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  • Hotel Six: A Call of Duty Fanfiction
    9K 302 40

    After the Battle at the Bridge in Russia, Bravo Team begins their recovery back home, but the past clings tightly to Jessica's mind. When the Ultranationalists rebuild and begin to pose a threat, Task Force 141 is organized. However, something about the American General, Carlton Shepard, seems almost as menacing as th...

  • Beautiful Lie [John Soap Mactavish]
    23.3K 740 60

    With the war against the ultra nationalists continuing to rage on MI6 is becoming increasingly impatient and with a treat of a mole inside the elite task force 141, Alyssa is sent in undercover to in a race against time to try to save the world. What no one expected was the smooth talking Scottish captain and the You...

  • *REWRITTING* Fighter (Simon Ghost Riley!)
    29.6K 752 36

    Both from broken home, Both broken down and beaten by their childhoods, The 141 can be a tough place to be a woman, especially a young woman. When Price commissions Adder to join the task force will see be able to find what she once lost, a family. will she finally overcome her traumatic childhood to stop it from r...

  • The Sorrow of Silence [Mirio Togata X Reader]
    9.6K 458 12

    Ever heard of the saying, "Opposites Attract"? Mirio has come to realize that it isn't just a saying, but something that is much more than that. You were very different from him, you didn't shine, you didn't attract the attention of thousands, you didn't like having all eyes on you, and what's more......... Mirio love...

  • 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖙
    70 2 9

    Hello my name is Kathie, My moms name is Macie and she died of athletes foot. And me and my cousin Joseph became close because of it, we are actually so close we live in the same house together! One day, we decided we wanted to explore in our backyard. So we went to explore in the woods. And we got lost, but somethin...

  • The Joker's Princess (Joker X Reader)
    859K 25.2K 43

    Best Rankings Ever: #1 Joker #1 Batman #2 dc #2 BruceWayne #2 soulmates #6 fanfiction You've always wanted to know who your soulmate was. But while at work, you never thought it would be the bank robber wearing the scary Clown Mask. And you deffinetly didn't think it would be Gotham's new head criminal; The Joke...

    Completed   Mature
  • Changed Life (Eyeless Jack x Reader)
    292K 8.2K 56

    An ordinary girl that has a family by her side is what [Name] let's people think. But behind those closed doors and windows is another story. A story that causes her to create a new one that was surely unexpected.

  • Eyeless Jack X Reader
    2.2M 67.5K 64

    You manage to escape a facility where you had been experimented on. But will you be forever free? Will things go as smoothly as you hoped?

  • Burning Dahlia | A Loki Story
    379 43 10

    #92 in Assassin ~ "So why are you following me, hm?" She looked around for any excuse she could find, eyes landing on the carefully carved sign just above the prince's head. "Came for a bottle of wine." "Wine?" he asked, rolling his eyes at the piss poor excuse she'd so promptly concocted, giving Dahlia the split sec...

  • The Virus of Life
    147 8 2

    In a world run by gangs and criminals the streets are no place for a young lady, but Trista, other wise known as Shadow, isn't your average lady. She's a small time assassin who remains in the shadows. But what happens when the biggest crime boss and formal rap star Sid Wilson hires her to work along side him. Will sh...

  • The One He Once Knew
    21.4K 407 70

    Zak and a girl dated in high school they were each other's first love and a bunch of other first what happens when they meet again in Vegas at a Casino? Will they rekindle their relationship and try to be together again or will there be issues with Zak being a different person than he was in high school

  • Kneel Before Your Queen (BNHA x reader)
    614K 22.1K 33

    As a child, (y/n) could never fit in due to the fear that came from her strangely powerful quirk. The more time passed, the deadlier her eyes became; seeming to grow more powerful as people would quake at her feet. Her gentle mother, with the quirk of emotional radiation, persuades her broken daughter to apply for U.A...

  • Zak Bagans Imagines
    199K 3.3K 42

    'Imagines' started off as an idea I had this idea one day as I was watching Ghost Adventures. I had absolutely NO idea that I would get so much feedback from my posts on Instagram! As many other ideas swirled in my head, writing short stories about them was my number one hit, as I too got a lot of positive feedback fo...

  • Some Random Slipknot Shipping Question Thing
    712 18 9

    Why doesn't anyone ship Paul Gray with Corey Taylor? Hmmmmmmm..

