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  • Baby Daddy :) Wait... Mommy...? (BxB) [COMPLETED]
    1.4M 53.1K 32

    Lucca is a boy who attends a private California boarding school. He is a regular quiet tenth grader who does his homework and regularly studies for upcoming exams and quizzes. During the beginning of the school year his 'friend' Jason admits he likes Lucca. Lucca who has longed for love sleeps with him, thinking he's...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Uncertain Life of Ronnie ( Book 1 )
    21.5K 1.4K 61

    Book 1 Hindi ko alintana ang malakas na pagbuhos ng ulan at malamig na hangin dala na siguro ng kaba kaya hindi ko na ito maramdaman pa. Kanina pa ako tumatakbo dahil sa may humahabol sa akin ang mga tauhan ng taong pumatay sa aking mga magulang. Hindi ko na ininda pa ang pagod basta makatakas lang ako sa mga taong iy...

  • Love. Sex. Insecurity. (LSI)
    132K 2.6K 51

    LSI: Kwento nila Renz, Aki, at Kyle

  • MASK ( Editing )
    285K 12.4K 23

    Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story !!! လူသားတိုင္းရဲ႕ မ်က္ႏွာဖံုးေနာက္ကြယ္မွာ ေဖာ္မျပႏိုင္တ့ဲ အ​ေၾကာင္​းအရာတစ္ခုစီကို ကာကြယ္ထားတတ္ၾကစျမဲ .... လူသားတိုင်းရဲ့ မျက်နှာဖုံးနောက်ကွယ်မှာ ဖော်မပြနိုင်တဲ့ အကြောင်းအရာတစ်ခုစီကို ကာကွယ်ထားတတ်ကြစမြဲ ....

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking The Jock
    2.5M 71.2K 27

    Meet Jordan, a shy eighteen-year-old boy, who had just started senior year in the sunny state of California. He's a quirky, nerdy boy who happens to like other boys and that's why people don't like him there. Enter Nathan, the star quarterback of the high school Jordan attends, he's a solemn and mature man respected b...

    338K 9.5K 18

    The owner of my school is obsess with me. What happens when you become the center of attraction to the owner of your school? IT'S MY FIRST BOOK, SO AM SORRY FOR ALL THE ERRORS YOU WILL ENCOUNTER. THANKS FOR READING MY BOOK.

  • The Alpha's Badass Mate
    36.6K 1.2K 7

    Brooklyn Moore was a former assassin, who worked for a mafia in New York. After killing his boss, Brook decides to flee and leave the world of mercenaries. He bought a house near a beach, and decides to teach an art class. But after years of living in a life of blood bath, Brook was having withdrawals -- he was having...

  • Blue Excorcist Doujinshi
    56K 703 8

    Yaoi One Shots.. not suitable for those of under the age of 18. Meaning this contains pornography scenes