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  • Tevun-Krus #73 - Best of '19
    678 110 10

    We should all know by now what a TK Best Of issue is all about, 'troopers. For those just joining us: Some of Tevun-Krus' favourite writers return to each write one brand-new story for 2019's various sub-genres and themes. And this one's the last of the teens!

  • Tevun-Krus #62 - Best of 2018
    990 203 12

    Your favourite TK regulars are back for this year's always-exciting Best Of issue! Take a look at the sub-genres the Ooorah crew tackled over the course of 2018 with nine brand-new sci-fi stories!

  • Tevun-Krus #49 - Best of 2K17
    2.3K 391 30

    Well, we here at Tevun-Krus have been doin' this sort of thing since 2014. What is "this sort of thing"? Best-Of issues, of course! And 2K17 is no different-- That's a lie! Best of 2K17 is different, in that this time we wanted* to bring you 38 brand-new stories, one from every major sci-fi sub-genre we've tackled! It...

  • Tevun-Krus #35 - Best of '16
    1.5K 186 13

    Short and sweet, because that's how some of us like it... 11 fantastic short stories from 10 equally as fantastic SFers. Enjoy the Ooorah out of it, 'troopers!

  • Tevun-Krus #22 - Best of 2015
    3.5K 268 17

    Tevun-Krus' best and baddest come together in this 'Best of' compilation of epic short stories. Enjoy, 'troopers!

  • Tevun-Krus #10 - TKX: Best of 2014
    5K 474 19

    Tevun-Krus celebrates its tenth issue by giving you the BEST YET: Sixteen original short stories from the subgenres of Tevun-Krus past.