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  • Flawless¹|| L. Laufeyson
    1.9K 230 13

    Imperfections create the best characters flaw·less /ˈflôləs/ adjective adjective: flawless without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect. Eldrid is the People's Princess of Asgard. She lives for her family and kingdom. Without them, she has no purpose. Her family was perfect. Loving parents, kind and thoughtful brot...

  • Reckless ²|| P. Parker
    1.4K 60 5

    Family over fear. reck·less /ˈrekləs/ adjective adjective: reckless (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action. Becca's left everything and everyone she's known to return to her scarred past with her Aunt Natasha to take down the very organization that fueled her fear...

  • Limitless ³|| B. Barnes
    69.1K 3.1K 64

    Family until the end. lim·it·less /ˈlimitləs/ Adjective: limitless Without end, limit, or boundary. Life was finally peaceful with few interruptions. Husband and wife finally living out their happily ever after with their son and new friends and nation. But Thanos is coming. ~Set during Avengers: Infinity War, Aveng...

  • Faultless {One Shots}
    7.9K 244 27

    fault·less /ˈfôltləs/ adjective adjective: faultless free from defect or error. One shots from before, during and after the events of the Timeless Saga. Scenes that didn't make it into the books. And alternate realities. ~Beautiful cover made by @shangchis~

  • Fearless ¹|| P. Parker
    22.9K 952 48

    Take the leap of faith. fear·less /ˈfirləs/ adjective adjective: fearless lacking fear. Becca has lived in captivity her whole life until she finds her mother after seventy years of being apart. But when Ultron attacks, the daughter is sent to live with the Parker's. Now she must integrate into normal teenager liveli...

  • Endless ²|| B. Barnes
    96.1K 3.4K 44

    United we stand. Divided we fall. end·less /ˈen(d)ləs/ adjective adjective: endless having or seeming to have no end or limit. Mary Rogers-Barnes's life crumbles into ash when things in her life begin to burn. Her family is dividing in ways she never thought possible. And her heart is shattered by events in her life t...

  • Timeless ¹|| B. Barnes
    226K 7.2K 42

    Love only gets stronger over time. time·less /ˈtīmləs/ adjective adjective: timeless not affected by the passage of time or change Mary wanted more in life than taking care of her brother. She achieved that goal when she became a nurse for the SSR, training under Dr. Abraham Erskine. But after the War ends, her life w...