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  • Back To The Past
    12.8K 318 5

    When James Sirius Potter accidentally smashes a time turner he sends himself, Rose, Hugo, Albus and Lily back in time to his parents 6th year at Hogwarts. The middle of a war is no place for a bunch of underage wizards. With dark forces rising and people dying everyone is desperate, and the Weasley/Potter's have the k...

  • Drarry next gen time travel
    92.4K 1.9K 27

    DISCLAIMER I wrote this my self I know the idea isn't original and if I copied someone sorry I didn't mean to. Please don't repost and if you see it anywhere else other than Ao3 it wasn't me who posted it. Started: 2.10.20 Finished: 12.11.20 This story starts off with drarry meeting then time skips to their children...

  • Hogwarts watched the future
    104K 1.8K 15

    Who knew the not so normal day in Hogwarts could be a lot more weirder than they thought. But hey, alteast it's not as worse than a toad for a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher

  • Harry Potter reacts to videos (COMPLETED)
    162K 1.6K 19

    (COMPLETED) The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be watching some stuff about themselves, together with some kids they don't know (yet 😏) !WARNING! This includes Draco x OC! Sorry

  • Ultimate time travel!
    27.4K 592 8

    Albus Severus Potter thought he has seen it all! What he has not seen has yet to come. How will he react to seeing his family so young? I dunno read to find out!

  • time travel to 1997
    108K 2.4K 20

    what happens when Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy time travel to 1997 right after Harry and Ginny got together... idk read to find out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT IT MAKES IT SOOOOOO MUCH FUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⚠WARNINGS⚠ ~ Many sexual jokes👉👌...

  • The Shocking Future
    350K 10K 30

    It was just a regular day when some strange students appeared claiming they were from the future. What relationships will change? Can they get back to their own time before they change too much? There are a lot of logic problems but just roll with it. And this happened between the fifth and sixth book/movie (whatever)...

  • Can't It Be Everyone's Fault?
    167K 4.2K 15

    James Sirius Potter, the eldest son of Harry Potter and the grandson of James Potter. He's a descendent of a Marauder. He has trouble in his blood. So, what happens when James finds a time turner locked in his father's drawer? What destruction will follow if he accidentally sends him and his family to his parent's tim...

  • Arrivals [Next Generation]
    52.1K 1.6K 8

    [COMPLETED] The Forbidden Forest was, as the adversary's incessantly state, forbidden to all staff and students unless under specific circumstances. A rule amongst all patrons, however, was that the Weasley-Potter clan was perpetually banned from the forest of mischief, and chaos. But did they ever listen? Never. It w...

  • In Another Time //Drarry//
    4.7K 147 5

    The Second Wizarding War has ended, but at what cost? There have been too many casualties. Too many lives ended. Hearts broken. Families separated. Lives ruined. Draco Malfoy, the boy who made all the wrong choices, is given a chance. A chance to go back and fix everything.

  • Drarry A second chance
    12.9K 515 11

    Draco gets his wish of a second chance, to start over from where it all began. As his life breaks apart in front of his eyes, he vows to save his mother from the horror of what their lives become. He finds an ancient double pendulum that's been in the family for generations , that his father once mentioned would grant...

  • Not Slytherin (Drarry)
    21.2K 1K 24

    Everyone in the Great Hall watched; half in confusion, half in astonishment as the heir to the Malfoy family whispered, "Not Slytherin."

  • Time Again
    410K 11K 28

    What if the Potter/Weasly kids found themselves back in 1996? will they finally get to meet their namesakes?

  • The time turner accident
    49.8K 843 9

    When Teddy visits the Potters, and Scorpius was there too, only he didn't expect he was going to the past! How will he handle this with troublesome kids.? And how does he handle his secret crush? Can he finally have a bond with his parents? Or will it all go wrong?

  • A Twist in Time (1)
    170K 4.1K 33

    Lily Evans has a time turner, that is until it falls into the wrong hands. The Marauders are the worst possible people to have a time turner. Lily discovers this and chases after James Potter only to find that five of them being transported to the future, where they meet Harry and the rest of the generation after the...

  • Where Time Leads (a Harry Potter Fanfic) DISCONTINUED
    47.5K 1K 20

    What happens when the Marauders find a time turner and accidentally shoot themselves 19 year in the future? Harry and his friends are in their sixth year and are just starting to understand Voldemort's final plan. Harry is mourning then death of his last family member and starts to pull away from the ones he cares ab...

