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  • Second Lead Syndrome (1-187) | ✓
    1.5M 115K 200

    Transmigrating into a cannon fodder villain from her favourite novel, Cecil Lan, our heroine decides to change her entire fate. Her only goal was to prevent her precious protagonist from meeting the miserable ending, and to help him live happily ever after with the main female lead. It was all going well until...the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me [Arcs 1 and 2]
    2.8M 70.3K 160

    [Super sweet, 1V1] #Su Yan's godhead... dropped# Her system said that if she wants to get back her godhead, she has to fulfill the male lead's wish. As a result, she started the long road of attacking the male lead. The young boy's eyes were sad: "You can only like me alone." The sick prince's eyes were faint: "You sa...

  • The Rival Queen
    473K 18.2K 47

    When I found the newest Otome game by the famous game company Hugot7, I was crying tears of joy. It was utterly beautiful, the scenery, the kingdoms, the cute outfits and most of all, the boys. But when I finished gaming, I was fuming in anger. How come those four hot boys were falling head over heels for such a hea...

  • Me and 7 Deadly Sins
    95.9K 10.4K 22

    Terkejut. Itulah satu-satunya kata yang tepat untuk mendeskripsikan perasaannya saat ini. Dirinya baru saja bangun dari tidur lelapnya yang begitu menenangkan, dan sinar sang Mentari bahkan masih terasa begitu hangat di tubuhnya. Namun, kenyataan macam apa yang muncul di matanya saat ini. Perasaan gadis pememilik sur...

  • Youth
    493K 26K 91

    Twenty young women awaken in an unfamiliar environment with a new life objective: raising the six newborn vampire babies that are placed with them. [Y/n] is one of those twenty. She is put in charge of six young boys - Laion, Kori, Draka, Aytsa, Seishin and Mitzu. The young vampires age the equivalent of a year a d...

  • My Husband Is A 9 Sins Ruler (Yandere! Husband X Reader)
    221K 15.1K 56

    *Highest Ranked At Fantasy : #44 *Highest Ranked At Yandere : #1 *Highest Ranked At xReader : #8 *Highest Ranked At Reverse Harem : #1 #Highest Ranked At Pyschopatch : #1 10 tahun yang lalu seluruh keluarga angkatmu mengalami tragedi kematian misterius di kuil Hoshikawa, kuil utama dari para leluhur marga 'Fibel' mu. ...