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  • Quickly transmigration bl : Cannon Fodder Counterattack System
    107K 3.1K 154

    Encountering a car crash, the King of Silver Screen, Ye Sinian, was bound to a Cannon Fodder Counterattack System. After reincarnating for hundreds of lives, he has finally earned enough "travel expenses" to go back home. However, he didn't think that the system would suddenly malfunction, making returning back home f...

  • My Wish to Change this "Trash" Anime - Diabolik Lovers
    297K 11.8K 45

    Kazz is just your average Otaku. That otaku you know that rants about how bad Diabolik Lover is. "I mean come on?! Does she even have one brain cell in her brain?!" "You had ONE job to kill yourself... and you failed. How can someone be alive after they died? Even jellyfish can die!" "Stop drinking blood... Be healt...

  • Quick Transmigration: Undeniable Obsession (BL)
    52.7K 2K 19

    "I'm dead, we all know that. So, what will I do now?" [Host 68421796479632 will be going to different worlds to complete missions and save each world from destruction] "Why me? I'm just a useless middle age man." [But host, your favorite task will appear in every world] "Count me in!" Ling Yuxian has an undeniable obs...

  • Broken protagonist (bl)
    56K 2.4K 16

    In the system's meeting : [ We have a broken protagonist!!!!!] System 001 shouted in panic. [Oh my! Did the world collapse???] System 6784 cried in worry. [Is the protagonist on a killing spree?? Or did they strip and pole dance with the public transport pole??] Another system commented. [No...this one seems albeit no...

  • Transmigration of an adorable Little Host
    52.1K 2.2K 12

    After being betrayed, kidnapped and sold of to a brothel by his own lover, Su Yi Kai tried to escape from this sick scheme. But unfortunately, He Got caught and been shot in the head while running. Laying there while blood seeps out from the gun shot that's been created. His Last Final Wish was just to have a normal...

  • I'm Just This 'Sue'
    21.4K 1K 14

    After his death, Hang Qing got a system that allowed him to release the halo of Gary Stu (aka. Mary Sue) and conquer the villain in every world. "You have an unparalleled appearance, a charming body, an irresistible voice, is conquering a villain that difficult?" "............... But I'm a f*cking man. " "It doesn't m...

  • Knight 'n Gale
    118K 6.1K 31

    An actress had crossed over to a fantasy world as a Knight serving the Crown Prince whom, based on her new body's memories was supposed to be a kind and dignified monarch. However, what she sees is a frivolous and perverted bastard who keeps on teasing her night and day. "Sleep with me." "Your highness, I am a man lik...

  • The Young General's Wife Is Mr. Lucky
    47.5K 1.2K 121

    OFFICIAL TRANSLATION! Title: The Young General's Wife is Mr. Lucky Author(s): Demon Fox With Fiery Tail 灸尾妖狐 Not my translation this is just for offline readers! Let's give thanks to the true translator... Translator:Flying Lines(Asassin) Description Yu Jinli* was a koi fish who had practiced for a thousand years. H...

  • Reincarnated as a Villain That was Killed Before the Game Starts
    214K 7.3K 67

    Author: Sorano Chiharu (Please leave a rate on novel updates (✿'‿') Apparently, I've been reincarnated as a villain in an otome game. That's all well and good, but what do you mean I was killed by the captured target before the main story? On top of that, Hilda-san is the "shotacon" Queen and all I see are death flags...

  • Chasing the otome haven
    899 49 5

    Lowa was just an ordinary girl, often ignored or replaced, she could only find solace in the amazing life full of action, adventure, love and friendship of the characters in novels. But, as I have said, I 'was' an ordinary girl. Me, the Lowa who was a nobody had transmigrated into the body of a certain king's daughter...

  • What the....? Reincarnation!?
    995 70 8

    A 14-old-girl was crossing the road suddenly a huge truck came her way, she then stopped in the middle of the road, was she frozen in fear? The girl smiled, her rosy lips only uttered 4 words... " Time to get isekai'd " Suddenly, a young man that looked to be in his twenties ran into the middle of the road and shouted...

  • Reincarnated into a Mob Character Inside an Otome Game
    34.5K 1K 8

    When old man John Smith went to the pub that day-he had never expected that a young girl's words would influence his rebirth after getting hit by the very infamous and doom-inducing truck-sama. Rebirth as a girl into an otaku otome game that is. HIGHEST RANKING IN FANTASY: #115

  • A chance
    32.6K 1.2K 14

    We all knows that the villains is the evil one. In the end, they will always live in a living hell or die in the most painful way. ••• Every stories will always have a villains. And every stories will always have a female lead having the captured targets fighting for her love. And in the end, the villains will always...

  • I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game
    117K 4K 65

    I was reincarnated into a horrifying world. That is... The world of the otome game "I'll Risk Everything for You". In that world, I was reincarnated as the hidden love interest character and decided to never involve myself with the Heroine. My head gets all screwed up whenever I'm around them. This is a love story of...

