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  • After the Crash ✓
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    "It's day 10, Isla. I wish you would wake up. I've lost everything and you're the only person who understands." Bradley Monse used to have everything. He was the star basketball player. He dated the most popular girl. He had good grades and friends. Until, the car crash. Bradley was drunk and crashed into another car...

    2.3K 332 9

    This is a standalone story of the epic love of Bethany Miller and Jayson Roden from HIS. Beth is finally out of her coma and Jay desperately wants to be with her again. He would do everything in the world to have her by his side. However, Beth is hesitant to get back together with the man that she had once known. But...

  • Beyond His Green Eyes| ✓
    1.8M 52.9K 71

    #1 in Romance, 23rd May 2020 "Precious, I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but you're never going on that date." And before I could process anything, his lips were on mine and everything else faded away. .......... He's the calm to her storms. She's his anchor of stability in this world of chaos. When Sy...

  • The Elementals [1]
    5.5K 301 42

    "How do you make living look so difficult?" "I'm not living, I'm merely surviving." After being lab rats in a dangerous experiment, Ashley, Marina, Renée, Ryker and Louis are handed a new life on a rusty plate. The five don't want this life, but now that they have had a taste of it, they can't seem to get enough. Howe...

  • Tales From Hell | √
    15.4K 2.6K 50

    ↪Winner Of Ankara Community Awards. ➳ sporadic updates | ➵ ➳ ➸ | ❝pray tell, young lass, what do you know about hell?❞ | ➵ ➳ ➸ | For Aala AbdulMalik, her home is hell personified. In a house where words were left unsaid, promis...

  • Cravings In Possession
    1.5K 294 18

    They say ,"Forbidden Fruit is always the sweetest but never to be tasted." But what if the forbidden fruit rightfully belongs to you? "You're the flame which will burn every other touch but soak mine, You're my possession, You're my craving, And no one can have you But me" And I just knew that moment, I am his to b...

  • Love me never
    953 264 17

    I got pretty angry and stood up " leave me alone and mind your fucking business" I shouted. I was about to walk away when he said " when he breaks your heart don't say I didn't tell you". With that I turned around and slapped him hard on his pretty face and walked out of the cafeteria with everyone's eyes on me. ****...

  • One Week Older: Turning Pages
    16.2K 8.1K 52

    "Today, however can change things for better or worse. The outcome depends on you." When a marriage fails the residue trickles down to everyone in the family. Sixteen-year-old Daya Nicole Johnston must fight to understand what is happening in her life. The revelations about her father surprise her, her brother is beco...

  • Melancholy's Key For Happiness 👌(#wattys2019)
    252 112 35

    Humans are boring. Same life,same food, same clothes , same routine, same people. Sometimes you feel sick of your life, your family, your friends. Sometimes you regret you're a human, you're born, you're alive. We live in a dark world, with dark people full of dark actions. It's a dark life. Happiness come and go like...

  • Look After Her
    342 52 10

    "Hey, one more thing," I say. "What's up?" "I like you..." I say, feeling my cheeks heat up furiously. I fear that this is the wrong decision until his wild eyes meet mine and his lips crash onto mine in a fit of fiery passion. I immediately kiss back and his large hands go up to cup my face while mine get tangled in...

  • Making Covers
    395 20 27

    45 of #amateur out of 2.12K stories. This is my book consisting of book covers made by me !!! I will love to make book covers for others !!! ( In return, I just need a mention in the book ) I'll post my entries for cover making contests !!!

  • Midnight Walks (unpublished for re-write)
    43.5K 204 8

    No matter how much she runs, Laura Edwards is stuck in an endless loop of her past. With a transfer of school and a curly haired boy who seems to be wherever she goes, it's a matter of time she realizes that her universe ceases at the sight of him---and running away might have never been an option. ⤫ ⤫ ⤫ [unpublished...

  • In the Springtime of Life
    647 56 22

    This is how it happened. This is how I died. Let me tell you of a story, my story. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be laughing throughout it. Blurb: Innocent and naive. Unaware of the complexities of sexual life, pleasure, and fun. What is a girl supposed to do when suddenly thrown in for a loop of complications and the...

  • Merry Bloody Christmas
    34 5 1

    A Christmas Party invitation to La Buinne Nuit cheered up Cheryl Blossom and she got excited to bring her girlfriend Toni Topaz there. Her other friends are also going and she knew they are going to have a blast !!! But what happens when she was offered a special cocktail and the cocktail turned out to be.... blood ? ...

  • Spread your Wings ✔️
    41.7K 3.8K 70

    Highest ranking #1 in wings [01.17.2019] #1 in fighter [04.20.2020] #17 in motivation [04.15.2019] ~~~~~~ "The deal is that you train a couple of my fighters and I won't tell anyone your secret. But if you refuse, I'll tell make sure everyone finds out." He said with a smirk and a teasing gleam in his eyes. "Depen...

  • My Mr.Perfect
    1.6K 441 8

    "So you would forget me so easily?" Mark asked in a sexy voice that steered all the cells of my body. "Ye.....Yes I would." I managed to utter. His eyes grew dark and drugging and without any warning he captured my lips with his as one of his hands skimmed my bare thighs. It all began with a kiss. ...

  • My Journey of Love
    5.7K 1.6K 22

    Somebody is unlocking the washroom's door. Omg, I can't stay calm. I'm froze at my place and I cannot even turn around. He gently turns me around touching my shoulder. That single touch gives me shivers and he leaves them burning. I cannot even look at him. My head is hanging low very low. I'm looking at my feet. My...

  • 𝓕𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓜𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓮
    77.6K 3.1K 19

    "Run as far as you can Tesoro but I promise you this, I will find you." Lucas declared, "And when I do, I will make you mine." *** Just a trip to Disney land. That's what Sarah wanted, but of course it wasn't like her parents w...

  • || Midnight Scandals || ✏️ ||
    43.5K 2.9K 37

    "Everyone tells tales of boys who broke their hearts, but what if this one was sent to kill you?" Sydney Flores - around nineteen, lover of splattered paints, allergic to socialising and torn apart over summer. And Ryan Stone? Taught to pick locks since he was six, the definition of a bad attitude, covered in tattoos...

  • Learning To Love
    388 58 9

    Corinne Treville... young, ambitious and fun. Best friend, confidante and sidekick to the hottest rising author, Max Aynesley. In following Max around the world in his travels, she does the last thing she ever wants to do: hurt another person. Will she be able to make it up, and will she be able to find love al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind Our Smiles
    487 111 16

    Malia Thorne: a happy, bubbly, energetic 20 year old tomboy, gifted with good looks and killer curves with a love for languages and animals. She has it all, as she herself will tell you with a wide, cheerful grin that reveals her charming dimples... ...or does she? Hardly anyone knows that the beautiful redhead is sil...

  • Being A Drama Queen
    225 38 41

    This is not an actual story😂 This is just a place for me to ramble, share my thoughts and answer questions. A sort of -but not quite- online diary, if you will. All thanks goes to @Kuraion, who shoved me into this 😜