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  • Sweet Prince Why Wear Pants?
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    This is the new story (Same everything but the account) where I'll continue to write. This is about Tom and his Feminine side. Edd and Matt will never be a thing in this story, because they went on a date, canon, and it didn't work out. Tom has issues, everyone does, so why not take a look at them and watch them all s...

  • His Favorite [TomTord]
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    The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged throughout the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red Army has conquered most of the eastern side of the world, the western side still struggling to remain free. In England, they struggled to keep themselv...

  • Maids In The House - TordTom and MattEdd (In English) (CANCELED)
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    Edd and Tom are best friends, they live in a rather big house. The two are looking for a job since in the former they were fired because of Tom Tord and Matt are best friends, as their families are so wealthy they join companies and live together in a mansion, until one day Charlie (Tord's father and the owner of the...

  • TordTom
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    Dom - Tord Sub - Tom Demon - Tord Monster - Tom

  • Helpless - TordTom
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    Tord returns and apologizes to Edd , Matt and Tom about the whole situation last time he moved in. Tord begged and plead to move in , Edd accepts , Matt adores himself and Tom disagrees. Edd decides that Tord and Tom should get along to each other so they get to be roommates. Uh oh , I feel a little tingling feeling i...

  • Make Out with the Chef and Fuck the Baker(tomtord/tordtom)
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    Basicly cooking au were Edd,Matt,Tom, and Tord are all famous in the food department also putting A/B/O or Omegaverse. Edd-Chef and omega, loves cooking soul food and southern food to make you feel welcomed.-Age 28-Height 5'4 Matt-Baker and beta, makes cake with a design of his face on them also loves making home made...

  • I didn't mean to ... [ TomTord ]
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    I know you might be looking for popular stories with lots of views but give it a try. Highest rank out of 5.9K stories ♡ #21 Tomtord ♡ ゜・。。・゜I didn't mean to ゜・。。・゜ ... • Tom is a Police Officer/ Detective in charge of Inspection of Murders, apparen...

  • Maybe I'm a Zombie, but I'd Never Eat Your Brain [TomTord/TordTom, I Guess]
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    Guess what, the zombie apocalypse has started [again]. What else is new? Well, the zombies, for one. This apocalypse is bad. Different from the rest. Unlike the others, this one seems to be content to grow without stopping, and the zombies have taken over the UK. Few survivors are left to stand in the way of their gr...

  • Our bond \TordTom AU\
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    Alternate Universe where Tom and the gang never met, but all become one big gay boyband, lol... Tom Perrywinkle, a normal everyday boy, at a generic everyday school. But one day, he meets a not so ordinary boy, who makes his dreams a living reality. (Cover by me)

  • Rule with Me | TordTom
    2.3K 111 6

    Tom craves adventure, yet he always figured the rest of his life would be dull and boring, such as the post-apocalypse he's living in. Tom thought nothing could ever change his perspective, but a simple discovery progresses into the most far-reaching pinnacle of his life. Credits for proofreading/editing: @not-quite-e...

  • You Love Me, Right? [TordTom AU] discontinuing
    1.1K 43 3

    Magic World AU [Created By Me] When Tom was born, he was a non-social kid who always lived up to his life as a fragile flower petal. He was given a power of magic, his magic was very strong rare from others. In his world people had different kinds of power, but in his own little world he was empty. No one willing to s...

  • หน้ากาก~~~~mask (tordtom)
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    this is about bottom tom and top tord so don't likie don't read so ever since daycare tom would wear a mask no one knows why. fort (ฝอร์ต also is tord's friend) matt and tord recognized edd and stayed at his house for awhile In this tom and tord have not met because tom was homeschooled his hole life and he rarely dr...

  • X HIS X SLAVE X (Tordtom/Tomtord)
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    This story is about how Tord is an abusive person and hurts Tom mentally, Physically, and Verbally Tord grew up in an abusive family and horrible area in Norway that made him the way he is now Tom grew up with an abusive step father and a mother that was never there. He has depression and Tord helps make it worse To f...

  • Your Obedient Servant
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    Guess who's not dead? This bitch. Anyway, as for the story if you're a fellow Eddsworld fan you should already know where this is going ;) And if you're not, well just stay tune and read out. . . Side note- Updates may be slow since I'm typing this on a very shitty phone and uh yeah. . . Icon credit: Resting Judge on...

  • Failure + TordTom [SLOW UPDATES]
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    Dom Tord Sub Tom - Hi, yes new book I just have so many ideas for books I want to make Storyline: Tom lived in a quiet place where butterflies hang out, and deers come by to say hi. He was actually a pure angel. He got along with a lot of animals. He has a friends named Edd and Matt. Both of them are angels too, they...

