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  • Misplaced In Time
    22.4K 863 7

    "Perseus Jackson it is not yet your time. There is still something that you must do. We are sending you back in time..."

  • Cap's kid
    45.2K 704 26

    Captain America finds out he has a twelve year old daughter who's been abused and experimented on. She's scared of any sign of love or affection towards her.

  • Avengers X Reader • The Secret Asset
    29.9K 717 10

    COMPLETED: This is a short story that would've been part of my one-shot book, had it been smaller XD ------ (Y/N) has just escaped from HYDRA, and now she's landed herself on SHIELD's radar. Bucky is there to protect her from anything and so takes her to an unlikely ally to help keep her safe. But HYDRA has decided th...

  • Peter's Trauma (A Spider-Man and Avengers Fan Fiction)
    31K 993 3

    After his fight with the Vulture, Peter has developed PTSD. But he doesn't want to accept this fact. Or tell the other Avengers. But Sam eventually realizes it and he helps him overcome it.

  • Leonora, goddaughter of Natasha Romanoff (Avengers x Harry Potter)
    9.6K 224 25

    BANG BANG 'WHAT DID YOU DO?' 'I- I thought it was a gun.' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leonora's parents died during an encounter with a racist cop. She is adopted by her godmother, Natasha Romanoff and now she lives with the Avengers. If you want to know more. This...

  • raised by dementor
    182K 6.5K 56

    All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story. I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

  • Rose Azure
    77.6K 2.4K 13

    A girl Who lived Story! Petunia and Vernon Dursley don't want their freak of niece in their home, so Vernon leaves her in a forest. what will happen in the ten years before she is to make her appearance in the wizarding world? Who has raised her in the interval? What will happen to a certain snarky potions professor...

  • Wit Beyond Measure
    68.4K 2.2K 38

    (Or the story where Harry Potter is also Rowena Ravenclaw) ...Rowena Ravenclaw was a well known founder of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as well as the last living member of the Ravenclaw line. Unfortunately, relatively little is known about the life of this incredible witch before she joined the other F...

  • Through Fire and Water (A Legolas Love Story)
    405K 12.5K 51

    Orphaned at 3 years old, Ariana was adopted by Aragorn, the rugged, handsome ranger who is the only parent she can recall ever having. At 63 years old she's a loud, dangerous and often immature elf who's never been afraid to be herself. But is joining the Fellowship of the Ring just another adventure? Or will a certai...

  • Percy Jackson Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (DISCONTINUED)
    177K 4.5K 12

    Name: Percy Jackson Mother: Sally Jackson- Blosfis (deceased) Step-Father: Paul Blofis (deceased) Age: 19 Level: 10 Code-name: Gladiator For More Information Find Paper Copy Note: Two years after Heroes of Olympus This is Percy Jackson being a S.H.I.E.L.D agent

  • Black Widow Imagines™️
    848K 23.7K 203

    COMPLETED! For all those who saw Endgame and had their heart ripped out, this is for you. Imagines of Natasha Romanoff. Fluff. Angst. Gif. Smut. (No longer taking smut requests as of 12/18/19) (GxG , G!p)

  • Serpents cup Tom Riddle
    90.8K 2.1K 30

    Imperio!" Hermione shuddered and felt a numbing and pleasant sensation flood her mind. Though this time it was different. He was more powerful and she was less resistant to the curse. She had known he would pull this eventually. So let him... for now. Go sit by the fireplace, Hermione heard Tom's voice fill her mind...

  • Always Silent, Peter Darling
    400K 15.2K 28

    After a traumatic experience at age 6, Peter Parker hasn't spoken a word. Most blame it on the fact that he witnessed his Uncle die in a horrible fire, this is only partly true. Now, almost 10 years later Peter is given the chance to finally speak, but will he take it? Or is the fear of his Aunt to much for him to tak...

  • Mama and Baby Spider One-Shots(Discontinued)
    393K 10.8K 100

    A bunch of one-shots about our favorite spiders! I will take requests, but I will NOT write Stony, SpideyPool, FlashxPeter or ShurixPeter. Steve approved stuff only. There will be a bunch of tropes/cliches like identity reveal and field trip. Best Rankings 7th in spiderman 2nd in Natasha 8th in BlackWidow 2nd in Mam...

  • Draconi Thanosdottir |||| An Avengers One Shots FanFiction
    154 7 9

    My take on the classic stark tower tour where peter gets embarrassed + other Prompts.

