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    Jennifer and her best friend Noah started their senior year in high school with a plan to have loads of fun. But some events of past comes back to haunt the residents of Evergreen Wood. Their friends start to get branded by an anonymous. Her friends become strangers. Everyone becomes a suspect. Everyone has motives...

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    This book is based on an old diary written by a young girl who lives around the area of Himalayas. The diary does not include any exact location, but the structure and blueprint of the society or country does not match with any of those discovered till now. As the readers advance, they will find some astonishing fact...

  • Timeless
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    #Short Story 'Lajjo' featured on WattpadAnthologies #First place in the Star Gazing Awards #Winner of The Shining Star Awards #Part of the Official Wattpad Anthologies Reading List "Multi-Genre Anthologies" Have you visited India? With its picturesque villages and bountiful nature inhabited by the loveliest of simple...

  • Jarota - The Trapped Queen
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    #Winner of the Wattpad India Popular Choice Award 2019 (Fantasy & Adventure Category) #Part of the reading list 'A Magical Journey' in Wattpad's official Magic Profile #Part of the reading list 'Stardust' in Wattpad's official YA Profile # Part of the reading list 'To Infinity and Beyond | Originals' by WattpadDisney...

  • Since the terminus of war
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    The journey to fulfilment of the son of a deceased warlord

  • Unlikely Encounter
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    Fate, as magical as it could ever be. Life as wonderful as it could ever be. We meet someone for a reason and everything happens for a reason, as many would believe. We can never understand what life truly is until we start living with it and find its meaning and purpose. Life's experience is the best teacher, through...

  • A Life Again - Sequel to A Life Cycle Reborn
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    Kyle is trying to regain his life after his wife Robin has gone. He decides that it is time to downsize to a new home but never thought that one decision in his life could start a chain of events that leads him to reconsider love. As Kyle is finding a life again, Robin is fleeing hers as a young woman named Taylen at...

  • Junior Year
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    *** WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AFTER CHAP. 26 *** When 17 year old Hannah returns to school for her junior year after the worst summer of her life, the last thing she needs is for her brother's best friend to return for his senior year hotter than ever before. With his die hard abs, crushing smile and overprotective eye...

  • The Territories
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    An experiment gone wrong. Krealises were created showing no love or mercy. A new era had begun the world was now called the "TERRITORIES" which was divided into three 1. Esclavo terria 2. Segunda terria 3. El estado An esclavo was destined to die by the hands of the new head of the Krealises for fun after spending thr...

  • Guns N' Roses
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    Rafaella was faced with imminent danger after her father's death. She had her dreams, but duty calls her to reason, for being the daughter of Portuguese Freemasonry (a semi-secret society). Now she needs to settle pending deals and fight an old love, Maximillian, the head of the Italian mafia.

  • The Journey... (A true Story)
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    "I can't do this anymore; I just can't!" A line said in almost every individual's life. We all at one stage in our life dealt with such pain; where dying is easier then living. But, it's all a rollarcoaster that we have to fight through. I was once a shy, scared and sad little girl and now I'm a confident, compassiona...

  • A Life Cycle Reborn
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    Robin just wanted a fresh start, but she never expected that a car accident would be it. A family that she didn't know existed shows her a life that she had long ago forgotten and Robin finds herself doing her best to remember and keep up. She tries to help them by sacrificing her own freedom. Now, with a powerful per...

  • Far from you
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    Kiana Sinclair A 25-year-old girl who had to run from her past left with nothing. She was struggling to keep her life stable the minute she had run away. Leaving the boy who stood by her side but wasn't there when she needed him the most. Since then she had promised herself to never fall in love. Everything that had...

  • Broken Mirror.
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    Describing herself as a wisdom of death , her miserable life couldn't get more miserable , until he shows up in it. How will she handle the trouble ? Dilara Delarosa lived in a world where she missed her parents love, the warmness of true friendships, and the lack of love throughout the years. She was always by hers...

  • Prime Video #Utopia - Writing Contest
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    Calling all Sci-Fi adventurers! We're teaming up with Amazon Prime Video to invite you into the world of Utopia. Enter our writing contest now!

  • Story Structure
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    **COMPLETED** If you want your story to flow like a good movie, you need to make sure the right things happen in your story at the right time. Story Structure will help you to plan your story and ensure that key elements of story telling are always present.

