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  • First Time - Hetalia,GerIta
    1.9K 44 1

    Italy's horny and wants Germany to take him. Something smuty yet fluffy for there first time.

  • Trapped in a Blizzard (A Gerita Fanfic)
    27.7K 1.1K 5

    Feliciano Vargas (Italy) wakes up in the house of a certain German after fainting from hypothermia while walking home in a snow blizzard. Both are trapped at Ludwig's (Germany) house until the blizzard ends. What will happen between the two? Will their secret love for each other finally bloom, or awkwardness and embar...

  • Spamano lemon
    5.7K 88 1

    Spain and Romano have been dating for almost a year now. Spain has been trying to lure Romano into his bed for the last week while Romano acts as if he doesn't notice. He's scared of what will happen if he gives in, but what if he finally does?

  • Unexpected Love
    33.8K 1.8K 22

    "I need you to do me a favour." A man told Berwald. Berwald had come here to meet the man, thinking he wanted him for another hunting trip. A lot of people got Berwald to go hunting for them since they were either no good or not capable. "And what would that favour be?" Berwald asked the wrinkled man. He was honest...

  • Prucan OneShots (Requests are open)
    9.9K 286 34

    Just as the title says: Purssia x Canada

  • Hetalia Headcanons.
    56.8K 1.8K 100

    Does this need a description?

  • Worth A Shot (Prucan) [Completed]
    21.3K 1.2K 19

    Francis Bonnefoy always considered himself to be a love genius, even if others disagreed. So it was only natural that when an opportunity arose, he would take it. Gilbert Beilschmidt and Matthew Williams were two of the most lonely souls he'd ever met. Scary thing was, one of them didn't even know it. So Francis conco...

  • GerIta
    62.9K 2.4K 29

    Read and find out:)))

  • Gerita Smut
    7.8K 88 1

    ¡Warning! This is a lemon/smut story so read at your own risk. Yaoi, male X male, daddy kinks, uniform sex, blow jobs

  • Waiting(A Hetalia PruCan Lemon)
    3K 32 1

    By @Ginger_Villiers(Italy~) When Prussia finds Canada sleeping in. He decides that he should get more attention than Kumajiro.

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling For An Italian (GerIta)
    27K 1K 11

    Ludwig is a teacher in a large school. His physical education class is always either slacking off or bugging him about finding a girlfriend. He always knew that some of the students in his class had a crush on him. But when a cute Italian becomes the new joyful art teacher, Ludwig can't help but stare.

  • Is it because I'm annoying? [Hetalia - Gerita - W Academy AU] boyxboy
    19.8K 627 15

    Ludwig moved from Berlin to an American city with his brother, where he could get a job, buy a house and start a new life. At World Academy, everything seems so perfect to him. Lately, he's giving private lessons to a girl he thinks he fell for, and wants everything to stay the way it is now. But then he happens to ha...

  • Hetalia Lemons/ Fluff
    175K 2.3K 73

    It's gonna get steamy so get a few fans. I don't own Hetalia. I take requests. So far this consists of Ameripan ( 2p and 1p fluff and lemon ), FrUk Fluff, Rochu Lemon, UkUs Lemon, HongIce Lemon, DenNor Lemon, Frain Lemon, AustriaxSwiterland Fluff, RomexGermania Fluff, RusPrus and some more. Will take Fem and 2p so, de...

    Completed   Mature
  • Books and Albino's
    3K 194 13

    Matthew Williams is a shy, unnoticed, innocent man, at least that's what the few people who remember him think. By day Matthew is a normal man who owns a bookstore, by night he is one of the most feared and most wanted people who call the underground organizations his home. One day a certain albino walks into his stor...

  • Hetalia Yaoi Lemons
    203K 2.3K 10

    wow ok

  • Something New (GerIta LEMON)
    19.3K 189 1

    When Italy finds Germany masturbating, he thinks that Ludwig wants more than little fluffy Sex. Then, things get freaky.

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay With Me
    8K 295 3

    Finland's sick, and it's up to Sweden to make sure that he gets to bed and falls asleep. But what will happen when Finland asks Sweden to stay? The next morning, Sweden is sick. Just because I promised a SuFin. Another one is in the works! :) Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia :( Warning: You may fangirl/boy/whatevs du...

