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  • Super Smash Bros RP
    286 10 3

    Smash brothers is an awesome videogame series and a staple among Nintendo's games, crossing over numerous different characters (most from Nintendo). This book will have you join in on the fun as either an already existing character or your Mii... or both. Either way, I hope you enjoy. Also, I do not own any of the no...

  • Adventure time rp
    259 4 3

    This rp will follow the show

  • Kid Icarus RP
    45 3 4


  • Panty and Stocking Rp
    338 8 4

    Do whatever you want except incest.

  • Pokémon Rp uwu
    90 5 1

    Read the title, jeez-

  • Super Smash Bros RP [Under construction.]
    1.7K 30 8

    Here you may choose whichever Smash Bros character to be your parent or you can make your character from one of their world

  • Camp Anime RP
    9.1K 153 17

    It's a camp, full of anime characters! And guess what? YOU can also attend this camp! Fight your battles, face off against the worst monsters in anime history, or simply, hang out with some of your favorite characters. This camp has a lot of history behind it, as it comes from my own story, Camp Anime. I thought I'd t...

    3.8K 96 45

  • Tribe Pokémon RP
    179 7 5

    This is a Pokémon RP with tribes

  • Animal crossing rp
    143 2 3

    Everyone is welcome

  • Yo Kai watch Rp (OC Version)
    479 4 5

    I made this just for fun and I made this because I was bored.

  • YoKai Watch RP
    428 14 6

    Okay. Let's be honest. We all know this isn't a Rip-Off of Pokemon and Digimon, and we were all just too mad to admit it. Yokai Watch is based off the actual ancient legends of Japan, the spiritual entities of the same name, Yokai. I liked the show, and maybe if you give it a chance, you'll see just how enjoyable it...

  • Kingdom Hearts Rp
    107 3 4

    Be creative and be nice to people. Those are my rules. Your oc's can be in the rp as well. You just have to make a form first. If you don't want to that then that's okay.

  • Super Smash Brothers Next Gen RP
    1.9K 22 27

    You are a child of a Super Smash Brothers character. You will continue the legacy of your parent and meet other people along the way