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  • Allegiance
    31.5K 2.3K 43

    Six. There have always been six Lances in the continent of Dicathen. These six Lances creates a delicate balance of power between the Human, Dwarven, and Elven races. But, what happens when a seventh Lance comes to light? Will the balance of power be disrupted due to the human kings greed? Or perhaps, or connection ac...

  • DxD: Tempest Lord (Redux)
    16.3K 671 18

    12 years ago, a terrible, terrible storm swept across Kuoh Town. Amongst the destruction, a boy had vanished. But now, Suk-chin Kang has returned. Vastly different from before, Issei Hyoudou wonders if the boy he once knew is really the same person from before. But the mystery of Suk-chin Kang isn't the only thing he...

  • A World Without You || MHA
    946 56 11

    *Cover & Banners made by Juni_Penguin_* Izuku is tired. So tired. The war against All For One isn't going well and he's near his limits. His costume is so worn he looks more like a villain than a hero. He's left his friends behind, not wishing to drag them any further into his fight. Then yet another assassin targets...

  • Blackened Wings - A Highschool DxD Story
    770 30 4

    Is love truly a sin? The ordinary world that she was born in was what greeted her everyday as she awoke to a new day. Her life as dull as every other person living in earth, like yours, like mine. The only thing that gave her life a lick of flavor was the school she attended, but even then, she had no one to call fri...

  • UA Storytellers Review Book
    166 23 3

    Ever wonder what people think about your BNHA fanfic? Maybe you want to improve on your grammar and storytelling skills, or want to better your book in some way. If that's the case, then look no further. It is our job at the UAStorytellers to help our fellow BNHA writers to do their very best. Our members on our Disco...

  • Re:Leveling
    5.1K 153 15

    A What if story of Re:zero which crosses over with Solo Leveling.

  • Plus Minus One || BNHA OC Fanfiction
    13.7K 1.8K 58

    『A crystal can only reveal its hidden structure when fractures thread through its inclusions』 Jewelry embedded with the finest of gemstones will always capture a person's attention. Whether it be through the flurry of colors running through the glassy surface or the reflection of light bouncing off of it, one will hav...

  • Façade | Jerza
    19.7K 814 42

    Being a Wizard Saint and council member is a big feat, especially when you're in the most ludicrous guild in history. Jellal and Erza find it hard to come to terms with each other, especially when problems start arising in wake of new enemies. Read along as these two encounter awkward situations with the rest of Fairy...

    585K 22.7K 88

    The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the former Shadow Monarch and King of the Dead... Ashborn. He merely wanted serenity during his entire life and when he eventually handed over his powers to his successor, he was ready to embrace his so-called "Peace" in dreamland. Instead, he met him... the Absolute Being who...

    14.7K 3.3K 172

    『Ich Liebe Dich』 Gfx Shop - Banners - Covers - Icons

  • The Dance of Black And White「POKEMON」
    181 8 9

    It has been 3 long years since Team Plasma attacked the Pokemon League. 3 years ever since Black was sucked into the Light Stone, and 3 years ever since she last saw him, White did her best to return to her normal life as the president of the BW Agency but things never did. 3 years ever since the Team Plasma incident...

  • Lucent || Story Expansion
    712 345 19

    - A place to put my one shots, shorts, and whatever else concerning my stories. Has things from: - Plus Minus One - In Your Image

  • The Emprise of the Streetwise Detective
    95 15 3

    "You can never trust a human mind. It can betray you. It can forget things. It can recall bad ones. It makes you predictable, gullible and most of all-vulnerable." Polybius Morse, an uncanny and dangerously astute teenager who lives as an aspiring swindler at Lumoise City in Kalos Region, would meet the Napier twins w...

  • Island Girl (MHA)
    529 22 6

    From Hawaii to Japan. Ailani Kumu, a sea-loving water-quirked gal with a passion to become a hero like her sisters. Her father takes some time to see his daughter but for the most part, is traveling the world for his job. As for her mom... her mom sadly passed when Ailani was 10. When she turned 14 she asked her fath...

  • ethereal | fairy tail
    941 174 11

    记 • FATE'S WHEEL TURNS AND TURNS UNTIL IT FINDS ITS NEXT TARGET. Or, a wheelchair-bound mage goes off to find her sociopathic twin with a goth, a criminal, and some blonde guy with a questionable name. What could go wrong?

  • Pokemon Conquest- Hidden Secrets
    1K 72 12

    "I swear by Arceus that I will conquer Ransei and stop Nobunaga!" At least, that's what she says. But Oichi finds herself doubting her Warlord. What is her real motive for taking over Ransei and uniting the kingdoms? The few glimpses she has seen of something else inside of her is frightening. Is strength really all t...

