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  • My Last Story
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    Every fairytale is not always true - it sounds like deathly or heaven , but will it last forever till you have your last breathe ...Its a story which evolves around somebody's true life and continues to flow ...

  • A Mended Heart: A tragic Love Story
    987 130 13

    From the writer of Awaiting Torture Ryan A. Browne brings you "A Mended Heart" a rated R Love Story. Whats stronger? The love you have for your first true child-hood sweetheart? The love for your daughter? Or the love you have for your brother in arms? Unfortunately Ezeekiel will have to answer this question and more...

    143 20 3

    Holidays are meant for fun... Holidays are meant for rest... Holidays are meant for family... ...but what if you spent yours anticipating the arrival of a KILLER👺? Judy believes that the accidental Christmas deaths at Afobiri are not just mere coincidences but premeditated murders. Pamela is convinced that her friend...

  • I Slept With My Stepbrother
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    ------------------- Soooo, slept with my step brother it was amazing! Oops 😏 Send Oh fuck I'm going to hell!!! Warning!!! This is likely to contain explicit content, I mean she sleeps with her fucking stepbrother!