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  • The snake and the dove
    289 31 7

    "Love takes courage." After the incident in Athena's temple, several people told her as much, failing to understand that a man forcing himself on a woman was not love, and it most likely didn't take courage. She heard it enough to hate it, and decades of effort banished the words to the back of her mind. Now, though...

  • Miss Miller (GirlxGirl)
    447K 14.8K 32

    GirlxGirl Don't let love fool you. Sometimes it's worth the risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Older Sister
    75.7K 1.6K 24

    "You didn't tell me your older sister is THE Christen Press!" "You never asked?" Tobin Heath is new to California and absolutely in love with the game of soccer. She finds herself becoming best friends with Tyler Press, a fellow teammate on her high school soccer team and sister of soccer legend, Christen Press. When...

  • Between Two Girls
    773K 32.1K 49

    Meet Paige, a bookworm with voices named Emery and Juli in her head. Meet Lucy, the popular girl Paige has a crush on. At some point, Paige has revealed a little of Lucy's other side. What else can she uncover about the not-so-perfect girl everyone thinks Lucy is? (VERY ROUGH DRAFT; READ WITH CAUTION) If you're intere...

  • Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL)
    1.6M 49.8K 31

    girlxgirl HIGHEST RANKING(S): #1 IN GIRLONGIRL #1 IN GIRLS #1 IN TEACHER #5 IN GXG An emotionally battered woman with a craving for a attention and a high-school senior who has been more through more than her fair share of trying events. What happens when these two are put right next door to one another? Lexi is a yo...

  • Across the Hall (G.N.D. Sequel)
    1.1M 40.7K 32


  • Slave (lesbian story)
    222K 6.5K 38

    Caethes, a young woman born in slavery has served her master and domina her whole life. But then a new young woman, Kallista, arrives. They both don't know that they will turn each other's world upside down. (The story is taking place when the romans were expanding their empire.)

    Completed   Mature
  • Out of Her League |Lesbian Story|
    697K 35.3K 22

    Imagine the worst female softball team you ever saw, triple it, and you've got Darci Bloom's baseball team. Darci's got a lot to handle this season. She's ended up in a team full of nonathletic misfits. She's got a huge crush on the girl making a documentary about the team. She's got a difficult dad. Now a crazy Russi...

  • Try To Keep The Pace
    184K 6K 47

    After a lot of traveling Riley Moreau and her family finally find the place where they really want to be. Riley is you average bad ass lesbian girl, who embraces her inner gay self and lives happily with her family and cat...without friends or a girlfriend though. Daniella Lawson is you average popular girl who wants...

  • Riverside Academy
    410K 13K 40

    Spencer is a popular, well known trouble maker around all the public schools in her district. So when she finally gets kicked out of another school, that's the last straw for her parents and they send her off to a private coed school in a different country in hopes that this place will whip their troublesome daughter...

  • Disconnected (GirlxGirl)
    352K 11.1K 19

    What the hell happened to our class trip to Spain? Where the hell did this private jet crash us into? An island? This was not the spring break we were expecting! We were lost! Would we survive? Only good thing was that Rose was there too, the girl whom I was interested in. Even though I had a boyfriend. My boyfriend w...

    Completed   Mature
  • F-ing Perfect (Girl x Girl)
    1.2M 43K 60

    When Cal McCarthy first laid her eyes on Grace Jordan, she knew exactly what type of girl she was. Stuck-up, controlling, feared by her classmates - in other words, a mean girl. Every school has one, and Cal wasn't the type to be intimidated by such a cliche. And the moment she talked back to Grace was the moment she...

  • My Homophobic Best Friend (Lesbian Stories)
    789K 24.7K 32

    Cliche title? Yeah I know... When you accidentally fall for your 'straight'? best friend and to make it even more worse, that said best friend is quite homophobic type..! A light fluffy teen story I promise. Nothing too angsty here..! Peace yaw!

  • My Guardian Angel (girlxgirl) (SEQUEL)
    14.4K 739 22

    Book 1: Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl) Book 2: My Guardian Angel (girlxgirl) Angelica and Katherine have overcome the impossible, staying together, despite their fate. But, what happens when the world begins to shift, inducing a darker and unknown future?

  • Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl)
    120K 4.4K 19

    Book #1: Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl) Book #2: My Guardian Angel (girlxgirl) Angelica Rose (18) is a christian girl who believes that there is good in everything and everyone. But, despite her faith and positive aura, she gets harassed and bullied both at home and in school, until, one day, the new teacher comes a...

  • The Reaper (girlxgirl)
    57.8K 2.8K 42

    The Grim Reaper makes fun of death. He laughs at it's sight. He lives for it. However, an agreement has been made, decades ago, between Grim and God. The agreement states that Grim would bring the criminals and the "unholy" to Hell but leave the good ones for God to bring up to Heaven, yet Grim manipulates and derides...

  • Karin: The Demon Sleeping Within (girlxgirl)
    8.6K 712 28

    Book 1: Karin: The Demon Sleeping Within (girlxgirl) Book 2: **TBD** Shunned by society, a girl who is accused of worshiping Satania, lives her daily life isolating herself from the town she grew up in and devotes herself in understanding and helping the creatures of the forest. Little did she know she would come face...

  • Where Did The Little Rock-Star Go? (GXG)
    182K 6.1K 27

    Devon is now 21, older and wiser. She is now once more the quiet solo artist. She is both, immature and mature. She is responsible but also irresponsible. She can be late, or she can be on time. One little meeting can bring all the memories back. sequel to: Little Rock-Star

  • Little Rock-Star (GXG)
    412K 14.8K 51

    Devon is a 18 year old girl in a band with her three other best friends. The bands name is Proposal Till Twelve. They do covers of songs on YouTube and open up for people like, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber and all of those other great people. Alex is a die-hard Proposer. She's also 18 and one day meets you guys, alon...

  • The bitch stole my mascara (Lesbian Story)(gxg)(girlxgirl)(LGBT+)
    281K 10.9K 47

    I hate her since the day she stole my mascara. Who does that anyway? All the boys in school fancy her. It's just disgusting to watch how they all drool over her. Her name is Taylor. Gosh, I even hate her name... (This story contains more drama than first intended, and it hasn't been rewritten so if you don't like dr...

  • The Girl with no Emotions (GirlxGirl)
    799K 30.4K 35

    I was only 7 when I met her, but we had an instant connection. We were inseperable. She was always happy and joyful around me, but me on the other hand, I was a completely different story. I suffered a disorder that caused me to have no emotions. I told her my condition and she understood, but one day she dissapeared...