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  • Quick Transmigration: Becoming the Best!
    1.2M 49.6K 108

    Every 1000 years, systems are released into the world to find the perfect hosts to compete for the top spot on the Void World's Leaderboard. The prize for first place is to have one wish of any kind granted no matter what it may be! World-class businesswoman Tian Xi was having a pleasant nosebleed-inducing dream...unt...

    3M 119K 55

    My name is Calla Lind. For 20 years, I have lived within the shadow of my beautiful older sister - chasing and holding onto an illusion of love. A love that will never belong to me... Now with this second chance of life, I won't chase after illusion. I won't rely on someone else for happiness. I will do what I want, e...

    Completed   Mature
  • 100
    1.4M 67.2K 87

    Akari Ayame lived 99 lives. 99 lives as the same person, life events and the same fate. Her death at the hands of her love rival and unrequited love. No matter how many different paths she took, in the end, her death was the same. 99 reincarnations. 99 trials to seek her happy ending. 99 tribulations of sorrow, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Mob System To Survive
    306K 13.1K 53

    She was a very beautiful actress who had lived a carefree life. 'They say live life to the fullest. We never know when death will come around.' Who would've known that her time was quickly running out once her past started to haunt back around. She ended her life but was given another chance by the Celestial System...

  • One Year
    5.1M 181K 111

    One Year, that's what they agreed upon. That's why she worked so hard to please him. That's why she did everything in her power to help him and his people. So she could live her second life, the way she wanted. In peace. One Year, they promised each other. To live a life as husband and wife. One Year, to convi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Traitor and The Genius
    21.2K 714 20

    Xylia Haldane, a woman from a branch of Haldane Household, is now attending in Loquin Academy as a war and tactics instructor. Unfortunately, as much as she want a peaceful life, in this academy, where the best of the best gathers, she kept herself coming into troubles. But the most problematic thing is her personalit...

  • She's mine! - Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou x Reader
    3.7M 111K 58

    (Y/n) is a 16 year old girl who has recently been accepted into her dream school, UA High. Her goal, like every other student in UA, was to be one of the top pro heroes. She promised herself that she would make her three years of high school the best ones yet, but that all changes when 3 of her fellow male classmates...

  • Night Sky Patrol Squad [ヨゾラの哨戒班] [Oikawa Tooru] [Kise Ryouta] [KnB x Haikyuu!!]
    6.5K 254 19

    Sorano Akayuki likes being busy. She is the manager of an overly excited freelance model, Kise Ryouta, and a bartender at a very fancy yet mysterious Yozora Pub & Karaoke. Because of that, she has no time to love or to hate. When Oikawa Tooru, her former classmate steps into her life, she slowly begins to enjoy fooli...

  • Magic Kaito 1412: White Black Under The Moonlight
    17.5K 486 16

    (L/n) (Y/n) is a magician who had relate with Kuroba Toichi as her master of magician. She also have an ability to change her own gender into male, name as (M/n). After 8 years of her master death (Y/n) decided to search the killer who killed her master and disguise her to himself as Black Raven. The meeting between B...

  • The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness [COMPLETED] (Editing-- On Process)
    1.5M 39.8K 149

    High bun, eyeglasses, long sleeve shirt and plaited skirt. Dressed so strictly, FengJiu reached 28 without having any intimate interaction with men. At an early age, being an orphan, FengJiu dedicated herself on taking good care of her grandfather and their business, choosing to live a life different from a normal te...

    Completed   Mature
  • ~BNHA~ Slight!Todoroki x Fem!reader{BOOK 1}
    363K 8.5K 73

    L/n Y/n is a girl who wants to be a hero badly, but something is stoping her and won't allow her, she then gets a chance to become one of the best heroes out there, and she took as soon as she saw it. Todoroki's romance with you will not me the main focus so just keep that in mind! ***Sequel is out!*** Disclamer!!!: I...

  • The Tale Of A Lazy Reincarnated
    93.2K 2.8K 11

    Duke Richard thinks his eldest son is cute and very intelligent baby of course his son would become like him in future handsome, powerful and strong person after all his son have inherited his appearance and his wife's stubborn personality but from whom did his laziness came from he wondered. But still duke Richard l...

  • The Prodigy and the Genius
    797K 25.9K 63

    Miki Linux, a genius at small age that no one can compare, hides her intelligence for her to not attract people with high nobility. Fortunately for her, she's an illegitimate child of the Earl of Linux and also can't use any type of magic except ice magic. Wait, did I say magic? Yes. In this world, a parallel world wh...

  • nara-like uzumaki | naruto
    125K 3.8K 51

    Uzumaki Shira and Uzumaki Naruto are twins. He is loud, brash and an idiot, plus a ball of energy. While she's quiet, gentle at times and a genius, plus a ball of laziness. Kakashi wonders why she isn't a Nara with her attitude.

