

    Anna helped the guys along at their shows and therefore had to be at every show. The guys didn't mind her tagging along on the bus, but will they still feel the same way when Anna and Mike become more than friends?

  • The tale of Emma Rose
    15.6K 635 28

    **COMPLETED-BEING EDITED*** Emma's life has always been filled with pain, misery and emptiness made worse by her peers and even her family. She's knocking on death's door begging to make it go away but the assumption and inference of one Victor Fuentes tries to take her away from death's door step. Not in the most con...