  • TordTom oneshots
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    I'm only doing Top Tord Bottom Tom and thanks to LoveCandy2k for agreeing to draw any OCs.

  • Tom x Tord Oneshots *Smut*
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    I want to write some kinky shit so give me suggestions!! Dont be afraid of being judged, the kinkier, the better ;)

  • Mission Impossible (WTFutureXSpy AU)
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    Thomas Thompson: Blue Agent Age: 26 Ranking: Top Agent Specialities: Hand to hand combat, undercover work Army: English Rebellion Edward Gold: Green General Age: 28 Ranking: General Specialties: strategies, machine gun, agreements, military leading Army: English Rebellion Matthew Hargreaves: Purple Sniper Age: 27 Rank...

  • Insane For You(Discontinued)
    1.5K 64 30

    Tord is an emotionless person. He feels nothing and only pretends to feel something when he is around other people. What happens when he feels a certain feeling around a certain boy? What will he do to get him? I FINALLY Made the BOOK THAT IN WANTED TO MAKE SINCE 3 MONTHS AGO . :'D I made this book along with my sist...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazy
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    Tomtord fic, featuring Eddmatt and Paultryk. After the End, Tom has gotten depressed, and has resorted to cutting. All because he killed someone he loved. He was a murderer. One night, as he falls asleep drunk, again, two men sneak into his and his friend's apartments, kidnapping them. And you all know who to bl...

  • Eddsworld Images and Comics
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    The title says it all •I update daily •This has lots of gay in it •May or may not include TomTord/TordTom •NONE of the art in this book belong to me. All credit goes to the original artists. •Has some nsfw images in it

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  • TordTom oneshots :0
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    Heyo I'm here. I'm making oneshots now yaaay. If you have any requests just tell me and I'll try to do them cuz y not. I've been reading a lot of oneshots lately and I was inspired, plus I need to get some stories out of my system. Dom-Tord Sub-Tom If u no like then don't read dis trash ya dingus. Let's begin. cover p...

  • Time is Weird
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    Tom was given an important task by Red Leader. He had to go back to the past and stop Tord from getting shot by the Harpoon. While there, Tord asks him when and how he should retrieve the robot. Tom helps and has to go back, but Tord wants him to stay.

    Completed   Mature
  • Winning the world and you
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    Imagine Tord hitting his head a little to hard on the fall down from the top Imagine his heart falling on whom he thought he hated Imagine what he'd do for them

  • Tomtord oneshot thingies i guess
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    Before Wattpad deleted my original story, this book had 48.4K reads, 2.4K votes, and 68 chapters (ik, just one more q-o) tomtord oneshots ouo update schedule unsure.. prolly mainly dom tord :p imma prolly put my smutshots on another account.. yeah :l cover by @readingismypurpose GO FOLLOW THEM CUZ THEYRE RLY TALENTED...

  • Flower Boy ( TordTom ) Highschool AU
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    An Orphan was what Tom was. He forgot it all until he met 'Commie' well, that's what Tom called him. His name was Tord Larson. They were best friends for months. But unfortunately Tord had to move. His last words to Tom were "We'll meet again my flower boy, you'll always be my best friend" 9 Years past and Tom kept t...

  • What's a soulmate || Tomtord
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    {REWRITING) "what's a soulmate?" "well its uh.. like a best friend but more, it's the one person in the world the one person in the world that knows you better then anybody else"

  • My Pet ♥︎
    6.3K 293 11

    The boys are looking for a new pet! So, they head to the local pet store and decide to look around. Nothing quite interests them, until Tord discovers a small silver cage in the back that appears to have a cute, tiny, purple creature inside. They agree that this is the new pet they desire to add to the family! But wha...

  • Treated "Fairly" (Future TomTord/TordTom) Discontinued
    2.4K 29 40

    Tom, Edd, Matt got kidnap and Tom help those two to escape and waiting to get out of red leader base. While Tord always check on Tom waiting... What will happen? Will Tom ever going to leave red leader base? Will Tom have true love? Will Tom give up waiting for Edd and Matt? Found out in this story! Bad English yay! I...

    Completed   Mature
  • {Tordtom} Love quest [Under Editing]
    4K 117 7

    [ I WILL BE RE-WRITING THIS STORY ] This takes place 6 years after "The End". Tom wears red hoodies and wallows in self-pity. Edd and Matt ignore Tom's existence. And Tord is a wondering soul looking for a new purpose, while struggling with PTSD and depression. °·I do NOT own EDDSWORLD. Edd Gould, Thomas Ridgewell, Ma...