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  • Reflection In Your Eyes
    44.6K 1.8K 14

    [This is a Haikyuu fanfiction featuring kurotsuki. Additional ships will be mentioned/referenced.] Kuroo didn't know how to feel. Ever since he met Tsukishima his emotions have been all over the place. These feelings got in the way of his volleyball practices and he kept missing Kenma's perfect sets. He just couldn't...

  • Test Me (Tsuki x Kuroo)
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    Kei Tsukishima didn't expect much of his volleyball trip to Tokyo. In fact, he expected nothing of it. The team was going to be staying with the boys from Nekoma High for half a month - a sort of low-budget summer training camp. Tsuki could think of much better ways to spend his summer, but he didn't. It was summer...