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  • Girl In The Glade/ Newt fanfiction (The Maze Runner)
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    Elle wakes up in a metal box just like all the others. She's thrown into the glade with only boys surrounding her. She has no memory of her past life and she can only remember her name. At first, she is really scared and afraid to talk to anyone but she gets used to it. She finds new friends whit whom she is comfort...

  • they were just kids [draco malfoy]
    312K 12.4K 136

    //The boy who had no choice and the girl who made all the wrong ones// ••• [slowburn} [enemies to lovers] [mature themes] [daily updates] [the writing and plot only get better as the story progresses and the characters grow up] ••• Certainty and precision were what Draco Malfoy had known for the entirety of...

  • The Outcome of the Invincible (harry potter and tvdu cross-over fanfic)
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    Harry Potter and Tvdu (The Vampire Diaries Universe) cross-over A young pureblood girl was sent to the muggle world by her well-known pureblood parents. She was sent as a baby to live with her aunt and uncle in the muggle world. Ever since the aunt and uncle took really good care of her until she was 5 and started ask...