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  • Strippers & Love
    13.9K 193 14

    A 17 year old girl named Lauren Franklin moved to Missouri with her Bestfriend after her parents put her out & she found out real quick how life e can turn out for her

    Completed   Mature
  • My dangerous obsession
    360K 11.7K 99

    meet 32 year old dave east aka shooter he runs the streets of L.A and fears no man nor women. he thinks of women as hoes and never had a relationship with a women deep down inside he does but he just can't tear down that hardin exterior he has. Or can he? Meet the sweetest person you'll ever meet in life ms.jazz or sw...

  • My brother's best friend
    488K 14.1K 88

    my brother has always been cool he's like my best friend. And his best friend dave is like my brother from another mother or so I thought.could this really work between us? or will it crash and burn?

  • At First Sight(On Hold)
    159K 4.5K 19

    I'm Not Good With Descriptions So😂

  • Her Personal Assistant || Cyn Santana & Nicki Minaj [On Hold]
    87.6K 3.7K 22

    She's my boss, I can't keep having thoughts about her like this. Whoever knew she had those types of thoughts about me too.

  • Holding You Down (ON HOLD)
    103K 2.9K 23

    Dave Meets Corrine ❤️

  • His one true love
    507K 14.6K 77

    Meet east he's the drug lord you do not wanna cross he doesn't give a fuck who you are or who you are he shoots first and ask questions later he puts fear in a lot of people except for one person. East has it all money,power,he can be with anyone he wants but what happens when the only women he's ever loved steps ba...

  • Nothing Even Matters (BoyxBoy)
    131K 3.7K 13

    Tony is 17 and from New Orleans. He is openly gay and is not in a rush to be in a relationship. He learned that alot of the boys that try to talk to isnt with him intellectually and is only trying to get in his pants. So what happens when he find someone who can change what he thinks Nasir is 18, from the east of New...

  • Not The One
    17.9K 1.1K 28

    What happens when the person you thought you'd spend your life with turns out not be the one? (Im really bad at descriptions please read tho lol ;))

  • All I Need
    27.3K 1K 13

    Sequel to "Just Me and You" so go read that first if you haven't yet. You won't be able to understand this book if you don't read the first one.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lies I Believed.
    74.9K 2.1K 18

    Ariana a single mom is struggling to stay alive while also struggling to feed her and her kid yosohn. She is also in a abusive relationship. What will happen when she meets toosii? Read to find out.