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  • IronDad oneshots- Peter Parker and avengers
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    so. here we go. I figured that oneshots would help me with my other books. I'm open to requests! Spideypool is okay bit I'll have to write it when I am actually allowed to watch deadpool no ships with Peter and someone way older than him please no smut please: I'm not that person 😂. *whispers* please request I hav...

  • Peter Parker One-Shots || {ON HOLD}
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    Requests are now open!! these are inspired by pinterest. field trips to Stark tower. Peter and Tony father/Son relationship. Peter lifting thor's hammer(cause you know y'all wanted to see that). etc. infinity war. spiderman homecoming. CA civil war.

  • Peter Parker One-shots
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    Random adventures of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man! I'm going to try to post my own, but if I could get your help, that would be amazing! So, if you have one-shots that you want to let me borrow, just contact me and I'll put it in my book! If I use someone else's one-shot I will always give them credit!🕷🕸 Disclaimer:...

  • Kid, tell me what happened
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    Soft IronDad and Spideyson oneshots to warm up the heart Some with Avengers too MORE ONESHOTS IN KID, TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED: THE SEQUEL Rank #3 in #spideyson #2 in #comfort #1 in #vision #1 in #iloveyou #1 in #support as of 9.2.18 #2 in #clintbarton #5 in #buckybarnes #26 in #natasharomanoff #50 in #ironman #4 in #...

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    Give me requests! WELCOME TO MARVEL ONE-SHOTS. You can request an one-shot in the second chapter. The rules are there too.

  • underoos! || irondad oneshots
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    ❝ i can't go to germany! ❞ ❝ why? ❞ ❝ i got.. homework. ❞ i write about the best duo in the mcu, cinnamon rolls irondad and spiderson!

  • Iron dad/Field trip/Avengers Fluf Oneshots
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    You know the jist, read the one shots for some iron dad and spider son, field trips which are my favorite, and some Avengers fluf

  • Marvel Oneshots (irondad & spiderson)
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    Pretty much just Peters class finding out he's either Spider-Man, or that he knows Tony Stark and/or the Avengers. ~~~~~ all of my most recent chapters are parley <33 ~~~~~ this book is where the need leeds x flash thompson ship started y'all ~~~~~ Flash looked up, still scrubbing, but noticing Peter. He almost gaspe...

  • One shots
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    one shots that I will be posting for each milestone I get on my stories.

  • Spider-Man One-Shots
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    Just some one-shots about Peter Parker and your friendly neighborhood web slinger Spider-Man. The Spider-Man I am using is Tom Holland. **The art I used for the cover is not mine, so all credits go to the artist. Marvel and all it's characters is owned by Stan Lee.**

  • One-Shots
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    A series of one-shots of marvel duos. While my love remains w Spiderman, I'm open to all requests of duos and/or scenarios x Hmu and enjoy x

  • Family
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    One Shots about Peter's life being with the avengers, living with them and basically how they're all a family. Warning!! MxM with some characters. Don't like it, don't read it!!! I'll mention at the beginning of each story if there are any other warnings.

  • peter parker [5+1 collection one shots]
    319K 11.9K 47

    your favorite dorky spider guy in a multitude of 5+1 one shots. . . . cover drawn by @bitweary ❤️ . . . [255 in spiderman] [224 in peterparker] [166 in tomholland] [162 in tonystark] [249 in iron man] [203 in avengers] . . . [index] collection 1: the five times peter parker shocked the avengers (and the one tim...

  • Marvel One Shots
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    Cover credit to @tonystinks! <3

  • Replaced (IronDad and Spiderson) {Oneshot}
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    When Peter goes to the tower for his weekly stay, Tony has another intern. He starts ignoring Peter and the others start to forget about him. Peter ends up getting kicked out and a bit later a tragic event happens.

  • IronDad and Spideyson one shots.
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    This will include: -Peter Parker's secret being revealed (there may be more than one type) -Some cute Fluffy Dad!Tony fics -Flash being roasted by Tony (yasss) -Some coming-of-age fics -Some Stony!Dad fics I will take suggestions! I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Marvel Studios And yes, I wrote the...

  • Spiderman and the Avengers
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    A series of one-shots involving Peter and the Avengers. What crazy madness will Peter get himself into?

  • Spider-man Far From Home One-Shots - haitus
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    These are just one-shots of Peter Parker and Michelle Jones in the Marvel franchise. It may be on Haitus but there's like 90 chapters.... it should last you a while.

  • No Lie
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    A continuation of my book 'You're What?'. A series of one shots surrounding people discovering Peter is either related to Tony Stark or knows him (it will be clarified in each one shot). You don't have to read the other book to read this one as they are all independent little stories. Enjoy! *Requests are open! Comme...

  • Irondad and Spiderson // One Shots
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    Cover by: Queenochic ~I do not own anything Marvel. Nothing here except the ideas are mine~ ~requests closed~ Hello my lovely cucumbers! This is a Irondad one shot book as you can tell by the title :) Most of these stories are mine that I thought up, but if I get inspiration by another one shot book or something I wi...

  • Fandom One-Shots
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    Here is the fandom one-shots book I said I was going to make guys! This can/will include: Superfamily Spideypool Gravity falls Fnaf Or any other fandoms I'm in. Anyways with that over and done with, enjoy! ~Charlie_rose1

  • spiderman oneshots.
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    I think most of these are made by me. I dont think I'm doing spideypool and stony but mj and peter plus pepper and Tony. Not just spidey field trip oneshots but other spidey oneshots

  • Spider-Man/Avengers Oneshots
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    Spider-Man and the Avengers one shots. Requests are open! #1 in HYDRA #14 in ClintBarton #5 in Vision

  • The Merc and The Spider.
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  • Spideypool random oneshots (boyXboy)
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    Peter worries about Wade when he is late coming home

  • Superfamily/Avengers/Marvel Pics
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    Just same superfamily pics and Avengers/Marvel pics! Might even have some stuff about the actors. Main Ships are probably going to be: StOny (Steve x Tony) with Peter as there child SpideyPool (Deadpool x Spiderman/Wade x Peter) You don't like Yaoi (Boy x Boy)? Don't read this then because this book will probably be F...

  • Spideypool Oneshots
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    ⚠️WARNING: GAY⚠️ I write Spideypool but not smut because I'm not like that I guess. I'll update when I have time and write 400-1000 word parts. It'll vary based on the story. My titles suck too. I love Marvel Comics so I thought this would be a fun thing to write. (I do not ship Deadpool with 15 year old Spider-Man...

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    ❝there was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more. see if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could.❞ HIGHEST RANKING: #2 - marvelimagines started march 2016 © tcnyparker 2020