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    sage carpenter is an A List movie star. with her mom being violet torres, a very well known singer from the 90's, and her father mark carpenter, being one of the best known actresses across the nation, she basically grew up in the spotlight. what happens when sage lands a role for a new upcoming marvel movie and becom...

  • New Love
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    When Elle joins the MCU, she instantly falls in love with Elizabeth Olsen. ~|social media|~ (Elizabeth Olsen X g!p reader)

  • la mia vita
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    Sequel to AMORE MIO. Last chapter ended with Alex and Lizzie happily married, this story continues with their relationship and careers!!!

  • Accepting You
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    Lily Rowan, 24, is a rising star in Hollywood. Known for her true-to-life portrayal of lead LGBTQ characters, she is the front facing actress who brings representation to the big screen and she makes a point to emphasize the importance of it. From her small appearances in Game of Thrones and Riverdale to major roles i...

  • Severed - Scarlett Johansson
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    Dylan Chase. She is a three-time Olympic champion, well on her way to becoming a fourth-time winner when disaster struck and her life fell apart. Now a year later she has adjusted to what was lost, or at least she has tried her hardest to. Finishing her master's degree and now starting her first real job. Her problem...

  • The Friend I Fell In Love With
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    Y/n is a 33 year old female that is a actress. When she first started to work for marvel she became really good friends with Scarlett. But over the years, she has fallen in love with her best friend. G!p reader Post once or twice a week

  • The Sunflower girl
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    Freshman girl in collage, having a boring life trying to adapt. Until she meets her substitute teacher. Slight age difference (6 years) Lizzie 24-Y/n 18. GxG relation ship. Slight smut and other sensible topics in some chapters. (Warning at the beginning).

  • What Have We Become (Elizabeth Olsen x Reader)
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    Elizabeth and Y/N have had a friends with benefits relationship since Lizzie's divorce was finalised. They say never fall in love with a friend and that is what Y/N done. They fell in love with someone who wouldn't love them the same way. What will happen between the two.

  • Letting Them Go - Adopted by Scarlett Johansson
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    Madeline is a 14 year old teenager from Manchester in the North of England. Recently recruited for an upcoming marvel movie, she forms a close relationship with the whole cast, but one woman effects her more than anyone ever has before. Can she handle the pressure of being an actress on top of having a toxic home lif...

  • It's just me and you
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    Y/N- daughter of a billionaire, a brown university women's soccer captain. Senior in college with a secret of her own, a secret she doesn't tell. Scarlett Johansson- Brown University literature professor. New to the neighborhood. Girlfriend to Colin Jost. Has a secret she doesn't want people knowing. -Y/N is Interse...

  • Adopted by Scarlett Johansson
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    15 year old, Camillia Monroe, finds that her life is completely shit and it is true. She thinks that she will never get adopted and that's what everyone keeps telling her...until she meets Scarlett. Scarlett makes her feel loved. What happens when Camillia tells her how she really feels?

  • Secret Soulmates
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    Ever since your ex girlfriend, You thought love was just a fairytale. Something you read in books and only believed in when you was younger. After all, it never went your way so What was the point? Right? Will it all change when you meet One woman in particular? Again.

  • My brave soldier Elizabeth Olsen ~ Female Reader
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    Elizabeth Olsen ~ Female Reader Y/N returns from Afghanistan because of a traumatic event, she does not want to relate to things because she knows that her return is temporary. Elizabeth is in search of protection from the paparazzi, she is one of the greatest actresses. Is it two come to be brought to meet? Will the...

  • Adopted by Scarlett Johansson // Marvel Kid Actress
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    Millie Crawford, an aspiring 13 year old actress manages to land a role in the brand new Marvel movie. However, Millie's life isn't all good but what happens when she takes a liking to Scarlett Johansson? ------------------------ The only character I own is 'Millie Crawford'. This is all fiction so any new movie ideas...

  • Y/N Y/L/N: Marvel Child Actress // feat. Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh
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    Y/N Y/L/N is a 7 year old child actress. She has had a couple of supporting roles in movies before, but this is her first major project- a Marvel movie. However during production of the movie, things go downhill at home for y/n. What happens when the cast start to notice changes to y/n's behaviour? --- Warnings: I wil...

  • Coming Home- Scarlett Johansson
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    Archer Wolf Jackman, AJ, has never really had a home to go back to. She has grown up bouncing from one military camp to the next. She follows behind her Dad and his squad, going where ever it is they have been stationed. Being back in England for the first time in a while, AJ finds herself auditioning for the role of...

  • 𝙽𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚎 (ON HOLD)
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  • 𝐀𝐅𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐃 𝐓𝐎 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄, natasha romanoff
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    •°. *࿐ ❝my heart had been on unkind roads, your softness felt like a process through which god was making it up to me.❞ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇.... despite everything raven cortez had been taught in their youth, maybe natasha romanoff will be the reason she realises she doesn't have to be alone. ❪ NAT...

  • With You, I'm Home - Lizzie Olsen
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    Home isn't a place, it's a feeling. Sadly enough, I'm void of feelings apparently. Y/N x Elizabeth Olsen adoption fic, contains trigger warnings but I'll mark them at the beginning of chapters as well.

  • Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth Olsen
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    Elizabeth is an actress preparing for her next big movie by following a teacher's internship in a small, conservative town. It doesn't take long for one of her students, Casey, to win over Elizabeth's heart. Casey is a 6-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother. Being an outcast she is used to rejection, but Eliza...

  • saved by them
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    When Kayla's mother left her outside of a barnes and noble on the day of her 2nd birthday she was confused, scared, alone and had no where to go, no-one to help her and nothing but her hattie harmony book. Her logic lead her into the barnes and noble where she caught her first glimpse at the people who would save her...

  • Kiwi (Elizabeth Olsen x Fem GiP Reader
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    Y/N Y/L/N is a famous musician who hasn't had a long term relationship. She only has a string of one night stands with no feelings attached until she meets a certain green eyed goddess. They spend the night together and soon enough become friends with benefits until something happens that causes them to put some dista...

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    Sequel for happiness we've been looking for! After everything that had happened to the Olsen-Stan family and the others, they are still glad for Elia having her innocent and cuteness still. They are still fighting for the happiness they deserve. Cue, Sassy Elia in this story!

  • Scarlett/Natasha teacher one-shots
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    Teacher attachment issues? Me too ON HOLD

  • ᴀᴅᴏᴘᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ Sᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛ Jᴏʜᴀɴssᴏɴ
    18.4K 955 20

    A scared girl, finds a brave woman

  • Our Love Affair (Wanda Maximoff x Fem GiP Reader)
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    Wanda Maximoff is an art teacher at Midtown High. She is also married with 5 year old twins. Her husband Vision works at Stark Tech alongside Tony Stark himself. But at the start of the school year, what will happen when a troubled student joins after moving from LA and they take a linking to a certain Sokovian Goddes...

  • Elizabeth Olsen's Bodyguard
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    Y/N is freshly out of the army. She came back from Afghanistan and got a job as a bodyguard for Elizabeth Olsen. The actress is super sweet and the two of them quickly become friends. They grow closer with every day they work together and Y/N begins to fall for the gorgeous actress. But Lizzie is straight, right? And...

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    From friends to enemies. Love and lies are the ties that bind them. Fame and fortune alter Natalia's morals so why shouldn't they alter Amelia's? "I love you but it's easier to love him."

  • His Daughter
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    Scarlett and your dad, Colin have been dating for a while but you've been too scared to meet her since all the other ladies he's dated including your mom have left. What happens when you finally meet her? Will things be different? Carter is 5 years old and Rose is 7