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  • Shattered Heart, A Rainbow Six Story
    66.9K 647 20

    The story of a former Titus operative, forever haunted by his past. He thought he had left his life behind, until one day, three people walk into his life and change him forever.

  • A Web of Lies, A Rainbow Six Story
    50K 473 15

    He has stolen. He has killed. He has been hunted across Europe. Now, as he returns home, his past will finally catch up with him. Only this time, it's not going to play out the way he thought it would. A collaboration between ViperWolf32 and BoiBoi2019. -DedSecNY helped with formatting the book to be more appealing. T...

  • Ela x Reader: Stuck together
    128K 1.8K 25

    You were an aspiring theoretical physicist/engineer, but that changed after you took up an internship for a private military company and met a girl who went by Ela, who'd change your way of thinking.