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  • Because She's Different
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    Top 1 out of 11.1k books under "unique" | 06-07-20 | "Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm home-bound", Julian starts singing and I hear Brian groan. "I may be drunk but I still hate this!", he shouts. "Staring blankly ahead, just making my way, making my way through the crowd", my brother contin...

  • The New Girl | ToBeOne/2B1 [NOT EDITED]
    330K 8.2K 58

    [THIS STORY IS NOT EDITED AND VERY FANGIRL-ISH]Savannah is foreign to the world of High School and teenage boys. I mean, who can blame her? She was pretty much isolated from the outside world thanks to her parents. So what happens when she finally does public schooling and stays with her aunt? And this is what happen...

  • It Started With A Dare
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    It started with a Dare "Never have I ever said no to a dare." But when the school's hottest guy is dared to date the new girl he suddenly wishes he had said no.