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    🏆WINNER OF WILD WEST POEM COMPETITION🏆 As the moon shining bright above the sky, a journey should be on his way. When the wind blow like a howling ghost, do not fright. As the tumbleweed rolling across the desert, something looking into the night. This short book, contain a Poem based on prompt that given for Compet...

  • Tombstone Saloon
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    A short poem written for the Wild West Halloween Poetry contest 2022. If you see this story anywhere besides Wattpad please make me aware. This is the only place I post stories. I don't have multiple accounts on this site, so this is the only profile this story should be posted on. Thank you, readers.

  • DragonOrchid24 Contest Entries
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    This is where I will write entries into Wattpad contests. I'll include the prompt and the contest link for reference.

  • The Writers' Block Anthology
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    A collection of writing works, original and fanfiction alike, all in one place to provide entertainment to the readers and practice for the writer. A blank slate to cope with writers' block. The 'Mature' rating is for violence and language. If a chapter is mature, it will have a [M] beside the title. [Tags will update...

  • A Collection of Curiosities: A Book of Short Stories
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    An anthology book filled with stories you can escape to. (A work in progress)

  • Adventure Shorts
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    Gmanx5's anthology of one-shots. Each chapter is a different story, either created for a contest or created as a concept. Winning Stories; Absqualate - "Breaking In Horses" contest winner by @WattpadShortStory Mirror Mirror - "Stranger Danger" contest winner by @WattpadCreepypasta

  • Sunset Assignment In San Piccolo
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    PROMPT: You are a Sheriff in a small town in the Wild West in the 1800's and also the Mayor's right hand. While they are preparing the Valentine's Day Dance in the Saloon, you have been tasked with bringing the new teacher from the distant train station to your town. The bad thing is that you have known the teacher fr...

  • Short Moments In Time | Short Stories
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    This book contains a collection of short stories.

  • Fast-Tracked And Other Stories
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    A collection of short stories and flash fiction entered into Wattpad competitions and challenges. Namely "Sci-Fi Competitions and Challenges", "MicroBytes Contests and Challenges", "Flash Fiction Friday", "Dystopian & Apocalypse", "JustWriteBits" and "Wattpad Westerns". Features the winning entries UNFAIR TRADE (@dyst...

  • Drummer's Pitch
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    A Patent Medicine drummer pitches a pain killer to a cowboy.

  • Dr. Crowsfeets Magic Medicine Show!
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    A notice from Dr. Crowsfeet concernin the health well bein of the Prairie Folk. 2nd Place in the 2021 West for Wares contest!!!

  • This Must Be The Place and Other Stories
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    Delightful stories of various genres and themes. Many written for contests or from prompts. 3k or under. Contest winners marked with a: 🏆 You've Seen Her Before (literary) This Must Be the Place (literary) Lemuria, Whispered the Sea (nature fantasy) Taking Sides (western) Rain in the Underground (urban environmental)...

  • Robberies & Broken News - A Mark Twain Pastiche
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    Mark Twain, Reporting - A contest entry for

  • The Most Peculiar Fate of Hui Bingwen
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    Mark Twain returns to Nevada to report about the opening of a rail line into the mountains. But he finds a more bizarre story among the Cantonese laborers working on the tracks.