  • The love we have been waiting for
    1.4K 73 13

    Well we all know Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. Well what if they all had kids. Well this story is about all their kids let's find out more Harry and Ginny had 3 kids. Albus Potter, James Potter, and Luna Potter. And Draco and Astoria had one boy. Scorpius Malfoy. This story takes p...

  • Draco Malfoy and the Subconscious Conscious
    58K 2.3K 14

    [Book 1 in the 'Draco Malfoy' SERIES] What happens when Draco decides to go back in time, to change it all? To make amends to the wrongs that he's done? What if he could save Sirius, Fred, Remus and everyone? But the subconscious is a dangerous place. . . . Hi, I'm Draco Black and this is the story of how I died... t...

  • Draco Malfoy and the Basilisks Venom
    32.6K 1.5K 16

    [Book 2 of the 'Draco Malfoy' SERIES] Draco has gone through the Philosopher's Stone and finally returns for his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! This time, though? He needs to be careful, we have polyjuice potions that could kill him, a giant snake that could also kill him and a possessing...

  • Draco Malfoy and the Marauder's Reunion
    36.8K 1.4K 16

    [Book 3 in the 'Draco Malfoy' SERIES] Okay it's third year and Draco seems to really be getting a hang of this whole time travelling thing, I mean don't get me wrong it annoys the heck out of him but he'll live. So what happens when Hermione is handed a time turner? Or when they're all taught Defence by a literal were...

  • Draco Malfoy and the First Life
    32.2K 1.4K 20

    [Book 4 in my Draco Malfoy 'SERIES'] This year is the most important for Draco, this is the year someone actually dies. This is the main reason why Draco went back in time, right? To save lives and make the world a better place. But, with the Triwizard Tournament and having to make sure Boy-Who-Lived actually stays al...

  • Draco Malfoy and the Killing Curse
    25.8K 1.1K 23

    [Book 5 in the 'Draco Malfoy' SERIES] Wanna know what the worst thing about time travelling is? Fixed points in time. Draco doesn't know whether or not Sirius's death is one of those fixed points? This is it right? This is why Draco sacrificed his original timeline for. But if he saves Sirius, who's to say he hasn't j...

    Completed   Mature
  • Draco Malfoy and the Truth Comes Out
    22K 849 27

    [Book 6 in the 'Draco Malfoy and the... SERIES] So like, bad times are falling over Draco because his dad knows about the Subconscious Conscious Charm that he used in order to time travel. If his dad knows then there's a very good chance that Voldemort knows and if so then Draco has to fess up and tell the Order membe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Draco Black and Finally... it's the End
    12.2K 368 17

    [Book 7 in the 'Draco Malfoy and the... SERIES] This is it, huh? Draco's on his final adventure, and he's packing-a-punch to go with it! What's Draco going to do when the war starts? What happens if he has to choose between Harry, Ron and Hermione against the school being run by Death Eaters? Who will he choose? What...

  • Return
    354K 5.8K 37

    What if everyone Harry cared about killed by Voldemort/ his followers returned after Harry killed Voldemort?? How will Harry handle his parents, who missed most of his life? How will Harry cope with seeing everybody again and being crowded when maybe he wants to be alone? DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characte...

  • When Love Conquers Death *ON HOLD*
    73.4K 2.1K 8

    I woke up in a cramped box-thingy. It's very dark and how in the name of Merlin is there even oxygen in here?! Oh right. I'm a wizard. "James?!" Lily said who is beside me. "Yeah?" I answered. "It's very tight in here. I can't breath properly." She said obviously struggling to get more space. I felt my wand so I im...

  • Saving Brothers
    42K 1.1K 51

    Ginny and Hermione was about to return to Hogwarts for their final year. They hoped that it would be a normal year for once. Or that is what they thought until they were through back into the past to the year of 1978. Lets follow their journey to see what chooses they make.

  • a dance with destiny
    109K 3.3K 18

    During the Final Battle, Hermione accidentally time travels back to the Marauders' seventh year. While she is there, she decides that she will attempt to prevent the terrible future that she lived in. Hermione will never be able to go back to her time, but what does the past have in store for her?

  • Time Travel Problems (Marauders Era)
    55K 1.2K 5

    Follow the marauders as they get whisked away to a year after the Battle of Hogwarts. Includes Lily Evans, James Potter. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Weasleys, Hermione Granger, and other lovable characters.

  • Oh Baby
    132K 2.3K 9

    Peter is just having a bad day. Nothing is going his way. And now here he is, diapered, cuddled and coo'd at by his team and dad. Nothing is going his way! Sequel to Such a Dad. Part two of - Peter's new life