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  • Falling for a mistake | Jeverus
    28.1K 1K 25

    James and Severus has had rough patches before. An arranged marriage is a coin toss and they weren't so lucky. They were in love in the beginning, or Severus most definitely was. That's why they had this agreement. But James seems to have fallen for his husbands best friend. Severus will do anything for Regulus but h...

    Completed   Mature
  • "I Hate Your Girlfriend." | Jeverus
    14.4K 645 7

    Severus is in love. That person has a girlfriend and hates him. Or so he thought. And one conversation in the woods changed everything. ( enemies to friends to lovers.)

  • Adventures of Severus Snape 💚🐍🦇
    305K 12K 200

    Well this is the adventure of Severus Snape made up of incorrect quotes. This is all the stuff I think he would say and scenarios he would be in. Also there are ships in this. 🐍🦇 💚The incorrect quotes on here aren't mine I just change the names on them and some wording💚

  • To Have a Home
    32K 942 9

    Harry James Potter is 15 years old and has endured more tragedy than most Wizards in their 70's. It seems inevitable that the Gryffindor would one day snap. Will one man be able to save the Boy Who Lived before it's too late? Will Harry ever know what it is like to live in a loving home, a place where he's wanted? (Tr...

  • Severus Talks - Severus Snape (COMPLETE)
    35K 1.5K 26

    (Best ranking: #3 in SNILY) Severus talks. Minerva listens. Severus - annoyance, colleague, ally. Minerva - aggressor, mentor, friend. COMPLETE AS OF AUGUST 2018

  • Severus... Reformed #2 / SNILY
    47K 2K 38

    (Best rankings: #5 in SNILY and #12 in LILY) Severus Snape is a skilled wizard, a decent human being and a good friend. True, he may have his issues and he may struggle with the whole emotions business at times, but Severus had a crowd of people he knew he could rely on in times of crisis. Unfortunately for him and t...

  • Severus... Reformed / SNILY (COMPLETE)
    149K 6.3K 64

    (Best Ranking: #1 in SNILY, #3 in VOLDEMORT, #6 in ALBUSDUMBLEDORE and #30 in SEVERUS) 2nd place in the Magical Book Awards Severus Snape thought he had run out of chances. He thought the only thing he had left to await him was an early death. And, for the first time in his life, Severus Snape thought wrong. Reinsta...

  • Fractured paths
    4.8K 373 37

    The final book in the "A new path trilogy." Reading the first two parts is essential. Voldemorts power is ever rising. To defeat him, all students and teachers must stand together. Snape is travelling the land in his pursue of the Horcrux's. Lily is staying at Hogwarts strengthening its defences while she...

  • Lily's journey
    4.2K 262 16

    Direct Sequel to Second Chance a new choice. The war is looming and Voldemorts power is rising. Snape has decided to go out there as a one man army to fight Voldemort on his own in a attempt to protect Lily from harm. Lily is left alone back at Hogwarts. Well not quite alone, she still has friends and they...

  • Second chance a new choice
    58.3K 2.4K 33

    Severus was dying in the shrieking shack, and he did indeed die. However, forces out of his control rendered him the ability to re-choose. going back and choose differently.

  • The Balance Between
    47.5K 1.9K 15

    He is Loki of Asgard, the god of mischief, the rightful king of Jotunheim, Odinson, and last but certainly the most important: gender fluid. For much too long, Loki has been trapped in his male form because those around him (except, of course, his older brother and mother. So really, it was just Odin) could not accept...

  • Black Gold Reviews - Closed For Catchup
    2.2K 195 13

    Hey there!! Welcome to the blackgold review shop where you place Requests and get an honest feedback or opinion about your books. From the readers perspective.

  • Dramione Instagram
    294K 4K 37

    Draco and Hermione have never met. Ones famous and the other is just a normal person. What happens when they talk for once?

  • Unexpected healing
    123K 3.5K 21

    Severus Snape, a man who had to suffer much, has more or less resigned to a forever lonely existence. But he gets a chance to heal. It is however not easy for him to trust and to accept that he could possibly be lovable. A journey full of drama, romance, and passion. With Alan Rickman

  • Drarry Instagram
    2.6K 54 5

    if they had Instagram DISCONTINUED******

  • A Very Gay Instagram (HP)
    746K 16.1K 87

    🌈 This is very gay 🌈 Finished

  • Harry Potter Instagram life | Drarry
    184K 3.1K 23

    contain Harry x Draco Blaise x Pansy Ron x Hermione Luna x Rolf and other hope u like it ♥️

  • Slow Dance With Me (drarry social media AU)
    72.5K 1.4K 17

    As Harry's crush on a certain blonde Slytherin continues to grow, Hogwarts is open for 8th year. With social media. As new friendships and relationships form and jealousy grips the heart of certain ex's, will our two favorite boys stay together? Or will drama wedge it's way between there two hearts? An instagram/snap...

  • Peter Parker Field Trip One-Shots
    158K 4K 12

    Like the title says!

  • Peter Parker and the Adventures in Interning
    86.6K 1.8K 7

    A few connected oneshots about the life of Peter as an intern at SI

  • Meet the Spider
    17.7K 653 1

    The Ex Avengers were pardoned and now they were all one big team. Cool, right? But the thing was Spider-Man was a honorary Avenger. Still cool, right? How about the fact that no one except for Tony had met him? Not so cool. Basically Stark let the team and Peter meet. There'll be a little bit of swearing I think and b...

  • A Spiders Secret
    53.3K 1.4K 7

    -------------------------- Peter's a normal teenager.. well kind of? He lives with his aunt may in their apartment, before Peter got bit by the radio active spider he applied for a internship at Stark Industries to help pay rent, but never got a reply, soon he forgot all about the application probably thinking he nev...

  • Let's Shake It Up (1): Wrong Number and an Internship at SI
    64.2K 1.9K 7

    First book of my Let's Shake It Up series. Inspired by all the wonderful Irondad and Spiderson fanfics on Wattpad. Peter gets the wrong number and ends up texting Tony Stark, But he doesn't know who it is. It's only a matter of time before their lives collide...

  • Hello new Intern!
    350K 10.6K 37

    Peter is a new intern at Stark Industries and meets the one and only Tony Stark aka Iron man. That's it. All characters belong to Marvel Infinity War, Endgame never happened Civil War never happened which means Peter and Tony don't know each other Horrible Cover drawn by me 😂

  • Life Saver
    1.5M 49.5K 35

    Tony thought he was texting Steve, but Steve, still not really understanding phones, gave him the wrong number. . Peter Parker, secretly known as Spider-Man, lives with his abusive aunt. One day, Peter gets a text from an unknown number. Little did he know that the person he was texting would turn out to be his Life S...

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    434K 14.9K 47

    'Wrong Number Kid' but with Shuri instead of Tony. When Peter texts the wrong number, he never expected to get into this much trouble. Can he keep his secret safe? Will he find love? Will everything go to crap? Also bonus content =))) I DO NOT OWN MARVEL IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM

  • Wrong Number, Kid 《Completed》
    1M 36.6K 48

    After getting a new phone, Peter Parker ends up texting Tony Stark. And that mistake saves Peter's life more than once So basically a lot of memes, pranks and savage comebacks You know, the usual TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse, graphic descriptions of violence, mentions of rape. Please do not read if any of this triggers you.

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    670K 20.7K 38

    Peter gets a new phone as a gift from Aunt May. It's one of the older STARK phones.(He has been dying to get one, for like, forever)So when Peter gets it, the first thing he does is text Ned about his amazing STARK 6, not realizing it is Tony Stark. What will happen next? Will Peter meet the great Tony Stark? Will Ton...