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  • Deep wounds [Nba Youngboy]❤️
    109K 4.3K 34

    instead of ghost reading go ahead on and vote , comment , and share i don't bite.

  • Dirty Laundry
    471K 12.7K 41

    Let's do this Dirty Laundry ....

  • Extras
    164K 5.8K 7

    You have to read The Plugs Son first to know what's going on. This is basically little short stories about what happens between those 5 years and they lead up to the end where they have the meeting and I'll start the sequel from there. ❤️the chapters aren't very long at all because they are short stories ❤️

  • Trusting You
    179K 9.6K 52

    August Alsina & Jazmine Sullivan Fanfic. I don't own any pictures. The people I use are what I imagine the characters would look like. The characters in this book WILL NOT be famous. This book is going to contain a general amount of PROFANITY AND SEXUAL CONTENT ! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK 17 & Up #MatureContent READ TO...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Judge Us |Book One|
    93.9K 5.5K 41

    Rayne and August have to do a project together but in the mix of doing the project they catch feelings. Which won't be easy for them to date because everyone want to judge their relationship and say their not right for each other because she's a good girl and he's a bad boy or because she's plus size and he's skinny. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stealing His Heart(The Game)
    30.1K 1.5K 14

    Leah Bridges is a plus size black woman that life changes when she says three words: I wish to be married to Jaceyon(the Game) Taylor. She gets her wish and thats when things get crazy.

  • Knight's Queen
    800K 28.6K 49

    THIS BOOK HAS BEEN COPYRIGHTED!!! YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ME TO SEE PRIVATE CHAPTERS. At 21 years old Patience E. Jackson was the main chick of one of the rowdiest niggas of SC. Born and raised in California she came across country to go to college at the same University her father went to, USC. Meeting Jamal, her long te...

  • Jetta's Trigga
    61.9K 2.5K 37

    Spinoff of Knight's Queen. This is Trigga & Jetta's story. Of how they got together. Its gone start right where they all found out about Knight in the first Knight's Queen. So if you haven't read the first and second books then feel free to go head and do that. You need to in order to understand some of what happens i...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Hostage
    2.2M 86.2K 36

    Twenty-two year old Belinda Bureau, a young woman from Chicago, is kidnapped. When she is awakened, her whole life does a 180 once she finds out she is now an escort and lives with thirty other women in a mansion. The man who took her will soon regret it, but will she find a way out or will she end up falling for him...

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  • Love Series: How To Love [Book 1]
    107K 3.3K 31

    #1 in Love series Toney Shantá Breed lived through hell in her past relationship with her ex Messiah. He brought her nothing but pain and suffrage. Alongside with her son Micah, she finally leaves her past alone and strives for her future. Now twenty-three years old and owning a beauty bar salon, working on her own b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pained Beauty (Book One)
    449K 22.9K 55

    Navanni Richardson; 17 years old. From witnessing her father's death to being separated from her mother and sister, she is in misery for years, even after being adopted by Estella White, a policewoman. But when she meets the Alsina's, she soon learns how to love and live again while at the same time, searching for he...

  • Beautifully Hurt (Book Two)
    15.4K 787 14

    **Sequel to 1st book: Pained Beauty** The older you get, the more your past fades. Tomorrow turns into last week, last month becomes just a memory. But not for August and Navanni. Constantly trapped in their past, they face multiple issues within their lives. It's only so much a person can take... *I prefer reading Pa...

  • Rags To Riches | August Alsina
    362K 14.3K 53

    One day we broke together....Next day we rich forever. The survival of the fittest is taking place in the streets of New Orleans, follow August and Emerson as they go blow for blow with their surroundings.

  • Crossroads
    269K 10.3K 17

    Sequel to You Desreve

  • You Deserve
    1.9M 70.9K 61

    The only love Marli had ever known was the love pain gave her. That is until he came along. Is Marli strong enough to move forward or will that familiar friend, pain, take over her once more. Find out in You Deserve an August Alsina Fan Fiction.