  • Behind the dark cloud
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    The dark cloud is a book that explains the love of a boy named Smith Tom towards a girl called Diamond Erica in high school, they both got admission and they also went to same university... Find out what happens next.

  • Annika an Afrika-Koningin
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    She had a kind of understated beauty. Perhaps it was because she was unaware of her allurement. Her personality is of an angel, and her life told of a young woman in need of love, freedom, and self-discovery. Graceful. Bashful. Intelligent. Fiercely Independent. Strong-willed. Beautiful. All Seventeen-year-old Annika...

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    No more entries please. The Crystal Rose Awards 💎🌹 Participants and Judges needed!!! A place where undiscovered gems finally get the recognition they deserve! (❌) Open ( ) Closed (✔️) Judging We accept mature and LGBTQ+ We won't accept if your book has more that 5k reads

  • Silver Moon Awards 🌙 1st Edition 🌙
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    Open (🌙) Judging ( ) Closed ( ) Hey Silvery! Welcome back to the Silver Moon Awards ☆ This time we are hosting an award ... Why not come and join it? Tired of competitions that aren't judged fairly? Or contests that stop midway making all your hard work and effort for nothing? Well, the SliverMoonCommunity is too...

  • Reliving Connected Hearts
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    "She is my dream as beautiful as the horror of my nightmares," Zaid said wiping his tears before his father as it was for the first time in 31 years that Zaid appeared like something different than a stone to him. "And what is your nightmare?" asked the father gulping. "Maa" . . . "I saw the heights of my dream in his...

  • Connected Hearts ✔️
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    🏆🥈2nd in spiritual genre (The award contest 2019) 🏆🥈Runner up in spiritual genre (Choice awards 2019) 🏆 Won the "TSA's community choice Awards" (The Scribblers Award 2020) 🏆🥈 2nd in spiritual genre (Wattpad Selenic Lights Award) Unexpected things happen at unexpected situations .... Timing is something that n...

  • How To Get Big On Wattpad| Reviews
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    🌼Welcome to our very own review book.🌼 💮Want honest reviews and rates on your book? 💮Looking for a new motivation? 💮Just need some time with a writer? You're in the right place! _________ [ Ranks ] #1 Reviews #1 Insights #1 Honest Opinions #1 Young writers #1 All genres #2 Steps #5 Voice #6 Motivation This is j...

  • Ages
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    What do you do when your own imagination and stories seem to be real? You stop imagining, right? Mia Robinson and her friends wished things were that easy. After millenniums and eons, the myths and tales of the human race seem to be much alive...probably even more than the humans themselves. Bringing with them the pas...

  • In the deep
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    To some, freedom was a need: a necessity like food and water. But for Hephzibah, freedom was a luxury: something she wanted but that always out of reach. With an insanely religious and controlling father, the 18 year old thought college would be the ticket to the freedom she always craved. The freedom that, just like...

  • Meet me there.
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    Everyone's day begins after a dream. The people who are able to see dreams are fortunate. Because there are people who can't. Everyone see dreams. What if they can live it? This is a story about a girl who loves to dream. But, after an incident, she constantly begins to see someone in her dreams. "If you see someone i...

  • Cold Summer Nights
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    Riley Cristobal, a girl who always goes back and forth to the place where she really belong, to the place where she felt home. For years, she always goes back there once and lasted for only two months. To go back to the place where she treated her safe haven means to unwind and to feel the freedom and peace of mind s...

  • Love's String
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    Strings are made just to connect things. To tie objects. (Is heart is an object?) I believe that every people has a piece of string connecting on to their hearts. It is your choice if you'll going to tie you string with someone. Someone that you truly love. Someone that you really trust. Someone whom you think that yo...

  • Magic Shop (On-going)
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    Estrella, a poor girl who was given a chance to make a wish through magic pen and magic book. That whatever she writes in it will come true. Date Started: August 25, 2020 Date Finished: ----

  • The Plague
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    Twas written in the books That there will be chaos A normal boy with demons An abnormal girl born of the plague For with peace comes trouble she will soon realise And there in the middle of it all he lies But the bigger threat is here they better run For the dark plague has soon returned To take everyone with it this...