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  • Map Of Soul Hyung Awards | OPEN!
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    [all solo categories are full, one slot left for ships] we pave way to your talents, just like bts. we want to honor our hyungs (Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok) with this awards! let's find hidden gems together! ➤ Hosted by: @AyeItsNicoleee and @taelion26 ➤ Cover by: @FLAWEDGFX

  • Map Of Soul Awards 2020 | CLOSED FOR JUDGING
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    [judging] Hello! We are MapOfSoulAwards! We are paving way to your talent, our ARMY author-nims! Come and join us and let's find hidden gems! ➤ Hosted by: @AyeItsNicoleee and @taelion26 ➤ Cover by: @FLAWEDGFX