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  • Torn Apart (A Kylo Ren x Reader)
    294K 7K 25

    Being with the Resistance wasn't always easy, you were continously faced with obstacles. One obstacle being your love, the one you had loved since the very beginning. "He's gone" you say, trying hard to convince yourself that the one you had loved had turned. He'd turned into such a terrible monster you couldn't bare...

  • Royal Agreements [Kylo Ren x Reader]
    200K 8.3K 28

    BOOK I OF THE 'ROYAL' SERIES Being the princess of the planet Amaar brought you several daunting tasks. It was your ancestors' decision to wholly trust and obey the ways of the Sith. With the rise of the First Order came a new era, and with it came new assignments - and new arrangements.

  • aid • kylo ren
    748K 19.4K 41

    → A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... After the battle on the Starkiller base with resistance supporters Rey and Finn, the commander of the First Order, Kylo Ren, has his wounds he sustained during battle tended to by Luna, a young unsuspecting nurse of the First Order. • set directly after the force awakens...

  • PRISONER ━ Kylo Ren
    650K 21.6K 68

    𝘙𝘈𝘌𝘕𝘈 𝘕𝘏𝘈𝘎𝘠 𝘐𝘚 𝘈 𝘚𝘜𝘙𝘝𝘐𝘝𝘖𝘙. STAR WARS © stxrmborn COMPLETED Awarded as Best Kylo Ren Fanfic

    Completed   Mature
  • Seduced ➢ Kylo Ren
    3.7M 109K 62

    highest ranking so far- #13 in Fanfiction (set a couple or so months after ep.vii) cover by the lovely @-peterparkers DISCLAIMER: *i do not own these characters nor do i own the star wars franchise* (i wish i did, but whatever)