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  • Royale (Book #1 Royale Series) {Under Revision}
    70.3K 2.8K 57

    It's not about telling the's knowing which lies to tell Juliana Renée Clairborne has always known that she doesn't belong to the parents that she was raised by. She came to terms with that a long time ago. But sometimes, she can't help but wonder where she belongs or who she belongs to. What she doesn't kno...

  • On the Mediterranean Shore
    305K 14.4K 29

    For Sofia Bellucci, life has been a struggle since the time her mother died: struggling with her job while raising a younger sister whose heart is failing. When her sister's condition worsens, Sofia is offered a deal- from one of Italy's most powerful men, Davide Cavallo- and in making that agonizing choice she pits...

  • Finally! (now published, so sample only)
    967K 21.1K 34

    Nathanial Miles and Adelaide Winston had been best friends since they were ten years old. They may have been as different as chalk and cheese but they were always there for each other. Addy's life was going as well as could be expected of any twenty five year old. She had a fine job and a new apartment with her boyfri...

  • Fluke
    1M 54.6K 52

    "For a place called Paradise City, this island sucks. I don't think a single day has gone by that I haven't thought about stabbing the shit out of myself," he said. "Especially since I'm forced to live with you every second of every day." "Sh. I'm trying to science," I said, not looking up from my binoculars. "See any...

  • My Husband, Whose Heart Belongs To Another.
    793K 43.1K 34

    Christian Hendrix's story (straight out of Coffee And Papers) * * * His heart was broken by the rejection from his one true love and now, a possible way surfaced for him to grow out of that pain. There was no thinking twice. He accepted the proposal and now, he's about to marry the only child of a business tycoon exce...