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  • Percy Jackson Betrayed
    630K 10K 56

    When Percy Jackson is betrayed and becomes Alcaeus son of Chaos, he must face many challenges, including facing a past that he has tried so hard to forget. When the time arises he must delve into the darkness in order to find the light. The light that will fix everything. But the question is, can he do it? Or will the...

  • The Daughter of a Riddle Master
    172K 3.5K 102

    Amelie Riddle is the daughter of Lord Voldemort and Nagini. Unfortunately, she lives with her godparents Lucius Malfoy, his wife Narcissa Malfoy and their horrid son, Draco Malfoy, who have made her life and her younger sister Lucy's life miserable. Then, by some bizarre miracle, she is accepted into Hogwarts School o...

  • My Korean Vacation (Kwon Ji Yong/G-Dragon X Reader)
    513 31 8

    Y/N was just planning on have a simple two week holiday November 2019 in South Korea. Ever since college she has wanted to go. Finally with the means she makes her dream a reality. However, a simple holiday is not what she ended up with. It was a complicated, wonderful, whirlwind of a time thanks to one man...Kwon Ji...

  • We Got Married - GDragon
    22 0 1

    When the East meets the West. He is an idol and was casted for the new season of We Got Married after he finished his mandatory military service. She is a known idol from the west trying to venture into the Eastern market and was casted for the new season of We Got Married. Will cultural difference affect their relati...

  • Living with G-Dragon
    871 11 3

    This is a story about love, a sasaeng fan, and her idol. What happens when she invades his heart? What do YOU think will happen? Can an idol really love a sasaeng fan? Or can an idol even be a sasaeng themselves? Starring Jessica Jung as herself Kwon Jiyong as himself Krystal Jung as herself Kim Woo Bin as himself SNS...

  • Him.
    4.2K 182 25

    'Ughhhh why him mum??' ________ 'Guess what yeobo?? What?? I think i love you' ________ 'Wanna make babies?? Wanna die??'

  • Him & Her ~ GD fanfic
    1.2K 21 6

    ~*~ | K.j.y fanfic | Kwon Jiyong ( G-Dragon ) the most famous artist in kpop history meets an "average" girl • their love was not so average.

  • G-Dragon
    126 0 6

    Kwon Ji Yong

  • GD Moments
    121 0 21

    Just waiting for GD to comback from the military and why not do this?!! LOL

  • Unexpectedly (G-Dragon, L, Sungjae FanFic)
    3.1K 132 43

    Maki's monotonous life turned adventure-filled when she met G-Dragon on her first day in South Korea as an exchange student. Things happened unexpectedly and she was not prepared. But she's willing to risk everything just to keep these wonderful things in her life. But that would mean giving up on her own dream. Maki...

  • Vampire Love
    8.3K 196 29

    There's this vampire name G-dragon who goes in public hiding his identity. One day he save this girl from a pack of wolves and felled in love with her. But she's a human and he's a vampire! How will their love work?

  • Adopted by BigBang
    36.5K 806 37

    Mia is a 12 year old girl whose parents were killed when she was nine. She lives on the streets until one day she was saved by GD. The members took her in like family. She had her good and bad times, but BigBang is there through them all. ~~~~~~~~ Discontinued as fuck- ~~~~~~~~ #1 in Seungri •5/24/18• #1 in G-Dragon •...

  • Cursed [COMPLETED]
    1.1K 32 33

    This is just a Big Bang fanfiction that is for fun! (Completed) Story description: Sara is a normal girl who meets an intriguing and mysterious guy, and as they get closer, she realizes that he has a deadly secret. Then, something indescribable and horrible happens. He disappears immediately afterwards, but two year...

  • 3 Words
    3.7K 80 24

    Choi Lisa is Choi Seunghyun's sister and both of them are closed to each other. Eventhough the relationship between their appa and eomma is cracking, they still keep on enjoying their days. Lisa is a new student and she meets a guy named Kwon Jiyong aka GD. But GD always dissapears without her notice. Who is GD actual...

