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    No one wants to be a stranger, especially not in a house full of complete strangers. So, what happens when you put together 24 Zodiacs into a mansions and allow them to do the most insane, yet amazing things in the world? Simple; chaos, love, friendships, enemies and a whole lot of drama! Read as you journey with your...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Zodiac Life
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    Highest Ranks: #1 in zodiacs Zodiac's are human! Not only that but they are going to live together in the Constellation Mansion. In the mansion, each room is sorted by element on the second floor. The air elements are in the north wing and opposite of them in the south wing are the earth elements. The fire elements a...

  • Insanity bites| zodiac story
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    Insanity... It's always there Waiting For the right time To strike and take you Be careful to where you fall It might catch you

  • * z o d i a c s *
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    i have no idea what the hell im doing. enjoy my 3am crap about zodiac signs because im bored ;')

  • Bad boy angel SOPE
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    JHope never gives his name. Angels do not have the right to reveal their identity along with their name. People with wings are created to give hope to ordinary people. JHope is such a person. He hides his equally big wings under a large sweatshirt, and doesn't let people get closer together than more than two meters...

  • DREAMLAND ♡〘BigHit's New Girl Group〙[Temporal hiatus]
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    〘BigHit's new girl group is ready to become the world's biggest girl group〙 〘Dream your dream! Hi, we are Dreamland〙 ➺[This group is completely fictional]

  • otp. myg + jhs
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    we're everyone's otp. © 2seoks

  • hyper (m.y.g+j.h.s)
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    hoseok is obsessed with a rapper named suga

  • loud! | Sope
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    in which yoongi is known in the fandom for being jhope's loudest fanboy. - highest ranking: #1 on sope bitch ugh this book the youngest flexer of the century

  • ♚ 𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕦𝕕𝕖;𝔼𝕘𝕠 ♚
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    "You're such a bitch" "Maybe I am but I sure am a hot one" Hoseok is very a narcissistic person while Yoongi is very pessimistic. But maybe it will turn out for the better.

  • Principal Jung (Yoonseok) {Teacher x Student}
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    Jung Hoseok is the new principal, he is very attractive. He also has a friend named Jeon Jungkook who is the assistant principal. They both have a friend who's been teaching at the school for 3 months. His name is Kim Seokjin, but people call him Mr. Jin Little did they know, they have 3 admirers. Who are they? Min Y...

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    "I like you," "I like you too!" "No, I mean like, like you. God you're so dense!" Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung are both young and successful CEO's of the entertainment company, DT Entertainment. They plan on releasing a new girl group, but they need a choreographer for them. This is where Jung Hoseok comes in: Jung Hos...

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    A collection of Sope stories written by yours truly~ Note, these stories may contain: fluff, angst, swearing, happy endings for each story, and violence. It also takes around a month to write the short stories so be patient on that. Stories: Love and Pianos ( 5 Parts) Right Here (6 Parts) Shining (K)night (7 Parts) I...

  • Direct Message// Yoonseok
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    This is a texting fanfic! You will be reading messages from Yoongi and Hoseok and other members. Give my stories a chance! Welcome to yourworld vr Once you play this game you cannot quit till finished. Are you sure you want to continue? HOSEOK: *YES*

  • shadow and light (yoonseok/sope) • ON HOLD, loves •
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    Jung Hoseok, the human-embodiment of sunshine meets a lonely-looking Min Yoongi in the corner of a coffee shop. By "meets", of course, I mean Hoseok plops down, flashing his signature bright smile and says, "Hello, I've seen you here every day this week. Always with the same order of black coffee, in the same dark...

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    Bang Si-Hyuk is the principal of a high school and boss of an organization. Keeping both lives separate and keeping his identity as the boss unknown. Yoongi is in his senior year of high school, more than happy to finally leave that hell hole. But what happens when he is called to the principals office? No need to ans...

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  • You're My Hope; I'm Your Hope (Sope / Yoonseok)
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    Hoseok has always liked his Hyung Yoongi. However, he never really tells him because he's afraid to lose what he has with him. He has something the other members don't have with Yoongi. But when threats and bad events start to appear Hoseok doesn't know how to react or if he will be able to keep everyone including him...