  • Baby Severus.
    545K 13.8K 21

    Severus Snape didn't think his life could get any worse until Neville's cauldron explodes and turns him into a toddler. To make things worse, Albus decides to place him in the care of none other than Hermione Granger.

  • Hermione Jean Riddle: The Dark Lord's Daughter Book 1
    71.2K 1.6K 30

    Hermione Granger has always been teased since she was five, about being weird, living in a weirdo family until her unexpected godparents collected her from the muggle family she used to live with and she discovers that she is actually the daughter of the most famous Dark Wizard ever to be alive. Hermione Riddle, the D...

  • Hermione Riddle, the Dark Lady
    550K 12.3K 53

    Everyone remembers that one, terrible night where Cedric Diggory was murdered and Voldemort returned? That night, someone watched in the shadows. What happened before and after that? + I have done the editing the best as I could, guys! +

  • Don't Leave
    162K 4K 21

    Hermione is hurting. Ron doesn't understand her. Harry is having his own issues of nightmares and his miserable breakup with Ginny. Ginny is trying to sort out her sexuality like Harry and Hermione has no one to go to. She had developed a close friendship with Draco Malfoy but although he comforts her, he still cannot...

  • The Boys' Bonding
    5.5K 178 7

    September arrives, and Harry returns to school only to find his relationship with the two 'Pranksters of Hogwarts' changes. Little does he know they have felt something for him since they had met him... and more, once they see what he becomes! A/N The adventure doesn't happen- it's just a normal Hogwarts school year...

    124K 2.2K 8

    When, all of Percy's friends and family are kidnapped, he is forced to stay with his long lost Uncle, the one and only, Tony Stark

  • Tommy
    43.2K 912 9

    What would have happened if Dumbledore had been the evil one and tom having been born in Harry's time. How would this change the wizarding world.......... Now I know many of my followers follow for the Drarry but I will be writing this as Tom x Harry for others to enjoy. I hope you enjoy the story

  • Once Apon The Last of My Days ~Snarry
    24.7K 687 14

    Seventh Year was around the corner, Harry and Severus were happy, but concerned. Dumbledore had been quiet, and Harry knew something big was about to happen. Would they all be okay in the end? "We will rise, hands intertwined."

  • Even After The death
    31.4K 875 6

    Snaoe is experimenting on a new potion he developed but that happens when this goes wrong. Post war. 7 year.

  • Where is the light..?
    197K 5.2K 27

    The story takes place as Harry's first year on the hogwarts express. Harry thinks he's going to finally have a normal life away from those bastard muggles, but you already know that the words normal combined with Harry just doesn't mix well. This is my first wattpad story ever so please help me grow ^^ DISCLAIMER! I...

  • Harry Potter and the Inheritance of Money and Creature
    183K 5.4K 46

    I have been reading Harry Potter creature and Harry Potter with different parents I like a story called pitch black or not complete story by clorol1691 So I decided to make up a story I hope you like it's my second Snarry

  • My queen
    226K 5.8K 22

    Harry James Potter is taken by Voldemort on the night of his parents murder. only he and a trusted few know why they're Lord refrained from killing the boy, many wonder but let's be honest. would you want to kill your mate? ---------------- This story has a large Agegap between characters and adult situations. Dont l...

  • Masked
    570K 23.3K 27

    (Drarry) Draco wakes up on his 18th birthday with a big secret he will have to hide from everyone, but it becomes very hard to do so when faced with returning to Hogwarts to repeat his 7th year. Harry notices something is off about Draco Malfoy and decides to put his restless energy to use and investigate. What he dis...

  • Pretty Kitty (completed)
    335K 7.9K 45

    Disclaimer: I don't not own harry potter or the story plot or basically the story in general. All rights goes to the rightful owner: Cherry-Starburst. Warnings: Evil Ginny (possibly a main part of the plot), sex scenes (although those will probably be edited from the ff version and put into the aff version), threesome...

  • Dark Prince (HP)
    796K 23.6K 54

    Harry Potter is actually Hadrian James Riddle Gaunt, the son of Tom Marvollo Riddle Gaunt and James Potter-Riddle Gaunt. Seventeen years ago Hadrian's aunt and Da were visiting each other when they were killed by the 'Dark Lord'. Hadrian was sent to live with his aunt's abusive 'muggle' family by the 'Light Leader'. ...