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  • The Death of Antinous || bxb ✔︎
    140K 9.8K 29

    Antinous is destined to die. Envied by the gods and despised by his rivals, the Greek youth from Bithynia is the most beautiful boy in the Roman Empire, summoned to the Eternal City where the emperor, Hadrian, makes him his lover. Just when Antinous thinks he has outrun destiny, he meets Leonides, a bold young soldier...

  • fair/unfair
    109K 7.3K 26

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: "i don't care," reid says, caringly, as he cares deeply.

  • Seraphino (boy/boy)
    40.8K 1.6K 6

    At the tender age of sixteen, Emery's family takes a dangerous stray of a teen into their otherwise happy home. Emery has had trouble separating fear from desire ever since. As Emery and Luka enter adulthood, Emery realizes that Luka's growing in the way that he's seen most strays at the clinic do; quietly - quickly...

  • Snow's White | ✓
    273K 15.8K 43

    [BxB] Prince Lucas thought that life would be perfect when he made Snow White his wife-to-be. At least, that was until her twin brother waltzed into his life and obliterated everything he knew. He had her same pale skin, blood red lips and dark, ebony hair, and yet he stirred him up in ways his sister never had. With...

    Completed   Mature