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  • Not Safe For Work (Ongoing)
    35.9K 348 6

    WARNING: SEXUALLY AROUSING CONTENT! Dr. Allegra Cole is a beautiful, shy yet bold woman. At the age of just 26 she is one of the top most successful surgeons of the world and leading gynaecologist's as well. Men drool over her hot body and beautiful face. She has everything that every person at her age dreams of: mon...

  • Little Red
    131 2 1

    erotic short story.

  • Rated - R Erotic One - Shots | 18+
    9M 55.6K 16

    MATURE - EROTIC This book contains a large amount of short stories with a mature theme. Each story will be erotic in nature and contain detailed descriptions about characters. If you want just smut this is the wrong book for you as this contains shortened down versions of books I plan to write in the future. - Cover b...

  • Sexy One Shots
    94K 269 4

    A bunch of sex

  • •Erotica•
    38.7K 335 5

    Erotica This book will be filled with yummy short stories about homosexual, heterosexual, BDSM, and incest relationships and etc. Read at your own risk... Cover made by TheeGod

  • Dark Fantasies (SAMPLE)
    294K 790 7

    A collection of erotic one shots and story ideas I wish to publish in the future! Cover by @Yarainaya

  • Carmen
    1.8K 26 14

    The devil is real. He's not some guy with horns, he can be beautiful. Still a dangerous man nobody should ever dabble with. Carmen never knew how bad Michael Langdon would be.

    Completed   Mature
  • steamy shots
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  • Steamy one shots
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  • STEAMY One Shots
    260K 812 4

    This is going to be a book of one shots. It's my first attempt as well, but I really want to try it. So, you message me and give me ideas. If you request I will write to the best of my abilities. ;) Hehehehe this will be fun.

  • Short sex stories
    120K 344 7

    I am open to requests, so please comment. This story will include any type like: Boyxboy Girlxgirl Boyxgirl Fatherxson Motherxson Fatherxdaughter Brotherxbrother And many more....

  • Sexy Shorts
    142K 516 2

    A collection of R-Rated short stories and one-shots, contain sexual content and/or mention of drug/alcohol use. A list of stories in the collection with a description is inside. Contains everything from bad boy to brother's best friend to cops and other things girls daydream about (;

  • Sexy Oneshots (Requests on Hold)
    216K 1.4K 32

    Boyxboy Girlxgirl Girlxboy BoyxboyxboyxETC... MOSTLY BOYXBOY Unedited and will not be edited. Also, This is not a fanfic nor will I do one. Do not request a fanfic please. Enjoy.

  • Sexy One Shots
    64.4K 165 2

    The title says it all. Btw, I will take requests. I write everything bondage to incest.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sex One Shots [Slow Updates]
    266K 743 3

    A collection of dirty one shots for all my pervy people out there! ;-) Requests are taken: you can comment or PM me and I'll probably respond faster if it's a PM but I will get to a comment. Enjoy!

  • One Shots (erotica)
    557K 1.2K 24

    Okay 18+ only please. If you don't like it then don't read it. Don't hate and whatever. You have been warned. I think you get what's gonna be in this book. Mostly Lesbian one shots, heads up. Requests: OPEN

  • One Shots (Incest, gay, lesbian)
    50.6K 221 5

    Book full of gay and lesbian incest smut. Have fun you horny bastards!

  • Oneshots (boyxboy)
    279K 3.8K 27

    *Request our open as of December 2018* Just a bit of gay smut. There is fluff. There might be love and bdsm. A world of any type of creatures! ⭐️Unedited⭐️

  • Older Men
    46.2K 1K 2

    ❝Call me Lolita, kiss me hard, ruffle my feathers - I'm your little angel.❞ Dama Helyon has a thing for older men. You could call her a tease. Maybe even a nymphet. Declan Hawke knows that, as a teacher, you shouldn't have such vivid thoughts about a student at your school. But he can't help himself, defenseless again...

  • One Shots
    39.5K 100 4

    Requests open ✔️ 'What's going on?' I think and look up why do I feel a wetness between my legs and why are my nipples hard?

  • Fifty Shades of Red
    130K 917 10

    A very naughty twist on a classic fairytale. Little red riding hood had more to worry about than she had ever thought. Updates may be infrequent and/or brief.

  • Fifty Shades of Gay [BXB Oneshots]
    85.1K 2.2K 8

    Seventy percent smut, thirty percent fluff. Come one, come all to the gay fest.

  • Carnal Desires
    98.3K 321 8

    Boyxboyxgirl Boyxgirlxgirl Boyxboy Girlxgirl Boyxgirl Threesome Bdsm Freaks Murder Teacher/Student Dom/Sub Master/Slave ⬇️ ⬇️ WARNING ⬇️ ⬇️ DON'T READ MY ONE SHOTS IF YOU HAVE A FAINT HEART.

  • Erotic Short Tales- Twin Trouble
    68K 322 9

    A girl with identical desires of twin brothers gets in some trouble...

  • Erotic One Shots (18+)
    223K 777 9

    This book will have tons of steamy scenes. Requests are open. Just message me Names Gender What you want to happen Where And any age play or kinks Trust that I am very open minded and will do any type of scenes. There will be all types of scenes that will include different kinks such as: BDSM DDLG DDLB MDLB MDLG EN...

  • Erotic One Shots (18+)
    50K 196 2

    Vampires, werewolves, lesbians, fanfictions, and everything else you could ever want {and more}! If you read one you like, let me know and I might just make a full length book out if it! Also, don't forget to request your ideas. I might not write them, but there's a chance you might just inspire me ;) {One shot erotic...

  • Erotic Ectasy (LGBT&Poly)
    101K 357 5

    Mature and 18+ I'm new to erotica, but I found myself writing some naughty one shots, so I figured why not? There's everything from gxb, gxg, bxb, and poly relations, plus size loving, interracial loving, age differences and explicit/sexy scenes. *Don't read if you don't like homo erotic, interracial relations, bdsm...

  • Delectable (MaleXMale)
    403K 5.4K 7

    A Collection of Naughty Male/Male Oneshots. ;)

  • Between Two Posessive Twins
    142K 3.3K 6

    "Don't move," Alexander and Xiaver murmured insync before harmonizing butterfly kisses along both sides of my neck. I moaned in pleasure and anxiety. Then the unexpected took over as they both slowly and painfully sank their canines into my soft spots. I cried out in pain, pulling away from their hold, causing Xiaver...

  • BDSM One-shots
    388K 1K 4

    BDSM one shots for all to enjoy, assuming your old enough of course.