  • 𝑔-𝒹𝓇𝒶𝑔𝑜𝓃 𝒾𝓂𝒶𝑔𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈
    153 5 2

    just some jiyong storys injoy :)

  • Love U 2 / Kwon Ji yong | G-dragon FF
    4.4K 105 18

    [Season two] COMPLETED :3 "Will you two will find each other way back?" Don't put any hopes on this book and contain strong language ;) Pure fiction, based on my imaginations by MYSELF and nothing to do with a real life ❁ Don't copy or take my works but tell me if you want to use n give me a credit ❁ ©️syagoojiyo...

  • WILL YOU? (G-dragon X Reader Oneshot)
    399 4 1

    What if the one you like likes you back? What if he's actually waiting for your confession but then he knows you wouldn't confess because you're shy? What if he really plans on marrying you? What if-

  • California Girls (#1) [BigBang Fanfiction]
    40.7K 1.5K 26

    While Korean boyband Big Bang visits Los Angeles to promote their upcoming album they stop by a Korean restaurant. As luck would have it, they are accidentally given the same reserved table as California natives Jin and Maya. Not wanting to be rude, the members invite the girls to have dinner with them. It's love at f...

  • Choi Seunghyun
    86 5 1

    Fluff With Tabi

  • Catching Beauty | Choi Seunghyun
    475 16 1

    Choi calls you out in the middle of the night leading you to wait for him in the cold. You are freezing and you get disappointed in him. ▪This fanfiction is now updated and I hope it's a bit better. Please, vote and comment! I'd love to hear your feedback.

  • If You
    32.2K 776 47

    Emily Carter is one of the hottest up-and-coming writers in America, but when she gets hired to write a book about BIGBANG, she finds herself butting heads with G DRAGON himself. Will she be able to win him over?

  • Taeyang Oppa
    31.9K 471 33

    One second, that's all it takes where your life drastically changes. I remember bouncing in my seat on my way to see my brother perform for the first time. But then I woke up upside down and car horns blaring and glass shattered around me. "Hana it's okay sweetie." My mom whispers through her gasps. "You're alright da...

    1.4K 39 8

    (Jiyong x O.C.) What happens when a traumatized soldier and a world famous artist meet? Name: Kim Ji eun Born: 6 december 1990 Occupation: special task forces soldier Codename: MINERVA Height: 161 cm This story is the result of me rewatching Descendants of the Sun around the time of the MADE full album release. (I k...

  • Sweet Blood
    1K 99 34

    If you know what I am...will you love me the same? Don't ask me anything I can't give you an answer but actually, I'm a little scared, I'm sorry. You're making it more painful Goodbyes after our frequent meet-ups Repetition of broken hearts I can't find a purpose in these foolish feelings A mistake with the mask of lo...

  • Sheila's Kwon
    647 24 11

    Sheila was in a panic. Her favorite idol group was breaking up! But what was a VIP to do ? Could she stop her bias Jiyong Kwon from leaving when she was but thousands of miles away. And there was that tiny detail that Kwon-ssu not even knowing she existed in the list of his unbelivably large fandom. Nothing could have...

  • The Queen of kpop ✔
    105K 1K 57

    Choi y/n is a big hit idol. she is in a group called bts. everything was going great for them, but one day bts was shooting a new mv called boy with love . bts did a collaboration with Halsy. leader of bts did not even give y/n a part in the song or to be in the song . They stared to treat her like trash . One day...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Scientist
    2.5K 85 8

  • A Dragon's Solace (G Dragon Fanfiction )
    60K 2.1K 61

    *** Please comment, rate, and suscribe. I love to hear from my readers!*** *All rights reserved* He had been looking for me for months. I had to make sure that he wasn't yet another cop, skip tracer, or one of Fabian's men hired to find me. So I set out to learn all I could about him. He was a rapper songwriter, leade...

    Completed   Mature
  • Haru Haru - Day By Day ♠ GD
    1K 22 8

    Kwon Ji Young and Kang Sun Mi are a couple. What happened when Sun Mi has to lie to her boyfriend because of her sickness? Will Ji Young accept it? Will they stay together again? Can Sun Mi stay alive? Read the story to know.

  • You Are The Apple Of My Eye
    661 28 12

    What if an 20 year old girl named Park Ji yeon is introduced to the YG family. So, Yang Hyun Suk decided to introduce her to the famous BIG BANG! To take care of her! What will happen! Find out more in the story(long description...^-^) Btw the name is from a movie..credits to the movie ^-^