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  • Twisted Fun\||/TheFamousFilms various x Female Reader
    9.5K 142 17

    You have decided to come to Freddy's land which has just opened. What will happen if you run into something you shouldn't have know about? See what happens! UwU hope you'll enjoy my new book!

  • TheFamousFilms fnaf 6 various x reader(Discontinued probs)
    17.7K 269 12

    You are one of Bryan's closest friends you guys are both kinda like siblings, What will happen when you go with him to the pizzeria and meet his friends?! What will happen if all of them fall in love you? You'll have to find out This could get real gory and could have sexual content I'm not sure het Disclaimer the cov...

  • Portal to Where?( famous flims various x reader)
    18.4K 495 18

    you where watching the new famous flim youtube episode. You are a fan. No scratche that a huge fan of the fnaf , and the famous flim. You always want to help bryan and his freinds. So what happens when you make a wish on 11:11 . Well lets find out shall we?

  • Bryan MINE!!!
    30.9K 810 20

    Bryan has made a lot friends and enimies in his pizzara . What happens when his friends and the animtronics he dosent like . Has a crush on him. Well lets fine out.