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  • I See You
    4K 299 9

    "I have to do this, you know I have to do this," she begged. "I have to find out who did this to me." "Why did you lie to me?" "Because you could be one of them."

  • Troubled One
    9.2K 700 18

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the guiltiest of them all?

  • The Hipster Games
    26.4K 1.3K 26

    Meet typical tumblr white bitch Kit Kat Fabberdeen, District 12 tribute for the annual "The Hipster Games" A game where 24 basic hoes are flung into a heartless arena and are made to fight till death for the ultimate prize of - Unlimited Starbucks. Our heroine Kit Kat must show her skills in credit card slicing, stile...

  • Together?
    4K 174 8

    Jen and josh are best friends but when one of them gets engaged, will their true feelings come out. Will they end up together? Read on to find out.

  • Who Will Win My Heart?
    2.7M 89.1K 59

    Leah and Liam are an ordinary brother and sister going through a hard life between their mother passing away and their abusive father. Liam leaves to follow his dreams then comes back to help his sister get away from their father. Then Leah is being chased by four boys who are trying to steal her heart. Who will she f...

  • We Might Fall
    3.1K 165 5

    Katniss has had a hard life. She has moved to New York with her younger sister, Prim, to leave her life behind. But she forgot one thing. The most important thing to her. The thing that made life worth living in Middletown. - and she had to leave him {an Everlark Modern AU by @flowerkatniss}

  • Sunkissed | Joshifer
    237K 6.3K 37

    The ultimate legacy to leave behind is someone who will love you forever. That could be the case here, but Jen and Josh aren't so lucky. With only three months before her first year of college, Jen needs to decide if Josh will be a constant in her life. But between four competitive brothers, jealous friends, and long...

  • Speak | Joshifer
    821K 18K 61

    Seems simple. He confesses his feelings, and she realizes that she's loved him all along. But somehow, trouble seems to find Jen and Josh no matter how much they fight it. Distrust has become an issue and they both become unwitting victims of heartbreak. Fate might've brought them together, but it's the people around...