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  • Princess Reaper
    81.5K 1.6K 20

    Izuku Midoriya is killed by the Sludge Monster and is reincarnated into a Royal Family in a wolrd of Quirks. Magic and human half-breeds and other races! But as a princess and is later made to be The Grim Reaper, in her old world, which she travels to when it is time to reap a soul. But by that world she is considered...

  • Gifted boy
    53.1K 1.2K 20

    Izuku is gifted deal with it Parents : Toshinori / Shouta / Hizashi Brother : Hitoshi / Shoto the characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and the plot to me And the drawing in the cover belong to kanralive (I'm not sure)

  • Son of All for One
    156K 3.6K 27

    Follow the story of our bright happy cinnamon roll sun child Izuku Midoriya as he learns the secrets of his origin. Along with finding his father for who the life of him can't remember. What awaits the small greenete and will he be able to cope with the though of who his father maybe and continue striving to be a hero...

  • The Number Ones (A Villain Midoriya A.U)
    535K 24.9K 52

    A story where Izuku Midoriya loved Villains instead of heroes. He aimed to be the number one Villain amongst all! Izuku wanted despair, war, pain, death, torture etc. Yet her mother didn't care, she still loved her child for who he is no matter what. But how can he tolerate the fact that his childhood friend Bakugou w...

  • Deku the dicer
    168K 3K 39

    It's a bnha crossover with the webtoon dice. What if your life can change with the roll of a dice. This is especially true to a boy named izuku midoriya. He lived in a world where 80% of the people had a supernatural power called quirks. Unfortunately izuku was the 20% and had no such power. Until when walking home fr...

  • The Angel That Fell (Angel AU)
    91.2K 2.2K 30

    What happens when lust and religion come togeather? Izuku an orphan on the street that was taken in by the church.he had a quirk and it made him an angel, the church called him the green haired angel. But what happens when one student finds out a little more about izukus perants...

  • The Cards Will Tell
    83.4K 2.5K 11

    No one believed Izuku when he said he had a quirk. Of course no one would believe the delusional quirkless boy who always mumbles to someone who nobody had ever seen, and was obsessed with books about of elixirs and conjurations and hypnosis. That of course changed when odd things began to occur around the boy. It sta...

  • Deku's Dragon Maid
    232K 4.4K 26

    What if while walking home Izuku stumbled upon an injured Tohru. Izuku then shows Tohru that humans aren't so bad. To repay the young boy Tohru become his maid. She also grants him vast magical powers to help he become a hero.

  • The Bodyguard
    143K 2.9K 22

    What if Izuku had a hidden quirk that didn't appear until he was pushed to his braking point and it activated when he saved a girl and her family from some thugs,he goes on to be the girls bodyguard and maybe something more. (I have also uploaded this story to ) (Also non of the art or videos I use in t...

  • Force Master Deku
    105K 1.4K 14

    Izuku Toshinori, the son of the Number one pro hero All Might is the last force user in existence, being told that he would be quirkless he through a tantrum and accidentally activated his powers. As well as Developing his own quirk Izuku will Inherit OFA Gore warning Izuku was lightsabers there will be Villain dismem...

  • Ito Ito No Mi (DISCONTINUED?)
    105K 1.6K 16

    A string quirk for Deku which is basically Doflamingo's devil fruit, with a Armament Haki quirk as well. What can go wrong? OOC! Deku (May 17 2019) 1k views! Probably not a huge milestone but cool none the less. (June 28 2019) 10k views, awesome! Hope you enjoy reading this!

  • Rival (Villain! Deku x Todoroki)
    78.5K 2.5K 26

    When Todoroki is sent on a mission to either kill or capture the world's number one villain, what would happen if he was to... fall in love? !!Original Cover Art Is Not Mine!!

  • When Heroes Fall |Villain Deku AU|
    95.5K 2.5K 18

    THIS IS A FAN-FICTION BNHA VILLAIN DEKU AU After being told by his family, childhood friend, and now his favorite hero that he could never be a hero, Izuku Midoriya finally has gotten the message. He's given up on the world and the hero society. While he still hates villains a new, stronger, hate has developed. I don...

  • Violent World (Villain Deku)
    403K 14.3K 65

    Deku's parents got into an arguement one night, waking young Izuku. The outcome left him alone with his (slightly mentally abusive) father. Because of the quirk he grew up with, many people hated and bullied him until high school. Things change when one unfortunate incident after another occur, he's been scouted by a...

  • FADED (BakuDeku)
    77.5K 3K 28

    So this is a remake of an old book I made where Midoriya has a quirk that nobody knows about other than his mother and his teachers. Bakugo still bullies him, Thinking that he does not have a quirk. Midoriya Jude his quirk because it is so powerful. He holds the entire world in the palm of his hands. He can control t...