  • Classes, Hotties, and Sexuality (A SuFin Fanfic)
    3.6K 170 11

    College freshman Tino Väinämöinen is adjusting to his new life on his on his own. Moving from a small public school in Helsinki to university in Toronto, Tino leaves behind the life and love he knew. His life long best friend and dorm roommate,Lukas Bondevik, and Lukas's boyfriend, Mathias Kohler, join him in studying...

  • Shower Time Tino *Hetalia one shot*
    44.9K 863 11

    Idea:What happens when Tino interupts Sverige's shower? Be prepared to find out. Rated M at the most. Smut; Yaoi *Boyxboy*; Sufin; Sweden; Finland; Lemon; aph; Hetalia; Drama Cds; *fangirl's eratic screams* ****UPDATE*** Okay, this was originally for Sufin only but now I'm thinking of adding more. So haha just be prep...

  • How I Fell For Him
    16.9K 692 10

    A SuFin short story about Finland realizing his feelings for the big and intimidating country. This story takes place after the two nations decide to leave Denmark and return to their own homes. I've always wondered how they became so close and so decided to imagine it myself! I hope you'll like it! * Very cringy, and...

  • The Day I Met You (SuFin)
    3.5K 128 9

    A Swedish man, Berwald Oxenstierna, goes to the market one day, and notice's a Finnish man, Tino Väinämöinen, was having trouble. Berwald helps out Tino and soon become good friends. Over time the Swedish man start to have feelings for Tino.

  • Sweden x Finland Lemon (Hetalia fanfic Oneshots)
    14K 129 5

    If you wanna know, THEN READ IT. (It's a SuFin lemon, what else?) btw, this is my first lemon, so forgive me if its bad. (Also, this is boy x boy, don't like, then CLICK AWAY.)

    Completed   Mature
  • Hetalia - NSFW Headcanons
    410K 5K 52

    A book of NSFW headcanons for the characters. Requests or suggestions are accepted ;;);););) UPDATE: THE IMAGES IN THIS BOOK ARE **SUGGESTIVE** NOT PORNOGRAPHIC. ALSO, YOU KNOW I DON'T OWN THE ART. ITS JUST FOR ADDED ENJOYMENT TO THE HEADCANONS. thank you, and enjoy.

  • The Only One Whose Seen Him Cry
    18.5K 471 6

    Germany has been having nightmares about losing his little Italy. One day Italy asks if he can stay over at Germany's place and he accepts. That night Germany has his worst nightmare and Italy doesn't know what to do. He also doesn't know Germany loves him back.

  • My Stupid Tomato Bastard (Spamano One Shot)
    9.6K 373 4

    Romano only needed one simple push from his little brother, Italy.

  • Hetalia - SmutShots
    5.1K 31 5

    Here a bunch of Hetalia smutshots. ALL THE SHIPS IN HERE ARE YAOI/YURI SHIPS. There will be no straight ships so DO NOT REQUEST THEM!

  • Tomato Bastard (Spamano) // 17+
    8.1K 264 30

    Romano desires nothing more than to be loved. Spain wishes for nothing more than his love to be returned. The two have their differences, but there's one thing that both will understand; 'Te amo..' --- Please read the disclaimer before reading.

  • Gem of the Sea (Mertalia SpaMano AU)
    66.7K 3.5K 40

    Lovino, second heir to the throne of the sea kingdom, best voice in the world, but stubborn and graceless compared to his brother. Antonio, a full-of-himself pirate with an attitude like a drunk turtle, but more skill with a sword than any human. when they meet between kingdoms, all hell will break loose

  • I See Emeralds
    129K 7K 37

    In this world, there's no such thing as color. Well, that's not entirely true. The only color that you can see besides gray is your soulmate's eye color. Teenager Lovino Vargas has only ever seen vivid green amongst everything else being gray. And when he finally meets somebody with that eye color for the first time...

  • Sufin fanfictions
    2K 33 3

    One of my favorite hetalia ships I had to write about. They are just too cute! May contain a lemon idk🍋😈