  • Restart: Reincarnated as a Villainess in a Magic Otome Game World
    38.9K 1.8K 6

    I am Kagura. My repertoire of skills include laziness, indifference, and sarcasm. Like any other female otaku, I love anime and games. More specifically, otome games. Wanna hear the story of how I died? Well, putting it simply, Truck-san has done it again! Killing many people by the day. Including me. And like most Ja...

  • The Falling Game | KnB | Akashi x OC
    9.3K 309 15

    Let's play a game. Let's sweet talk, let's play fight, let's talk 24/7, let's tell each other good morning and goodnight, let's walk together, let's give each other nicknames, let's go on dates, let's talk on the phone all night long, let's hold each other, let's kiss and hug. And whoever falls in love first, loses. S...

  • Kaito Kid X Reader!~
    100K 2.9K 18

    The title said it all! You are a detective and he is a thief. No love allowed in this little game. One chases the other. And the other tricks the first. But what if, just what if they were to meet in different circumstances? That question will be answered since fate is always looking for fun. So is Sonoko and her matc...

  • The Bright Future Awaits! The Villainess Lady's Route of Happiness
    1.5M 55.1K 94

    HIGHEST RANK #1inFantasy (07.30.18) A young genius doctor in her peak of career died in a bank robbery. As she thought that it was the end of her life, she is reborn as a daughter of a duke. Her dream to become a protagonist of a fantasy world starts now.... or not. She actually reincarnated as the villainess lady of...

  • Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan
    3M 120K 47

    I am dying - it was inevitable. The poison given to me over the course of several months have spread throughout my veins and seep through my bones. I was alone. There was not one single person to hold me, to comfort me, or to cry for me... I am all alone... NOTE from the writer: I'm an amateur writer so please overloo...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Tainted Smile
    455K 15.7K 64

    (Y/N) Koizumi, the student council President of the famous night school program. A year ago, she went to England for unknown reasons and now she's back. Everyone looks up to her like she's the perfect role model but her fake smiles could fool anyone. The mystery is, who is she? How does she know that Yui is the sacrif...

  • The King's Choice
    1.9M 75.2K 26

    Years after a brutal war left humanity subjugated by vampires, King Nathaniel Bryce seeks to find his Queen among one hundred human girls through an elaborate and expensive pageant. The prize? Immortality. Avery Crawford doesn't care about being immortal, and she certainly doesn't want to marry King Nathaniel, handso...

  • The Black Fox (Shinichi X Reader)
    177K 8.6K 143

    You are an average high school girl; shy, secretive, and highly intelligent. However, under the cover of night, you become the sarcastic, independent, and highly intelligent thief, The Black Fox, code name Aster. ------------------------------------------------------- I do not own the photos I use. I do not own Detec...

  • Transmigration, the tale of a Villainous Noble
    314K 13.8K 66

    "The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" - Edgar Allen Poe. What if you once a hero only to be reborn as a minor villain character? Without knowing Lady Lena has completed her role of the villain, but there is just one pr...

  • I should care because?
    661K 22.2K 41

    This is about a girl who was reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game. But she doesn't care, at all. Shall we continue to ignore the heroine and her love interests?

  • Reverse-Harem Cafe!
    190K 8.4K 45

    Mae Sasaki, a typical 16 year old, is going to her job interview at a local cafe. Little does she know, she's about to walk into a reverse harem! The overprotective best friend, the sweet red-head, the athletic playboy, the cold intellectual, or the spoiled rich brat. Who will win Mae's heart? (Yay for cliche summarie...

  • Cold Blooded Wife
    1.5M 73.6K 111

    Born with unparalleled beauty and strength, Xingxie was originally a virtuous and benevolent woman. However, because of her soft hearted and forgiving nature, others took advantage of her. Her father was only using her to get a better position. Her mother was too busy doting on her half-siblings and never cared about...

  • Stumble [Rewrite]
    2M 106K 72

    Sakura wanted to die. Sasori was fine with staying dead. But it seemed fate had other plans for them, because when they both wake up younger with blood pulsing through their veins, they had to remember how to live again. Time Travel AU Rewrite of Stumble (2013) Cover by: @SkyKnight_ BETA: @OfCloves

  • Red Shadow( Assassination Classroom Fanfic)
    65K 1.5K 29

    Inaba Amane is a girl with long light pink hair, and sky blue eyes, and she's an assassin. She had killed people since she was three years old, and her first assassination was her father, then her mother, and in the end, she had killed everyone in her family. Since then, she is known as the Red Shadow who every assas...

  • Cinderella Rebirth //hiatus
    127K 6.4K 29

    What was happy ever after? What was the ultimate happiness? Cinderella was believed to live happily ever after with her prince charming at the end of the midnight magic. They got married and died still smitten in love. Or so they said. Was it the truth? Oh. It was all a lie. In this world, there was no such thing as l...

  • The Ultimate Trilogy
    1.1M 51.5K 62

    All three books of the Ultimate Trilogy are under here. Book one is complete. Book two is on hold until I rewrite book one in the future. Book three is yet to be written. The synopsis for each book is also found under the chapters titled "Synopsis". This is the story of how a rotten egg leads a young chef to transmig...