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  • I'm Working with My Super Rival [Lesbian, GirlxGirl]
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    (Changed from "Super Rivalry on Hold") Cover made by Nameless6006 Frankie and Gillian have had their super rivalry for way too long. Frankie, aka Masko the psychic hero, is tired of the same routine. Gillian, aka Char the pyro villain, enjoys the ongoing battles and has no intention to let go anytime soon. However, a...

  • spam book
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    I need to be put down

  • Your Creative Well (How to Unlock Your Creativity and Reach Your True Potential)
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    Do you struggle with coming up with ideas? Do you pause in the middle of a project, stuck and unsure what to do next? Do you have a hard time focusing your energy and staying productive? Your Creative Well is the guide that will help you unlock your creativity and reach your true potential! EVERYONE is capable of crea...

  • 69 ways to come out
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    I took this down a long time ago and I decided to redo it because why not😂

  • Writing Advice
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    some writing tips from a sad lil fan fiction writer :,)

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    Just a few OTP Prompts for you to fangirl/boy over.

  • Face Claims
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    Here to help you find the perfect cast for you stories. FOR REQUESTS CHECK OUT FACE CLAIMS 2 ON MY PROFILE

  • Imagine Your OTP #2
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    The Sequel of Imagine Your OTP #1. Done and finished! The trilogy is done and finished! The tetralogy is coming soon.

  • otp prompts.
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    imagines for all and any otps c:

  • OTP Prompts
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    A dragon is a symbol for success, strength, mystery, and power. Hello! Anyone is free to use these, just make sure to credit me, thanks. :) if I copy someone, please tell me so I can change it! ^^; These prompts range in fluff, angst, au, and more!

  • OTP Prompts
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    Need an OTP prompt idea? I gotchu- >check out my other OTP books for even more prompts :))

  • Writing Prompts
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    Writing/story prompts. Some fantasy, some funny, some completely random. Just to say, none of these writing prompts belong to me.

  • Incorrect Heathers Songs {Completed}
    53.7K 2K 21

    Heathers songs translated into 10 different languages and back to english. The result is pure poetry.

  • thoughts about the signs
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    what i think about your zodiac sign strange storys and yea

  • Musical Characters React [ON HIATUS!]
    45.5K 1K 99

    The characters from Hamilton, In The Heights, Heathers, and Six react to stuff! Pretty self explanatory. THIS BOOK IS ON HIATUS INDEFINITELY!

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    Give me requests!! SO I CAN DO SOME ONESHOTS WITH DA ZODIAC SIGNS! WHAT I MOSTLY SHIP THO is...... LeoX Taurus LibraXvirgo LibraXtaurus TaurusXscorpio Taurus x Sagittarius Cancer X Capricorn Gemini X libra Gemini X Pisces WELL ACTUALLY I SHIP EVERYTHING BUT THOSE ARE WHAT I THINK I MOSTLY SHIP I DONT KNOW WHAT IM S...

  • Zodiac Signs
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    Just a bunch of Zodiacs and sorry if you find one that has already been used in a book.

  • Gay Memes and Jokes
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    I don't care who you are, gay memes and jokes are amazing and hilarious. This is coming from a bi girl so y'all, please don't hate on anything said, this book is purely for comedic purposes.

  • Aaron Burr x potato
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    if you don't like what I'm writing please leave. This is definitely a crack fic

  • Musical Theatre HeadCannons
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    Theatre trash headcannons

    Completed   Mature
  • BMC & DEH One-Shots and Headcannons
    111K 4K 138

    I decided to start a one-shot book, with any ship from The following: -Be More Chill -Dear Evan Hansen -Maybe some Heathers Forrest Gump quotes are included in some chapters because I am obsessed with that movie I will take requests as well! Happy reading! Has ranked #1 in BeMoreChill and BMC tag