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  • Terrorist male reader x R6S Females
    145K 911 10

    [COMPLETED] You were an operator for the white mask and you were a damn good one. The name spectre was known everywhere, the man who could breach anywhere undetected, get past anyone without their knowledge but what happens when the great spectre.. Gets caught by team rainbow. Rainbow six siege is a ubisoft owned pro...

    Completed   Mature
  • IQ x long lost teammate
    126K 844 10

    UNDER REWRITE (8/9) [COMPLETED] You are a long lost team mate to the well known GSG9, Found during the raid of a white mask base. The squad are happy your back and think everything is back to normal, but is it?. Warning ⚠ this story contains self harm and mentions of suicide. Read at your own risk. Rainbow six siege...

    Completed   Mature
  • Demons (Rainbow Six x PTSD Male Reader)
    96.2K 642 28

    A story of a soldier joining rainbow but with a difficult past. After coming back from Iran, Y/N has been hunted by The White Masks. Rainbow takes you in after being wounded and you joined them. Will you let your past haunt you or will you push past it and fight the White Masks?

    Completed   Mature
  • R6S Females X Pro Leauge Reader
    146K 947 10

    [COMPLETED] Y/N is probably the most adored on the rainbow six siege pro league scene, his natural talent at the game and his shyness to girls has made him an adored player, his shyness appealing to most of the female fan base. After clutching the game against another team and winning the tournament, Y/N gets to visi...

    Completed   Mature
  • R6S Females X Pro Leauge Reader 2
    95.4K 778 10

    Once again the reader wins pro league and gets to spend a week at the base, though he is still unbelievably shy... Which, unfortunately for the reader, the girls find adorable. Rainbow six siege is a ubisoft owned property, I do not own it in anyway.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rainbow Six x E-Sports player
    80.3K 511 13

    After winning the pro league final, y/n was invited to spend one month at with Rainbow. Only 19 he is extremely socially awkward.

    Completed   Mature
  • R6S x Pro League
    19.6K 115 25

    Y/n a professional Rainbow Six Siege E-sports player for Sky-High E-sports is selected to stay at Hereford Base, but what happens during his stay will change him forever

  • Shattered Heart, A Rainbow Six Story
    63.4K 616 20

    The story of a former Titus operative, forever haunted by his past. He thought he had left his life behind, until one day, three people walk into his life and change him forever.

  • Diablo (Rainbow Six x Inhuman Male Reader)
    90.6K 825 21

    A monster, a demon, the devil has joined Rainbow. He is not human. The ex BOPE operator Nightmare is on the streets.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forgotten (Rainbow Six Siege X Male Reader) REWRITTEN
    71.5K 134 8

    "The army was what I wanted to do in life, who knew it would lead to this." He said, bitter sweet. Their sat a man I've been attempting to track down ever since he put a gun to my head all those years ago. Low and behold, he was worth the wait. Having knowledge and first hand experiences with our enemy, The White Mask...