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  • Everything about Yu (✔STORY COMPLETED; Under Editing)
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    #2 in addictedwebseries #5 in zhouyu #10 in addicted on 8th APR 2019 Reached 4K on May 16 2019😍😍 ***Johnny is not a morning person. Because he stayed in the club till 3 am in morning everyday, so he used to sleep till late in morning. But Timmy's one kick made him fall on the ground, because he was sleeping on the e...

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  • Yuzhou Fiction [Passionate Love]*Completed
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    There was a rumor that two good looking guys were dating in the school, it is not true to begin with but that rumor created lots of love, joy and pain. There are people who support and people who against them. Once Jingyu's father find out about their relationship, he completely go against them. Unfortunately jingyu...

    Completed   Mature