  • The Spade Amongst Clovers
    333K 9.2K 156

    "Everyone has a goal or a dream that they want to make a reality. Most people want to be famous, most people just want power, and some people even want to be the Wizard King. As for me.......i guess all i a place to call home." A boy in the Clover Kingdom who's shrouded in mystery. Only one thing is clear...

  • Magic Kirby [Book of OCs]
    133 19 18

    This book contain character files of some major characters in my story (whether they are from the canon or my OCs) that will help the readers keep track of them as they were featured in my stories. I do not own any of the images of either canon or original characters that are in this book. Some of them were designed b...

  • I See Dead People. . . [ BNHA × OC ]
    33.7K 1.8K 11

    They say that there is no escape from destiny. Most people dare to be heros, protagonists of their own stories and champions of their battles. But dead parents, plus a creepy Quirk, on top of a life being raised in a cemetery doesn't exactly equal a relatable main character. This isn't the tale of how I became the b...

  • Frozen in Time || Gruvia Fanfiction ✓
    26K 1.4K 26

    Gray Fullbuster. A heart full of devotion, yet devoid of love. Haunted by a past that clouds his thoughts and impairs his judgement. Forever wishing to free himself of the chains that bind his soul. Juvia Lockser. Once a heart devoid of love, now an unquenchable fighting spirit. Choosing to come out of the shadows an...

  • Zam the Hybrid
    2.8K 382 25

    Sam Baker's life is about to change forever. When the shy boy is diagnosed with life threatening brain conditions, all hope seems lost. However, one maverick doctor suggests the unthinkable: a brain transplant. When donors aren't exactly knocking at the door, an even more extreme alternative is put forward. Now fused...

  • A Trainer Named Lucas
    2.5K 70 32

    Lucas Diamond was an average young adult in Twinleaf Town. He never had plans to become a pokemon trainer. But after something incredible happens his life changes forever. Rated mature for Strong Language at times. Part of a series called Pokemon Heroes!

  • He is a She (SpecialShipping Short Novel)
    6K 136 9

    "Secrets aren't something untold but it's something that can't be told." Yellow is an average girl residing in the Oak's residence after she lost her mother. Confused or rather undecided of what she wants to accomplish someday, she was soon inspired by the current Kanto Champion which whom she once shared good memorie...

  • Spark Of Interest
    1.5K 57 5

    Pokéstar Studios, the epicenter for entertainment in Unova, has been seeing some major setbacks as of late. With the latest flop of the first release of their newest movie, Lucario Man, Mr. Stu Deeoh has his trusted scout hold auditions for a remake of the disastrous movie in hopes that things will somehow turn around...

  • Celeste: A Graphics Workshop
    17.1K 1.5K 174

    This is my eighth graphics workshop! Like usual, I make covers, headers, icons, and banners. The forms to place a request can be found within, and I hope you consider requesting! •I don't own any of the artwork used in this book's featured graphics

  • Pokémon BW2 - Saving Unova, Again? ✔
    16.1K 480 39

    [Sequelshipping] ( The title is BW2 but I played along through White 2 ) After Hilda, there was Rosa. She was never one to leave her hometown of Aspertia City, until she gets to receive a starter Pokémon and finally begin her journey to see the whole region. Although, who ever thought she would have to deal with the r...

  • The Girl In Red Glasses
    179 19 1

    Bianca Belle, or as her classmates called her; Four eyes, chesty, caboose- "For the love of Arceus, shut up!" What? That is what they called you isn't it? It's written right- wait a second... "Those are insulting nicknames that I would rather not remember. Now, why don't you get on with the rest of the introduction w...

  • Of Time And Space
    578 41 2

    (In Lava Sequel) Since the terror that is Giratina was banished to the Distortion World, all seemed peaceful in the world above. Life went on in both worlds, and the balance was kept, until an organization bent on a new world order started making a mess of things. All of time and space hung in the balance as one man...

  • Pokémon : Black Rising
    12.3K 210 63

    ***Under drastic editing*** 15 year old Tyler Auraze is just any other boy who dreamt of getting a Pokémon in the Annual Giveaway and travel the world. But his dreams come to a halt when he didn't receive one; while the rest of the town got theirs. His solitude leads him to another Pokémon, whose abilities combined co...

  • Pokémon Red (Book 3)
    4K 104 40

    Red, losing his motivations to become a Pokémon Champion heads to the Hoenn Region to give it a last shot at Pokémon Training. Giovanni, after years of planning is finally ready to execute his plans and put an end to what he started. Would Red be able to stop him this time?