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  • Substitute teacher- (Soulmate AU: Jin ff)
    111K 5.2K 29

    In a world where soulmates can talk to each other trough thoughts when they turn 18 years old, Choi Y/n a senior in high-school that just turned eighteen finds out who her soulmate is and her life turns upside down. SeokjinxReader ff 2# in fanfiction (09/05/2020) Disclaimer- English isn't my native language, if the gr...

  • His Little Sweetheart ✔
    327K 10.4K 28

    []2019 " No one touches my little sweetheart.. I thought I warned everyone already.. " HIGHEST RANK : #1 in Romance #5 in Fanfiction #1 in Jiminfanfiction #1 in Jiminfanfic

  • Vampire's Soulmate × 김태형 ×
    776K 24.3K 51

    A depressed girl with a mother that abuses her and gives her to random men who pay for the night ever since her father was found dead and in new school she meets Taehyung. Around him she always gets a weird feeling but doesn't know why. Read to find out more? Lel idk WARNING THO: ° Suicide attempts ° Depression ° Se...

  • Wolf Love √
    142K 4.7K 59

    →→What if you found a wolf in the middle of the jungle?←←

  • Always with you ( BTS Jimin fanfic )
    21.1K 652 27

    The story of you and your husband, Jimin, process through marriage. Filled with only sweet and lovable moments including some fluffy scenes ( He he ) Your name would be : Eun Ha Husband name: of course it's JIMIN!!!!❤️ This would be my first fanfic for BTS, so I hope that you would enjoy it...