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  • MANAN: Why Me? Always
    399K 23.7K 42


  • Married to my best friend
    125K 17.8K 37

    Manik and Nandini were just best friends until one day they decide to get married. "If it's you, I don't need love." ~Manik "Fuck love. It's just an illusion. One moment it's there, the next moment it isn't." ~Nandini

  • tere sang jeena
    184K 16.3K 54

    Manan Story got #14 and #15 most impressive rank in #kaisi yeh yaarian ranking in fan fiction on 21st April 2020

  • Mafia's Obsession |✓
    1.1M 81.4K 51

    **I WROTE THIS BOOK WHEN I WAS IMMATURE AND IT'S REALLY CRINGE WORTHY. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALSO THIS IS AN INDIAN STORY** Know how a Mafia's Obsession turns into love! Highest ranking › #1 in dark #2 in mafia Copyright © - @_CuriousWriter_

  • What's a soulmate? ~ MaNan
    47.7K 4.8K 13

    "Dad, what's a soulmate?" Mia asked me, as I turned towards her. "A soulmate...," I replied with a smile, " someone like a best friend, but so much more- that one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else. It's someone who might not always be there with you, but will always inspire you to be a bet...

  • MaNan- Love in Seven Days💍(✔️)
    83.4K 7.8K 31

    Seven seconds are required to fall in love. Aren't seven days more than enough? Imagine if you met your crush in a wedding, coincidentally! And the best part? Circumstances bring you closer! Goosebumps, right? Nandini Agarwal, a PCM student finds it hard to control her feelings towards her classmate, Manik Khandelwal...

  • MaNan- Bad boy's girl✔
    279K 22.4K 23

    ~A possessive love story~ Nandini Murthy, she is the bad boy's girl. Manik Malhotra, he is the good girl's choice. Two love sick teenagers. People judge them, criticize them and try to break them but their love is beyond all these criticisms and judgements. Click the button 'Read' and be a part of their possessive an...

  • Vivah-A Journey From Engagement To Marriage MaNan FF (Completed)
    2M 124K 77

    DARE TO COPY IT.... AND SEE WHAT I DO... BEAWARE...!! Copyright © 2015 MaNanlicious_Angel STORY IS PRIVATE AFTER ~CHAPTER 6~ Follow me to Read...!!! The Story Of Two Unknown People, Who Met With Each Other Because Of Their Family.... And And And... Read What Happened..... The Most Beautiful Journey In Everyone's Lif...

  • (Manan Dark) Mafia's Intense Desire
    219K 13.3K 65

    *It's a dark book!!! Please read at your high risk* A man was weeping holding his legs. "You want to see your son?" "Oh, yes yes, I do" He cried desperately. Manik pulled out his phone and played a video clip. "There's your son, can you see him?" He pointed at a corner at a body lying in a pool of blood. "Y-you kil...

  • Goodbye Stranger ~ A MaNan OS
    6.6K 776 1

    Meet Nandini. She's pretty, confident, a little reckless, and trying to live life with a smile. Meet Manik. He's suave, devastatingly handsome, and lives life like an adventure. Two strangers. One kiss. And a story between the first hello and the last goodbye. ------ [completed] A StarsAndFireflies_ creation. Origin...

  • Zindagi Ke Kuch Rang \\MaNan OS
    5.3K 274 3

    Love is a blissful relationship and it often happens that we fall in love with someone unexpected. This story is all about how beautiful can a relationship of a doctor and patient be and how love can blossom in such a blissful way between them. Credit for the cover goes to- Thegirlingreen_scarf Thanks a lot for the c...

    141K 10.8K 53

    #1 in kaisiyehyariyaan on 24/07/2k19 Manik slowly held her shoulders and made her stand. Both were looking in eachothers eyes. Manik slowly slid his left hand on her waist and pulled her towards himself. To balance herself she placed her hand over his chest. She was so uncomfortable and was trying to get out of his gr...

  • The Elevator: A 3 Part MaNan story
    13.4K 1.1K 3

    A MaNan holiday edition of an elevator ride filled with first love, first kiss, betrayal and a happily ever after forever hamesha... Come fall in love with the season This three part story will be completed by New Years Eve, but the love will last forever.

    30.6K 1.3K 8

    [EXTRACT]: Nandini was devastated after her dear efforts to make her company one of the top is wasted. She was at that point in life where everyone and anyone would give up. But would she? Life made Nandini and Manik 's paths to cross and he gives her a life changing offer but every good thing comes with a price. ...

