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  • Rivals in a cabin || boyxboy
    2M 65.4K 36

    Dorian Bowman and Hayden St. Martin have been rivals from day one. Now that senior year is around the corner, their parents decide to push the boys to reconcile and have a plan to solve their never-ending rivalry. A cabin in the woods. Dorian and Hayden are stuck together in the cabin. Locked up and tension rising d...

  • The Class Prince (Boyxboy) ✔
    8.3M 322K 43

    *COMPLETED* [Now published as a paperback on Amazon!!! Link in Wattpad + Instagram bio] His husky voice with a sexual undertone echoed into my ears as I stood there, blinking blankly as I tried to process what he just said. "What?" I asked dumbfoundedly, wondering if this was some kind of joke. The Class Prince took...

  • Roommates
    3M 142K 39

    ***EDITED AND REVISED VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN PAPERBACK AND KINDLE*** "You wrote my name wrong" "You said it's Rider" "It's Ryder with a Y" "Ok I'll make sure I write it right next time!Enjoy your coffee" Next time: I swear to God your nerdy glasses are gonna be lenses" "What?! I wrote it right this time'" "...

  • Assassination Time (BxB)
    216K 5.9K 31

    Most people mistake Skylar Kennedy as a girl. Maybe because he has long hair, short, his voice sounds girly and his curves are more noticeable. It's because his mom wanted a girl, not a boy. His mom never let him have short hair and dresses him up as a girl. His dad is another story. His dad makes a living of killing...

  • Can't I Touch Your Heart? (Completed)
    720K 26.8K 91

    "I like you, Arorhea." "You don't know me," "I want to though," After 10 years when Ember Helberg returns to India to meet his past friend and love, Arorhea Laghari, he discovers that she has completely forgotten him. He is happy though. Now that she won't remember the tragedy he dumped her into, he could start again...