  • I have been reincarnated... as a love-rival's friend
    387K 15.5K 53

    In a world where previously known as the world in an otome game, I was born. At first, I don't know that this is a world in a certain otome game since I just remember exactly where I am, at 15 years old, standing on the stage of the opening of the game. Thankfully, I am irrelevant to the game's story-line, so there's...

  • Please don't leave me
    3.8K 201 4

    This is your typical BL system, however, our Mc is not your average of the day guy. He always laughed to the people who wanted him for his money. He thought that it was the only way not to be alone, even though he was living a lie. Until, he met him. He always cared for him, even when broken and in hurting. Unfortunat...

  • Raising a Bun with a Daily Life System
    5.9K 249 8

    Offline purposes only. I take no credit for any of the writing. Purely for fun. Please support original translator. Yuan Xi had a dream about a sexual encounter, only to discover after a night of pleasure that it had all been real. After being shocked silly for a long time, he ran away. Who would have thought that a b...

  • Darling, I'm gay
    2.5K 113 11

    𝐄𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐭 𝐀𝐮𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐫, or much more prefers to be called, Ely. Died, because of a stupid reason which he himself still looked back on and can't help but think how idiotic it was, choking on a squid, a cooked squid. "Oh, so i got reincarnated in this piece of shit game that i despise whole heartedly except for th...

  • Reincarnated as the evil fat pig villainess in an Otome game
    593K 20.9K 39

    My name was Satori when I died in the 1960s and I was reincarnated as Lilian before I died and was reincarnated as the Villainess in an Otome Game called "The Flower of Love". I was reborn as Sarah a fat ugly 7 year old Villainess daughter, I have both memories when I was a man and when I was a woman in Japan. This st...

  • The reincarnated boy who just wants to be happy :)
    31K 1.4K 10

    I was abused in my past life and ended up giving into death even though I could've chosen to fight it. I was given a second chance, which immediately goes to ****. But this time I'll not let it get to my head! This time I'll enjoy everything this world has to offer!!! Follow this optimistic yet naive boy as he learns...

  • I Have A Chronic Illness System wu wu wu (BL)
    14.7K 635 6

    [System008 has logged on] System008- " Welcome host to the I Have A Chronic Illness System... IM SO SORRY :(つд⊂):゜。" Qiao Chen softly caressed the glowing ball attempting to stop its constant weeping. Aren't I supposed to be the one crying? [A certain gong watching from the shadows drowning in vinegar(#`ε')]

  • 《System [Get rid of the Heroine]》((dropped))
    6.7K 260 9

    What happens when a average teen gets hit by a truck that nearly hit a little girl? Well isn't it obvious? He'll transmigrate!

  • I got reincarnated as a villain!
    122K 6.8K 20

    Haruka was an adorable ball of fluff in his past life, living as a scientist. after dying a a result of his assistant's mistake, he gets reincarnated into Doki! Doki! Stellar fun! how will this ball of laziness cope as the villain in this harsh world?! Read to find out! *im kind of editing this but who am i to stop yo...

  • Transmigrated for What...What Do You Mean It's Romance...
    2.9K 139 10

    Transmigrated for What...What Do You Mean It's Romance... After reading so many transmigration stories I couldn't help but want to make my own! While I may have said that I was not gonna write on this website it seems like this story would make the most sense here. Onto the actual description: Rena...Rena...

  • Reincarnated as a Capture Target?!
    33.2K 1K 7

    As you already guessed by the title... Truck-san strikes again!!! But this time it isn't as a villainess, but as a capture target! (I suck at discriptions) ------------------------------------------------ A/N: I just wanted to make it different from the other reincarnation stories. ...

  • I won't be your slave!
    29.3K 1K 26

    Mifune Chizuru is a seventeen years old otaku shut-in! She doesn't step out of her house. But ever since she discovered the nasty truth about the heroine of the otome game she just finished playing, 'The key to my heart', she began to feel empathy towards the heroine's 'best friend', Miyako! Why is it that, just when...

  • Reincarnation: I don't care about the script (ON HOLD)
    12.3K 303 6

    She who is 20 years old becoming the next leader of her mafia clan next month but got reincarnated in an otome game. Reincarnated as a canon fodder and she doesn't know about that because she don't have time to play and she just train endlessly to be the next leader of the clan. What will happened to her next life? Ra...

  • The Calm And The Storm (The Tale Of A Reincarnated Soul)
    1.6K 65 13

    A girl with Ginger-brown hair, indigo eyes and a haughty demeanor. A boy exactly like the girl but with more Ginger like hair and white, pupil-less eyes along with a shivering stature. Then a girl with hair of a light shade of bottle green and big, blue eyes. A small smile on her lips. A boy with magenta hair and gol...

  • I Reincarnated Into A Yandere Otome Game?!
    76.4K 1.5K 13

    I reincarnated into an otome game...a BL otome game worse of all, all five of the main yandere's are insane, will i survive my new life or will i die?

  • I Broke The Protagonist And Lived Again
    17.4K 578 17

    When the male lead grows up, he needs an opportunity, and Chi Mo is the opportunity. In completing the task of helping the male lead to grow, Chi Mo saves time (planned Fell), chose the easiest way, and died in front of him after becoming good friends with the male lead. Sure enough, the male lead of each world has su...