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  • Someone Else
    2K 105 2

    Short comic from a song of the same title by SayWeCanFly

  • Stuck with U
    1.2K 85 1

    Out of the song of the same title

  • The Purple Letter
    10.5K 446 10

    A friend sorta talked me into posting this here lmao so yeah 🤷🏻‍♀️ Probably just delete later. Lisrene (Short) Comic AU

  • Quidditch & Butterbeer [ JenLisa | One-Shot ]
    6.2K 328 1

    Slytherin Keeper, Jennie Kim finally asks out Gryffindor Seeker, Lalisa Manoban. - - - - - - - JenLisa One-Shot Hogwarts AU [Adaptation]

  • Who Will It Be Then?
    8.7K 455 5

    When fate decided to play, it chose these three ladies: Lisa, the CEO, who is not over her ex... Irene, the well-rounded executive assistant who lowkey likes her boss---well, who doesn't? And, Jennie, who chased her dreams and made a woman of herself... Who will it be for who?

  • Return (Lisrene/Hyunlis)
    18.7K 829 15

    Resident sweetheart Bae Joohyun has an image to maintain to her family and friends. However, will she be able to keep it up when Lisa Manoban, the notorious bully of YG University, comes in the picture? Started: April 3, 2020 Ended: on-going Notes: ▪︎Lisrene/Hyunlis version ▪︎Will have flashbacks and timeskips ⏳ ▪︎Ra...

  • Idols ·irene × lisa· ✔
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    Red Velvet's leader ¿ BlackPink's maknae ¿