  • omega (✔️)
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    [COMPLETED] [JIKOOK] [SOPE] [NAMJIN] [omegaverse] "I hate you so much." Jimin spat as he stared at the taller alpha that could easily rip out his throat in a second or two. "The feelings are mutual, you omega trash." Jungkook retorted with an undeniable amount of hatred and annoyance. But no matter how harsh or crue...

    Completed   Mature
  • Autocorrect | SOPE
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    "Wait, wait, wait. I did NOT mean to send that. I swear." "Are you sure about that?" Yoongi goes about life pretending to question his sexuality when he knows, deep down, he's got the hots for Hoseok. min yoongi x jung hoseok sope crackfic includes other ships: taekook, namjin ^ what can i say, i'm a giver ^ started...

  • Pure; omegaverse
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    In a world where were-hybrids control the planet, omegas are highly coveted and highly regarded as royalty. Protected and sheltered by betas until they can be properly mated to an appropriate alpha. What happens when a group of rogue alphas stumble across a few lost and terrified omegas? Will the alphas do the right t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Twin (Sope / Yoonseok)
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    When J-Hope and Hoseok are not the same person. They are twins; siblings. Hoseok is treated badly and ends up leaving his family while J-Hope becomes a rising star with BTS. That is until one day J-Hope goes missing and Hoseok is asked to play the role of J-Hope until they can find the real J-Hope. While he's acting t...

  • Luck and Love •Yoonseok•Sope•
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    It all started with a punch to the face, a bloody nose, and a trip to the nurse. It wasn't Entirely his fault...but it was completely his fault. Completed, slowburn...ish. Minor cursing. Really it's just fluff FINISHED/COMPLETED 10 thousand words

  • SOPE | Addicted
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    "We're all addicted to something," Hoseok says, leaning closer to the expressionless male. "Mine, now, just happens to be you." In which Jung Hoseok is a raging sex addict and fucks any human he sees. Min Yoongi is a masochist, someone who gets pleasure off of humiliation and pain when in bed. Yoongi doesn't know it...

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    When their time of peace was being disrupted by a force of "pure evil." Adora, the principal of a magic academy, chooses her top seven students to join her team of professional mages to defeat the evil known as Siren. This book is discontinued now, but there is an explanation of the ending so woohoo

  • SOPE | Blood Rose
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    "Why are you so obsessed with roses?" "Because, all roses have their own story, all colors have their own symbolism." "What rose am I to you?" "My Blood Rose." Min Yoongi, a 23 year old male whos had a pretty average life, besides the terrible family and messed up past. Though when his bestfriend, Kim SeokJin, gets...

    Completed   Mature
  • Oxymoronic Eyes // Sope FF
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    A story in which brown eyes are rare. And Hoseok just so happens to take possession of them. ===== Highest Rank: #2 yoonseok #2 sope #94 unlimitedpride #94 junghoseok #163 minyoongi #184 jhope #283 suga #372 yoongi #341 hoseok ===== Published: January 7th, 2019 Completed: October 27th, 2019

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Touch
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    "I wish I could kiss you," he confessed, looking over at the ice elemental in front of him after the words are left hanging in the air. "I'm ready to risk it all if you are," there is no hint of amusement, or lying, seen in his dark brown eyes as the words slip from his parted lips. Academy Initia is where elemental...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tame Me, Master [YoonSeok FF] (BoyxBoy)
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    [Warning; Mature Content!] Yoongi, a fox hybrid, is the nightmare for every owner. He is disrespectful, snappy, lazy, disbobeys way too often and doesn't care about anything he gets told. Until Hoseok attends the case to finally teach the fox some manners. Yoongi doesn't want to be tamed but, oh, no problem. It will...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Synced
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    "I DID NOT DESCRIBE A PRICK AS MY PARTNER, AND ESPECIALLY NOT A GUY!" Hoseok yelled, standing up. "I DIDN'T DESCRIBE A HAPPY FREAK!" Yoongi yelled getting up as well, "This is a mistake!" Jung Hoseok never hurt anybody, and he never asked to be synced to someone who is his polar opposite. Same goes for Min Yoongi, the...

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  • Hotel Bangtan - (BTS SUGA FF) (ON HOLD)
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    (ON HOLD) "Everyone that ends up here becomes my property." - #kficsawards