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  • Opposite Sides (Old)
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    (this story is now a old and it's not properly write how I wanted fhe story to be so I'm making a new one soon but you can still read this) Lalaine has been alone in school for many years. She's insecure and has trust issues. But things change when her family move for the last time and she goes to a new school and me...

  • Black (kpop x reader yandere fanfics)
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    YANDERE KPOP ONES SHOTS Read at your own risk. May contain disturbing content. There is dipiction of blood, torture, murder, rape and kidnapping.

  • I Was Tagged!! For my EXOLS AND ARMYS ❤️
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    Just Q & As and a lot of EXO and BTS reference for those of you who are EXO-L's or ARMY's #EXOBTSFORLIFEU