  • Flawlessly Flawed
    98.4K 10K 42

    *Can be read as general fiction* Secured 2nd position under Fanfiction genre in Sapphire Awards by CreativeINC Tired of his inner demons, Manik Malhotra has always sought a haven from three things, one alcohol, second street fighting and third unleashing his frustration on prostitutes. This was his life. He was happ...

  • A Heart That Bleeds
    56.4K 6.6K 21

    A Heart That Bleeds featuring Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor as Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy! "N-No t-this c-can't be you!" She stuttered and scurried away in the opposite direction. "Nandini please wait!" Meet Nandini Murthy, a young small town girl who had lots of dreams in her eyes but she unfortunately becom...

  • Humsafar ~ Arranged by Fate
    424K 43.8K 27

    An Unexpected Alliance.... A journey from Husband and Wife to Humsafar..... Manik and Nandini's Dastaan-e-Mohabaat...!!

  • An Education
    3.8K 414 4

    Nandini Murthy Hebbar dons many hats throughout the day. A loyal friend, a dutiful daughter, an excellent teacher and a supportive wife- she's all of it and more. However, despite her seemingly perfect life, there's a deep sense of inexplicable loneliness that plagues her. What happens when she takes up a teaching j...

    310K 29.1K 37


    Completed   Mature
  • Something About You
    99.8K 9.8K 46

    A Happy family. Sudden changes leave everything broken. He is a mystery. She is transparent as water. She loves everyone. But he cares only about himself. A Bluff, a mystery, a heart-break. She will survive or He will fall ? They are here to destroy her . But will they get successful ?? Nandini Moorthy never knew Ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • ManAn: Love That Stayed!
    82.5K 9.1K 27

    General disclaimer: This story, a general fiction romance, has a lot of angst involved. Please be ready with your tissues if emotions hit you hard! Not every love story has a beautiful begining, just like many have sad endings. His story also had a painful start, a tale of his unrequited love! Hers had a painful end...

  • Manan FF- Arranged marriage (✔)
    2.4M 111K 94

    ~ A STORY BY MANINI MEHRA ~ Always in top 10 list ! Want to know what the relationship of a husband and wife is all about? Well you have laid your eyes on the right place! Where two people will meet and fall in love at first sight! Let's experience this journey of love! <3 A new story! New concept! New characters! Ne...

  • Extra Marital Affair? - MaNan FF (Completed)
    462K 27.9K 29

    What Happens When You Fall In Love... But The Love Called "Extra Marital Affair" In The Society. What Will You Do? Come I Will Take You To The World Of Love, Trust, Affair, Marriage And MaNan. #22 In Fanfiction ~27/9/2016~ #20 In Fanfiction ~8/12/2016~ *Contains Just The Names, No Single Person Is Related To The Sho...

    84K 4.6K 11

    what happens when a boss married to the employee but the employee does not like the boss because the boss is very rude and very bossy... what is the reason that manik is marrying nandini.... will they ever love each other will manik ever change for nandini what will happen after their marrige will nandini suffer or...

  • 'Married Strangers' || ✔
    244K 17.5K 12

    Arranged Marriage, pretty common naah? And then Love will happen and they'll live happily ever after.... This is what you expect! But what if your husband doesn't acknowledge the fact that he is married, he has different priorities altogether ?! Marriage sure did came with understanding but it also came with compromis...

  • manan - She Swiped Right Into My Heart ❤❤(completed )√
    493K 29.3K 57

    #1 in short story ❤❤on 10/12/16 Knock knock ...Back with another manan fiction.. It all started with a friend request...... Manik and nandani. .. A journey in which two individuals became one... a journey from manik and nandani to manan.... ab sab yahaan nahi bataungi.... peek inside dear /........

  • Manzil Pyaar Ki (COMPLETE)
    401K 19.9K 40

    Character sketch Nandani Murty (protagonist) ~ An ordinary girl with no ambition in life but has a deep passion for dance. A girl who is very emotional yet pretends to be very practical. She doesn't believe in showing her emotions to anyone not even her best friend. A great listener to people she doesn't know much bu...

  • Sun Sathiya {Completed}
    1.9M 81.9K 65

    #5 in fanfiction 01/10/16 #12 in fanfiction 28/10/16 Written By Mawara Ejaz

  • MaNan FF-Just A Friend?✔
    90.8K 9.4K 18

    ***Wattpad featured book*** He loves to annoy her yet she is special for him. Her eyes are always eager to meet his. Bitter sweet relation that bounds two crazy souls together!❤ A story of two best friends. Will friendship be able to survive when misunderstandings form or will they become known strangers? Will they...