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  • Angel Doughnuts
    2.5K 303 4

    Chaelisa AU where Rosie is a clumsy ass angel who lost her halo and Lisa is the unknowing idiot who caught it. God just laughs at Rosie's mistake and lets her go to earth to look for it. Lisa just wakes up that day with a glowing doughnut above her head. (Cover art done by Nicorius on twitter.)

  • periods. || chaelisa.
    5.6K 452 7

    chaelisa ff. all rights reserved, © gaylips. july, 2017.

  • Secretly Married - ChaeLisa Fanfic
    3.7K 297 13

    In which the ladies are forced to get married because of the strong friendship of their grandfather.

  • She /chaelisa/
    2.8K 199 8

    So I pray this time I can be the one that she deserves 'Cause I die a little each time When she cries

  • 𝕡𝕒𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕚 | chaelisa
    3K 187 13

    in which Lisa is a paparazzi to fill up her time and to improve her photography skills, meets Chaeyoung - an A-list celebrity, singer/song-writer. Chae noticed Lis. fate? started: 23/6/2019 ended: - Highest ranking: #24 in chaelisa -27/6/2019 #14 in chaelisa -9/7/2019 #6 in parkchaeyoung -12/7/2019

  • You Never Said Goodbye
    2.5K 84 35

    Lalisa Manoban's world crumbled when her first love Park Chaeyoung left her to follow her dreams. Years later she found herself in a relationship and fell in love with a certain girl named Jennie Kim who helped her get through her break up with her first love. But deep inside lisa knows she's still waiting for her chi...

  • Took Me For Granted
    1.5K 112 7

    You thought I will be there even if you won't.

  • MAFIA | Chaelisa
    6.9K 416 14

    Lisa is the daughter of the city's most powerful mafia lord Marco Bruschweiler. She's cold, brutal doesn't harbour any feelings whatsoever and the only objective in her life is to kill or be killed. Will the warmth of a kind girl she met in in an unexpected encounter change her life forever and give meaning to her exi...

  • Vintage (Chaelisa)
    3K 146 4

    Series of One-shots, Two-shots, etc. 1st Story - It's been a year since Lalisa Manoban had moved on from her first love, Park Chaeyoung, and is in a relationship with Blackpink member Jennie Kim and yet on their concert to Bangkok she remembers exactly why Chaeyoung had always been the one that made her fall head over...

  • Hostage [jensoo]
    12.2K 676 12

    "Why didn't you kill me on the spot?" "'re different." In which Jennie just broke out of jail, and Jisoo becomes her hostage.

  • hues (chaelisa)
    1.8K 130 16

    In where Lisa and Chaeyoung were secret high school sweethearts, in where Lisa and Chaeyoung break up, in where Chaeyoung becomes a famous idol and Lisa a broke college student, and in where Lisa gets into an accident and loses all her memories. Their love story is gonna be a rough one.

  • I'm Sorry, Come Back Please? 》Jensoo [COMPLETE]
    2.3K 122 9

    Jennie and Jisoo who we're married 19 years ago. Jennie is Jisoo's bully. Jennie bullies Jisoo since Grade school. Jisoo fall inlove on Jennie since highschool. Jennie's parents and Jisoo's parents decided to get them married. They we're both Forcefully married. It was hard for Jisoo. Jennie hates Jisoo. Jennie Don't...

  • Kill This Love (Chaelisa)
    3K 337 19

    AU based on that photo alone, not on the lyrics or anything else. Mainly Chaelisa.

  • Is this unrequited? | Chaelisa
    13.1K 676 18

    - kinda based on real life?- "We fight a lot, but we love more" she repeated herself. Rosé thinks she has feelings for Lisa but she doesn't know where she stands with her bandmate. Does her bandmate like her too or is she just interested in keeping a good friendship. Lisa is confused. She knows she has some kind of...

  • Chaelisa: A Playlist
    5.9K 251 14

    A one-shot collections of Chaelisa based on the songs found on my playlist.

  • Hollywood | Chaelisa
    8.1K 474 39

    Lisa Manoban A famous Thai-American rapper who's secretly a lesbian. However, the public has no idea. She definitely doesn't intend them to find out anytime soon either Chaeyoung Park A famous Korean-American singer who's just been raped by her boyfriend on a live stream in front of the whole world. Even worse, the pa...

  • fan → chaelisa
    164K 9.5K 68

    「 fan 」 'officialrosé started following you!' ♡ lisa loves rosé. rosé loves her fans. lisa gets noticed by her favourite idol. rosé notices her biggest fan. ♡ ongoing... started: 29/5/18 ♡ chipmunkchaeng_ © lisaxchaeyoung jenniexjisoo idol!fan au UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY

  • Jensoo • Dare
    8.6K 363 6

    It all started on a dare Jensoo ff

  • Mine
    1.5K 118 16

    Sequel 2 of Trust Me *2 Part Series*

  • My Angel
    2.9K 263 31

    Her and her Angel. Chaelisa & Jensoo with a couple more supporting characters.

  • Trust Me | Chaelisa
    5.7K 320 31

    Have you ever felt Butterflies in your Stomach?

    Completed   Mature
  • DOCTOR CRUSH | Jensoo
    82.8K 3.9K 26

    DOCTOR AU • Love Triangle (Nayeon, Jennie, Jisoo) • Top Soo • Chaelisa • BTS • EXO I can't come up with a good summary right now.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You?
    4.6K 310 15

    "Why am I hurting myself for you....?"

    1.2M 10.9K 61

    You know you're gay for BLACKPINK when you're reading BLACKPINK smuts. -Requests are temporarily closed-

  • blackpink oneshots
    33.8K 1.1K 31

    just another book full of blackpink ships // mostly jensoo & chaelisa -- rankings: #6 - chaennie #11 - jensoo #9 - chaelisa #21 - lisoo

    99.9K 877 26

    the title says it all. this is my first work and i hope you guys will enjoy it! girl x girl.

  • Married To The Chanel's CEO (JenSoo)
    43.4K 2.5K 21

    Kim Jisoo, the beautiful girl, from an ordinary family with a big dream to become a popular author and writer. With that unique personality of her, she didn't do well socially with people around. Even so, she successfully went through her days until the final year in university with the tittle of 'nerd bookworm'. But...

  • Switched | Chaelisa | Blackpink Fanfiction
    551 46 7

    Lisa and Rose got switched into each other's body what will happen? can they find a way to fix it? find out in this story

  • You're Mine || Chaelisa
    1.7K 165 6

    Lalisa Manoban, A powerful young billionaire. She is a CEO of the biggest multi-national company. She got all the things and features that men and women beg for the world to have. She have the looks, wealth, and power. But, can she make Park Chaeyoung hers too?

  • Her Scent |chaelisa|
    10.6K 475 24

    Pretty old vampire Lisa Manoban meets Chaeyoung when she was feeding on one of her victims. She can't let go the human because it feels so right. Read book because this sucks. Book is better. English is not my first language.