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    re-write of my first book! Its called unknow secrets It is a re-write so i hope you enjoy ^^ And yes, im working on the cover rn

  • ~~°'°The family°'°~~
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    Bryan was a normal man with a normal life thats all bryan animatronic friends think but one thing that they don't know is bryan parents no one(not all of them) i mean not even bryan best friend the name jon knew about bryan parents until they all go in bryan home and saw a pictures.

  • {Reaccuring Nightmares}The Famous Films(discontinued)
    9.7K 267 21

    A͕͖͜n̻̝͎ a͙̺̦l̺̝̺t͚̞e̝͜r̝͖n̠̘̠a͓͉̪t͚͇͓e̦͜ u̞͕̠n͙͚i͓͚v̢̼͍e͔͇͜r̝͇͚s̢̫̟e͓͎̦ where the nightmares come back to haunt Bryan. Where Bryan is the main protagonist and is having trouble remembering exactly what happened in his early years. In this story, they're in the theme park and Jon is nice and Molten was never dead. ...

  • Bryan's Curse?
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    On a normal day Bryan came into the pizzeria but something was different about him... what happens if the animatronics found out???

  • The Caretaker (FNAF 6 Fanfiction) ( DROPPED )
    1.6K 58 12

    Bryan had finally gotten what he had wanted since he was a child! He was finally the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, with the rights to the entire company in his hands. He had no idea what he was getting into...

  • 【 What a pleasant surprise 】
    14.1K 565 27

    Normally his journeys to different dimensions weren't so crazy. He'd always traveled with his friends. But when Bryan slips into the portal, he finds himself in a different world. Switched with his opposite self, Bryan has to figure out a way to find his way back home. But some trouble comes along the way, and some fr...

  • The Tale Of An Afton (TheFamousFilms Au)
    9.7K 305 9

    Hey guys so I finally decided to start rewriting my first Famous films book! I know to me long enough anyways. This story is gonna pretty much not be anything like my other book except for you know Bryan Being Chris. Also I typed Au because well Bryan has said that he isn't Chris so I decided to put Au, so it's reason...

  • A new life
    10.5K 283 12

    Bryan wakes up in a dark room tied to a wall I'm a big fan of thefamousfilms and dicided To make this

  • It Had to be You
    35.2K 1.3K 17

    NOT MAXVID I DONT SHIP ADULTS WITH TEN YEAR OLDS. When David goes to adopt a kid, the last person he expects to see is Max. But of course when he sees HIS camper stuck in the group home, he has to take Max with him back to a place for you and me. Camp Campbell. Disclaimer: I don't own camp camp, obviously. All I own...

  • Sick
    2.4K 82 2

    Everyone gets sick, Bryan knows that. Doesn't mean that he enjoys getting sick, especially when Helpy is getting increasingly frustrated at him for not showing up the past few days. So, even though he feels worse than he has for the past few days, he goes to the Theme Park. Some animatronics notice almost immediately...

  • TheFamousFilms FNAF 6. (completed)
    65.8K 1.1K 54

    My name is Bryan and I run a pizzeria and I've made many friends and enemy's...Especially with Afton and Molten Freddy...But I've been noticing that my friends have been acting weird as well as Molten, Nightmares are starting up...The place It takes place in...Looks oddly....Familiar...

  • Bryan Freinds
    5.6K 161 6

    The animatronics saw that Bryan seem really sad , they didn't know, so what happens when they follow him into a grave yard.

  • Reborn
    12.5K 278 17

    This is a thefamousfilms fan comic After bryan's sacrifice for his friends, he expects to be dead, but suddenly darkness egulfs him, he is met up with a young girl's soul,she tells him that he has been given a second chance, but he must keep himself hidden... Who is he now? (what is he now)

  • Minecraft FNAF Roleplay Oneshots
    32.8K 747 39

    Requests are open~ This has some mature content, like smut and or lemon. •Ships I'm willing to write• -Fronnie (from the Fnaf adventures, Freddy, and Bonnie channels) -Bolten (TFF) -Foxpet(Minecraft Fnaf) -Rockstar Freddy x Lefty (TFF) -Jon x his Freddy (JonJon Fnaf) ~sometimes I'll do ask or Dare on this but it's ra...