  • Restless
    6.6K 125 8

    Izuku Midoriya had been born quirkless. Due to this, he had been neglected by his mom, bullied by his childhood friend, and rejected by society. What happens when Midoriya decides to fullfill everyone elses wishes by disappearing? How will this effect the ones around him? Warnings: Harmful Thoughts, Abuse, Swearing, G...

  • Fire in Her Eyes. (BNHA FF)
    66.3K 2.5K 27

    Ichika and Izuku Midoriya; twin siblings who were attached by the hip for the first few years of their lives. There was hardly a dull, saddened moment in the Midoriya household for several years, the twins somehow always having a smile on their faces. When the two hit the age of four, however, everything changed. Izu...

  • The Todoroki Twins
    36.7K 696 11

    "They say, that a hero can't be saved by a villain, that a villain should never help a hero... and that a hero is the most trustworthy person there is, what if I said those were all lies?" -Yuri Todoroki

  • I Will Save Him [Abused! Izuku X Katsuki]
    238K 6.6K 19

    Izuku Midoriya has been bullied his entire life. After collapsing during a test, Katsuki Bakkugo becomes suspicious of his old friend. He soon learns the secret of Izuku's lifestyle and decides to do all he can to help Izuku. However, Izuku's heart will take a bit of repairing. Can Katsuki mend Izuku's heart, or is he...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Will Break The Chains (Abused! Izuku X Katsuki) [Book 2]
    26.8K 1K 10

    Sequel to the newly renamed "I Will Save Him". It hasn't been that long since Izuku lost his memories. Katsuki has been trying to help his new boyfriend with his memories slowly coming back to him. In the meantime Izuku's father is cooking up a little scheme to unleash Izuku's hidden quirk. [Please read the first boo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The End.
    1.2K 37 9

    Izuku Midoriya. They couldn't help him. *Depressed Izuku* *No quirks* *Trigger warning* -°•~This story is being rewritten, but this will stay up!~•°-

    Completed   Mature
  • ̶A̶̶ ̶̶F̶̶a̶̶l̶̶l̶̶e̶̶n̶̶ ̶̶H̶̶e̶̶r̶̶o̶(suicidal deku)
    14K 414 7

    midoryia was a kid when he lost both of his parents. he was quirkless, bullied and abused. but unfortunately not all men are created equal. That's what Izuku's learned throughout the years, and boy that's not all.(this story doesn't have a set update schedule yet so expect irregular updates) This story does not in any...

  • I'm sorry (Bakudeku)
    218K 6.6K 19

    Izuku finally decides to take Bakugou and his parents advice. As he is standing on the edge of a building with his cuts and bruises out in the open right as his foot is of the edge someone pulls him down,he looks up and sees...Bakugou. However after this the bullying only got worse and his classmates joined in all whi...

  • A New Villain. I Am!! (Villain Deku)
    48.9K 995 23

    All of the Humiliation and suffering that happened to Deku is stuck to his heart and become a complete villain. Now he will put suffer and humiliation to the ones who made that to him. Will someone can save him from his hatred? Save him from pain and despair? Or will he stay a villain putting pain, despair, and hatre...

  • Back Again (old version)
    207K 5K 62

    "Take a swan dive off a roof and hope for a quirk in your next life" And that's exactly what Deku did... _____________ I don't own the cover art. If it is yours, and don't want me using it, tell me and I'll take it down. And, duh, I don't own My hero academia or the characters. I might add a few of my own, though. May...

  • The Boy Who Loved Candy
    59.3K 2.4K 17

    Growing up was strange, especially when it was with villains that didn't act as villainous as you would assume them to be. They were very caring, however odd they were some times. Though as time went on, all villains new about the boy who loved candy. Afterall, he did supply the ingredient for them to achieve victory...

  • a game of cards
    32.9K 711 10

    izuku midoriya has been missing for a month and his friends are looking for him, but a new boss villain has emerged and without izuku they cant beat him...but this villain knows about everything about the heros in training...

  • Blue fire and red ice
    57.5K 1.4K 16

    haruhi todoroki was todorokis older sister or was at lest. after touya left haruhi she had noting keeping her staying there. she left not like anyone noticed anyway. she got a new family...a better one a new name that doesn't leave a sickly feel. ai tamashi ______ I don't own bnha just my oc's

  • Eraserhead's Daughter
    134K 2.8K 16

    *Yawns* I'm Kai Aizawa I'm Shota Aizawa's long lost Daughter and my quirks are eraser and cold fire(something like dabi's quirk) come figure out my life.

  • Midoriya's twin
    62.6K 1.1K 11

    Izuko and Izuku are the Midoriya twins. Izuko is famous at their elementry school for having a beautiful singing voice, but she is always there for Izuku when he needed her. Both Izuku and Izuko can read each others mind, and know what they are feeling. (They have a rare bond) I do not own any of the charaters, I on...