    Completed   Mature
  • Wife Of A Priority
    211K 9.8K 12

    Book #3 Your favorite married couple is back for a 3rd time ! Mercedes and Ja are now the owners of a very successful business , parents to Majesty & a baby girl who hasn't made her arrival . But as you know ... Trouble doesn't live far away from this couple . With a very unwanted guest back in the picture .. Let's s...

  • Publicity- NBA YOUNGBOY
    112K 5.1K 28

    Kentrell's manager is scrambling to fix his womanizer, bad boy, teen father image. His solution... to hire the perfect girlfriend. Someone to give him good press and make him seem like a good person. Arizona Marshall is a scamming, manipulative girl from the bad side of Miami. All the lies and stealing are to he...

  • Love is Poison [COMPLETED]
    1.2M 45.7K 62

    | BOOK 1 | " I'on listen to my niggas, they advice I'm never takin' If you jump up in that water I dive in for to save you "

  • You the one
    346K 9.8K 106

    It's about a girl who lived wit her grandma then when her grandma died she moved wit her mom and 3 sister and 2 brothers, and she seen and old friend and changed her hole life Not really good wit description must read!!!!!!!!

  • Sinful Roads
    554K 19.1K 89

    "In this life of sin, most people are just looking to get rich, fuck, and brag. Me? I was just looking to survive. Get up each day and live what complicated of a life my deadbeat father and crackheaded mother gave to me. Sin poisoned me at a young age. Now it just runs in my blood" ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Phat Girl | The Game & Chris Brown
    499K 25.1K 59

    Lauren is a shy girl that has just moved to Atlanta for college. Being bullied throughout high school has left her depressed, self conscious and feeling worthless. Hopefully she can find herself before its too late. Cover made by the amazing @phuckwitcbreezy on instagram! Copyright © 2015 Publisher: Breezyswife05 I do...

    Completed   Mature
  • More Than Expected (Dave East)
    404K 17.2K 27

    From basketball to the streets that's all Dave ever had time for. He wanted to be the greatest on the court and most respected in the streets Follow his journey to make both of them happen and of course his journey to finding love

    Completed   Mature
  • ❤️ Not Looking For Love .
    4.3M 119K 35

    All Dyamon's Life She Had To Struggle . Her Father Left Her Family . Her Mother Is A Abusive Drug Addict & She Hates Her Big Sister & Her Boyfriend . So All She Has Is Her Little Brother Daniel . & Thats All She Needed To Make It In This World . Dyamon Wasn't Looking For Love She Was Looking For Hope Until She Met De...

  • Mine ( A G Herbo Love Story)
    44.6K 1.9K 18

    "Lately things feeling kinda distant seem like we fallin' apart huh Why you fill my head with the bullshit Can't you tell that I put my all in this How you stop yo feelings so quick? Cause you wanna fuck around with anotha bitch Keep it real, do you really think its worth it Ask yourself does she really deserve this S...

  • What's Real 2
    14.9K 596 43

    Sequel to What's Real. After Derrick passed away, Nadia gave birth to Derrick's son, Derrick Dominic Sanders Jr. aka Dj. Now that Nadia is on her own with a teenage Dj, she has to raise him, work as a full time nurse AND take care of any trouble Dj gets himself into.

  • What's Real
    21.9K 679 34

    A guy named Derrick plays Varsity basketball. He's really good at it too, he thinks he has a lot of friends, a lot of girls and more. The thing is, he's a little mentally challenged. He struggles to realize that the basketball team is actually against him than helping build him up. The only person that seems to be on...

  • What's Real: Reuniting
    10K 374 37

    Book 3 to I guess you could call it a series. What's Real (book 1) What's Real 2 (book 2) What's Real: Reuniting (book 3) Read the first 2 books to get this one, for those of you who have read them... THIS BOOK WILL BE LIT!!!

  • Chocolate Kisses (A Thug Story)
    443K 13.5K 39

    "Your mine and mine only." He growled in my ear tryna claim me. Ice it's not gon happen. Niggas like you don't want nun but booty." I tried walking away but he pulled me back pushing me to the wall. "Baby girl, I always get what I want and what I want is you." He gave me that smirk before letting me go but stopping t...