  • The new string of lies
    19.4K 513 13

    It's been a year since Bryan,Ersa,Derpy,and Jon jon have gone missing... but at the same time a new pizzeria has been built.... by the name Dave Miller Dave doesn't work there but he is the new CEO.. springtrap has died.... molten and everyone are better... they try and try to help people find the owners.... I mean Br...

  • Señorita~ (a molten x Bryan fanfic)
    682 29 3

    So by the way: this is an alternate world where Bryan is 27 (cus idk his actual age) springtrap is still plotting his way out of that animatronic prison of a body from the other side of the portal Bry is single (lol) An molten has started to feel some deep emotions for a certain someone~ Luckily valine's day is jus...

  • secrets (famousfilms fanfiction)
    73.2K 1.6K 73

    what if Bryan did not tell the animatronics about what happened at the old pizzaria and was keeping many secrets from the others what if the others find out All art is mine unless stated otherwise by me *WARNING * .cutting and depression .harsh lauguge .abuse .cringe .slow updating

  • Broken Body Broken Soul
    4.2K 98 10

    What if Bryan wasn't human. What happens when his animatronics find out. (PS: sorry for bad spelling/grammar) Basted off of Bryan is Chris Afton Theory

  • Book 2 of people hurting
    3.4K 87 17

    (Book 2 like I promise) This year Bryan bought a Theme park but doesn't know what's going to happen. Pls read the first book.

  • TheFamousFilms Fnaf 7 roleplay | Enemy Of The Night
    43 2 1

    Everything In Freddy land seems perfect.. Yet there will be always a nagging fear that someone is watching them beyond the shadows waiting to attack at the right moment... or perhaps you just need a friend who needs some company and who will protect you from these terrible dangers!

  • Wires and Blood (A TheFamousFilms fan-fiction) -ON HOLD-
    38.6K 1K 28

    It's a normal day in Freddy Land. Well, as normal as it can be when your 'friends' are walking, talking animatronics. Bryan walks through the park. Someone is watching. The watcher takes out the syringe. Bryan has just enough time to see the needle before everything goes dark... A week later the animatronics find Brya...

  • My secret life
    3.1K 88 2

    Bryan has been acting differently since the twisted showed up.

  • Thefamousfilms is Chris Afton
    39.6K 603 19

    Chris Afton died back in 1987, also know as the bite of 87. He had his frontal lobe bit out by a animatronic named Fredbear and was put into a coma, later on he passed away due to the tragic accident caused by his older brother Michael, and a malfunction in fredbear's jaw.

  • Bryan is chris afton!(On hold)
    34.8K 439 22

    So I'm rewriting bryan is chris I hope you like it!

  • Worthless
    20.1K 337 15

    Bryan has issues. He feels worthless, that he can't help those who matter most, and is getting awful nightmares where his worst fears come true. Can he be saved? Does he WANT to be saved? Will he reveal his secrets? Or is he really WORTHLESS?

  • A Friend Like You
    1.1K 57 2

    It was too much. The pizzeria, nearly shutting down forever along with his best friend nearly throwing him under the bus for a misunderstanding. Bryan couldn't take anymore, so he decided to do what he thought was best at the time. He quit, and at that time, it did seem like the only way out of everything, until that...

  • Bryan's Sacrifice
    278 15 1

    "The pizzeria was burning. William was on the floor, trying to stand up and get out to get help but he was too weak. The others ran out of the building but Bryan stopped. 'Bryan?' Lefty asks. *No one deserves to die like this... Not even Afton...* Bryan smiles before he books it back inside to find William. They were...

  • 'Bad Business Owner' A T.F.F FNAF AU
    12.8K 304 4

    What would happen when Bryan finally snaps? After all the teasing and constant insults, whether it'd be from Helpy or Happy Frog, it still hurts. So what if Bryan considered quitting his job?... What if he fantasised about ending his life?... What if a handsome animatronic bunny admits how feels he feels towards Bryan...

  • Bryan finally snaps (( ON HOLD))
    1.5K 54 3

    This takes place in the theme park and Springtrap is alive. . .Bryan has a lot of things to do. . .You have to find out what happens!

  • //REWIND\\
    2.3K 89 10

    The title gives it away. I can't think of a real description yet.