  • Leave Out All The Rest
    9.6K 457 52

    Nicole is at a turning point in her life. She lost her mother, her home, her friends, anything and everything she's known her entire life growing up in Kansas. After her mother's passing, it was discovered she did have 1 remaining relative left. Little did she know that relative would be none other than Rick Rubin, th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The nameless
    1.5K 95 9

    This is the sequel to Killpop! Joey has gone crazy, he will do anything to get her back. Enjoy!!! Ratings: #2 joeyjordison #3 drummerboy

  • Say You'll Haunt Me • {Jim Root}
    6.6K 199 12

    finished - september 16, 2019 In which they love each other endlessly but just can't seem to get it right.

  • Lost and Found (Levi x Reader)
    116K 2.9K 19

    (F/N) (L/N) was abandoned as a young child, finding her way outside the walls was simple being small as she is. Getting back in is the hard part. She is found by the survey corps as they venture out to find hope for the people inside the walls. could finding (F/N) be the answer? Someone with experience in hiding hers...

  • Levi x Reader-lost friend
    357K 7.7K 48

    We were friends in the underground city until we got separated. I thought I would never see him again but here he is... what do I do? Does he even remember me? We're standing face to face saying nothing... Around about the 4th chapter my writing style gets changes and is easier. P.s. there will be spelling errors plea...

  • Outside the Wall -Levi X Reader
    279K 6.9K 32

    Levi X Reader Outside the wall are man eating monsters that the Scouting Legion are suppose to kill for the sake of humanity. Many die and only some survive, but what els is there outside. Deep in the woods is a secret, yet to be discovered. (Y/n) and her 5 friends try to live a peaceful life outside the wall in sec...

  • The Pain Made Me Strong ~ Levi x Reader
    457K 13K 53

    Y/n's tragic past leads her to train herself using her father's old Survey Corps equipment, becoming a brilliant and independent soldier. She uses her abilities to ward off crime in her village, till the day that Shiganshina District is attacked. Y/n's village is so close to Shiganshina that she decides to use her abi...

  • The Devil's Daughter
    273K 11.7K 38

    Betrayal follows her, the Angels are against her, and the Devil is on her tail. As Lucifer's Daughter Abbegael must hide her identity from both Heaven and Hell if she is to survive. All she wants is to return home but when Lucifer's plan starts to take shape she realises she is the key to destroying Heaven and she may...

  • Purity
    3.3K 249 20

    Slapnuts fluff. Tw!!! Ended up published, not part of my plan. just a cute story where all the slipknot members live together. sid is a little. corey and sid bond over trauma uwu. mick and joey have kind of become the parents. chris is a bit of a dick but he did try to sue them. clown doesnt seem to understand so is g...

  • My Little Demon (Meliodas x reader)
    118K 2.4K 22

    Just read it and find out.

  • Demon blood|Ban x reader[editing]
    2.4M 65.6K 95

    "I swear to you Y/n...when I grow up I'm gonna steal your heart and marry you!"The small thief says - This is a story of the girl rumored to be the deadliest and prettiest sin of them all. Her life is twisted and filled with pain but she meets someone who makes it worth living. 1 in #meliodas 1 in #sevendeadlysins 1...

  • The Negative One
    580 45 5

    The members of slipknot are grieving the death of Paul gray. One night Mick stumbles upon a small child behind the venue they are preforming at. What happens when they bring this child home? Will she help fix their broken hearts? Will slipknot know how to raise a child? •Takes place during the All hope is gone era ~R...

  • The whole thing i think is sic
    7.5K 538 39

    Corey has an illness, it was something someone gave to him if you like, something he had no choice of, PTSD. No matter what he does he cant forget it, but he has no clue of what his head is doing to him. Joey is a happy go lucky, kinda crazy individual, him and corey are a standard hook up, friends with benefits kinda...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost Adventures Saved My Life
    131K 3.4K 112

    This is about a girl named Charlie 14yrs old and how she was abused at home by her drunken dad and her, her mum and both brothers and scared of him....she enters a contest to win a lock down with Ghost Adventures...will she win? If she does, will they be able to help her? Read and see

  • My Little Bro (Merome fanfic)
    11.6K 473 23

    Jerome is called to Mitch's house by Vikk. He finds, him tied up in Christmas lights and Mitch beside him. Mitch looked different, he looked like a CHILD! Jerome doesn't know how this happened.