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  • Sex Academy
    10.8K 24 3

    I was accepted in to an incredible school with high level intellectual classes. But that wasn't all. I was in for a surprise.

  • Master's New Pet
    5.6K 73 9

    A loney 23 year old Ceo of a multi-million dollar company, was handed his family's company and after working there for 10 years he is bored and wants to find himself a little that he can pamper and take care daily. He lost both of his children, so he hopes that he finds companionship with.

  • Her Little Assistant
    24.9K 88 5

    You apply to become Alicia's assistant and quickly realize what you've gotten yourself into is not what you expected. Co written with Luke.

  • You And I 2 (Lesbian)
    852 102 24

    I suggest reading the first one before reading this one It's two years into the future, what is life like for everyone now after the trial. Are Cherry and Simone still together? Warning: Mature audience advised due to, violence, sexual content, and strong language

    Completed   Mature
  • You And I (Lesbian)
    1.7K 107 26

    Cherry finds it impossible to be in love and be happy until one day she meets a women and their lives change forever Warning: Mature audience advised due to violence, sexual content and, strong language

    Completed   Mature
  • SWEET (Lesbian)
    605K 7.2K 4

    Saint, that's her chosen name and if she has her own way no one would know her real one. If she has her own way a lot of things would happen, her mom would have never left, she would be normal and she would get to be with Nika. Yup, she's just another teenager in Toronto, she has a best friend to die for and a massive...

  • You Are What You Eat.
    5.8K 31 4

    This Is A Lesbian Love Story. Read On~~ xD

  • Punk In Pink
    242 30 4

    Cailou is in love with ballet, but he is insecure about letting anyone but his closest friends and the people in his ballet class know about it, so he keeps it a secret from everyone... until the most popular guy in school finds out about his little secret. What may happen after that disaster? PLOT BY @arielfh

  • Bethany's diary
    2.6K 1 2

    18+ this story contains graphic and sometimes aggressive sex scenes not meant for younger viewers. Leave now if you are offended/triggered by descriptive sex involving lack of concent and underage sex. Read with caution. This story is not real and is in the point of view of Bethany. Bethany is 16 years old.

  • Kinky: A Smutshot Book
    8.3K 30 8

    This is for those of us who get off on fandom porn. Send me your kinkiest requests!

  • Such a Tease
    13.7K 58 1

    In order to bait him, she once again rubbed his erection though his shorts. He just grinned again, "if you want to make me harder then you'll have to actually touch me." He pulled down the waistband of his shorts as if to help coax her. Not that she needed it. She placed a kiss on his shaft, then pulled away. She was...

  • Kidnapped By A Vampire
    38.4K 1K 5

    One day I'm just minding my own business then BAM! I'm being kidnapped by a vampire who claims I'm his long lost love whatever that means.

  • I Won't Submit To You
    73.3K 428 6

    "Because you're weak. You're an innocent, little, weak girl. You will submit to me," "Just because I look weak, doesn't mean I am...."

  • The sex maniac
    6.8K 29 3

    Ruth Rufus had it all; brains, beauty and a hot boyfriend. Gurl... She had everything, until, she found out a secret about her 'perfect' boyfriend.

  • Loving her
    20.2K 357 6

    Rebecca is 17 years old and is going to Bach-land High School for the talented music kids. Amanda is 20 and it is her first year teaching. Bach-land High School is a boarding school in London, even thought it is a music school it is still required to have the four main classes so you are with the same teacher for all...

  • Miss McLane
    8.2K 107 6

    Amber Falcon is in the 8th grade when she meets Giovanni McLane a senior in high school. When they first make eye contact the butterflies are released from their cages and the fireworks have been set up at their stations, now all it takes is one measly touch for the fireworks to be ignited and the show to begin. Read...

  • Dirty Dancing [GXG] [TeacherxStudent]
    37.6K 466 4

    A young British female has to figure a way to pay for her college tuition. And the only job that pays well is dancing, something that she so happens to be good at. What happens when one night someone who catches the young females eye, later seems to be an authoritative figure in her life. Read to find out what happens...

  • Honor Student
    24.8K 705 8

    Ava is just your average senior, she has no clue what's coming after high school, but she wants to focus on living in the moment. She plans to pass all her classes and keep her head down until graduation, but all of that changes when Mrs. Mills arrives. Her world is set on fire as she's forced to navigate through her...

  • Lucy Jones (gxg) (professorxstudent)
    271K 11.2K 33

    "I'm Lucy Jones. And you are...?" I knew the answer why did I say that, my sarcastic ass couldn't stay out of this conversation could it. She was unimpressed but also unfazed, her eyes locked on mine and she let out a smirk and responded "Doctor Alexis Johnson. Welcome to Psychology 2" she then bent down close to my e...

  • 🎀My baby girl🎀
    242K 4K 37

    Best friends Ellie and Aria have lived together for the last year, but when Ellie learns something about Aria that would change there relationship forever. ❤️

  • Shattered Heart
    916 25 3

    There are times when you just want to give up, crawl in a hole and die. Then there is some hope and you just decide to try and see if things have changed.

  • Looking For The Right Sub
    387 5 1

    An ad from a young and hard to please mistress.

  • My life
    146K 296 6

    This is going to be about my life as a wedgie slave. My bf is going to be my wedgie master in this book. But I may or may not have some of my friends included in this

  • Stuck In A Fairytale
    28.5K 1.3K 14

    Twelve year old Amanda Harrison has always been avoided, ignored and pushed around all her life including her father, Britain's most wealthiest business tycoon Derek Harrison and her mother Brianna Harrison not like she cares? Except her best friend Alex Manor. Her only escape from everyone and all the drama happening...

  • Lucy and the magic rainbow
    959 19 4

    "Lucy was an ordinary girl, who lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary road but... she had an extraordinary garden!" A children's book about a little girl called Lucy who embarks on a magical adventure

  • Children's Stories
    2.8K 31 5

    Bedtime stories. Or just a story you want to tell a child for the fun of it. My best friend told me I was pretty good at making kids stories. So I decided to make this. If your little sister/brother. Just won't go to bed. Tell him 'get under your covers. I've got a story for you' Fairly easy to remember stories and b...

    1.5M 9.6K 12

    Teens can manifest the powers of animals! Except Nina Gregory. Her whole family are Anitars - people with animal powers - but she never manifested and at the age of 16 she's given up trying. Her younger sister manifested Rabbit powers ages ago, her Mum is a Tiger and her Dad is a Fish. When invited to Muldoon Academ...

  • Elements
    52.1K 2.3K 20

    Everyone has an element, Water, fire, earth, or air. Water and fire naturally hate each other, as do air and earth. When 16 year old Reece Hill, a water, meets 18 year old Harry Styles, a fire, she instantly feels a connection. She doesn't know exactly what she feels, but something is there. Harry wants to be with her...

  • Dawn Academy:The Powerful Princess
    175 23 1

    A girl who named Ellyce have a powerful magic and she didn't know that she is the Lost powerful princess that can save the immortal world to the darkness. All Rights reserved this is just a work of fiction ,Names ,Events ,Characters ,and Place. This is just a author imaginations Do not distribute or copy any content...

  • Academy of the Gifted
    2K 68 23

    "I was one of the Many. I knew about Many. They were shipped away and molded into an army. We'd barely been taught about the Many, but most of us knew more than we let on. When a child turned thirteen, they took the Pill. It activated any dormat powers or abilities in the consumers body. Occasionally there was a kid w...