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  • The depths of my heart #Wattys2019
    6.4K 1.7K 56

    "Poetry can be written by many but the depths can only be unlocked by some, only some can see the broken pieces, only some can see the pain that never ceases, only some can see how fake my smile is, only some can see how torn my heart is. Some take these pages just as words and letters, Just as paper and ink splatt...

  • Wattpad Strategies No One Told You About | ✎
    315K 27.5K 37

    ❝ If you are one of the people who made another account just to vote on your own book, read this because you are not the only one. ❞ I've been on Wattpad since 2013, and believe me when I say I discovered a lot. - cover design by @Milochondria - © 2020 walkingecho Highest ranking: #1 tips #1 strategies #1 hacks #2 ran...

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    ⤷ wattpad prom 2020

  • Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls (Book 1 of Elise & Dorothy)
    104K 14.5K 47

    A dark romance that grows up--and grows stranger--with each installment. *A Wattpad Featured Story* Our story begins simple enough. On the run in a strange world after pirates kill her parents, Elise plows into Dorothy Blainwick, a young and powerful witch with a monster inside her. Like fire and water, the two have...

  • Boy X boy-I Luv U 3000♥️ (editing)
    10.1K 1.6K 9

    "Sorry, but we can't be together..." "No,... I"m begging you-" "Because We Live In Different World." A Forbidden Love Between Gangster x Police.....Is it really possible? .... Prison, a dictionary of crime, a paradise for criminals. Is it really heaven? People who have been and come back never th...

  • ICE
    1.1K 487 17

    In a world where people are divided in four different kingdoms,one representing each element, balance is important.But when one element is altered,it sucks the life out of the remaining. Rivalry will result into love,and love will be the cause of great destruction.One innocent girl will find herself caught in a trap t...

  • Falling for Florence
    2.4K 659 27

    When Troy Davies and Florence White are brought to work together under the same project, it is a recipe for disaster. After all when two hard headed and egoistic people crash, hell is supposed to break loose.

  • The Way You Live | ✔
    3.7K 1.2K 37

    "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." He was all she needed. But after being rejected and ending up heartbroken, can Eman find her one and only? Or has she fallen out of love for good?

    Completed   Mature
  • That Perfect Triangle
    258 59 13

    "Even if the color of the badge is different the shape of the triangle bounds everyone unitedly... we're mended in the web together." Hope and dreams seems to be dim but are still a small ember to the use to be flames that arouse from their hearts. Now all they have left with is the wish to survive beyond the barb wir...

  • The Unknown Girl ✔
    3.2K 678 41

    Amanda is strong and fearless. Due to her mother's wealth, her fluent sarcasm and her knife throwing abilities, she feels she's invincible. But what happens when she messes with the wrong people? Can she pay her way out of this one or would she end up dead? Peter thinks she's scarred and deeply troubled and he can't...

    Completed   Mature
  • 💗💚Ali Ali Book/Art Club💚💗
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    The Amazing Book and Art club where we become a community of amazing Authors and Artists 😁💜 Join Today😘

  • The Year Package
    23.3K 1.9K 63

    Mae is a prostitute... Mae is an escort... Delilah was hired by... Luna was bought by... *sigh* I am whoever you want me to be. -- Mae works for a company that focuses on the pleasure and privacy for the supernatural. As one of the few humans that work all areas, she is highly sorted after. What happens when a one-nig...

  • Lavender: Strange Somebody (Vol 1)
    1.4K 519 13

    A baby boy name Lavender was born with strange white streaks in his hair and blue and pink hands two distinct shades of color. Villagers thought the baby was strange and a representation of ugliness and evil, so they quickly took Lavender away from his mother as a newborn and tossed the baby away in a nearby body of w...

  • Loving You, Always
    1.9K 315 15

    Sara had been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was a child. She would do everything to achieve her dream. She even had to hurt her parents by breaking their trust. But, what would happen when a powerful, ambitious man wanted her? James Hardin was the heir of Hardin Corporation, the place where Sara worked as...

    17.4M 560K 63

    (*Now an Amazon Bestselling eBook*) Sera's usually a good girl. (Except for that one wild night in the backseat of a stranger's car!) But what happens when that stranger turns out to be a bad boy- not to mention her new boss? And what happens when he wants more than one night...and won't take 'no' for an answer.